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Extant. Now Streaming. Drama. 2 SEASONS. TV An astronaut tries to reconnect with her family on Earth after her year of solo space experiments. Extant is an American science fiction drama television series created by Mickey Fisher and, as executive producer, Steven Spielberg.

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extant season 3 torrent

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Well worth the trip! Helpful Report abuse. I had never even heard of this series prior to its debut on Amazon Prime. Since my husband and I are not big on watching series until they are finished because we are too impatient to wait anymore, and have several series still airing that we really love , we try to only engage in ones that are over.

Both my husband and I are big fans of his. The second season of this show did carry quite a different storyline than the original season, but was much more action-packed and engaging, in my opinion. The storyline seemed to flow much easier, was more fun to follow, and had more character development. To be frank, I was not a huge fan of "John" from the first season, and quite preferred the dynamic and interaction between JDM and Halle Berry in Season Two, compared to the forced nature between her previous male lead.

I was pretty happy with the way the series ended, too; leaving the possibility of a rehash at some point down the road. My only issue with the ending: Why was she exempt from purgery? Great Show. Happy we watched it. I think this is really good TV. I was concerned that Season 2 would take a turn that was too edgy, for me, but no. There's an intelligence to the characters, dialogue and story.

It's not riddled with pointless sex and violence - though a bit sexier Season 2 than 1, and any violence is not for shock value, but an important aspect of the story. Futuristic space exploration and life on earth scenarios, plus aliens and androids, and good story telling is awesome entertainment.

Especially enjoying the new character played by Jeffery Danial Morgan, a face and character I won't grow tired of seeing in my living room on a regular basis. Tam Reviewed in the United States on February 14, After watching season 1 of Extant, I was confused by season 2. I started out ready to watch season 2 and it started off really good.

But I think there was a lot going on in Season 2. There were too many plots unfolding in season 2 than there should have been. Season 2 was still good. I would definitely watch this season again and I think the producers did an excellent job with the 2 seasons but here's something you should know about season 2 before you watch it.

The whole plot of the story changed in Season 2. It's almost as if season 1 and season 2 were completely different series. The only thing that made season 2 recognizable was the characters who played in season 1. With that being said it was a very good series but I wish they would not have had so many episodes where all people did was just talk and have conversations. There was too much talking and not enough action, which was not how they did it in season 1.

You need some dialogue in the movie but there were some episodes where it seemed like the whole episode was nothing but talking at times. There were some really good action in the episodes but there were too many plots going on at the same time which took away from the show. The last episode too me did not conclude this season well and make you want to watch another season. It just did not seem believable to me. I know there needed to be some mystery so that another season could be made but I would have re-done the last episode and many of the other episodes as well.

I would have deleted all those talking scenes and put more action in the episodes. I would have narrowed done the plots so the series did not seem like it jumped around from story to story. I think the plot became a little too wild at times which was not the vision of the first series which said the series was about family. The producers did tone down the episodes and we started to get a little of the original idea of the series back.

This is not a bad series and I would watch it again. I don't think season 2 was better than season 1 but I will say I think a 3rd season should have followed because I was not ready to stop watching just yet. I think the series had at least 1 more season in it. They just needed to stop focusing on twenty plots in the series and narrow it down so the audience could really connect with the show but overall it was a thrilling and good season to watch.

My biggest and minor complaint about the realism is when they had Molly supposedly hitting 4 bullseyes with the pistol after never having fired one before. Molly Woods played by Halle Berry , the former astronaut and now hybrid, are all interesting. After watching all 11 episodes of Season 2, I am even more impressed than after season 1.

The projections of future technology in Extant ,which appears to be at least 20 years into the future,such as even more ubiquitous surveillance and recording of everything and the quantum leap in AI were all believable. The intelligence shown by the World Threat Assessment master computer and the humanichs--androids with the very nearly exact appearence of humans--is very impressive but not so extreme as to be ridiculous or even highly unlikely.

I liked the profile of the hybrid human-aliens as being generally peaceful but with some hostility to humans. Among the more progressie,non-male-chauvanist high points in character development, was the roughly 60 year-old woman Secretary of HomeSec, the future Dept. While there may be a minor problem with some perhaps gratuitous sex thrown in such as in the ubiquitous cleavage displayed by Berry, which is a good hook for heterosexual males, Berry succeeds in evoking a wide and deep range of emotion, ranging from wisecracking to extreme anger and irespressible independance to great sadness and affection.

Justme Reviewed in the United States on October 9, I give up at the end of episode 3. I give this three stars only because I love some of the actors. The writing is just horrid, although occasionally the actors get some good lines to work with--maybe they come up with them themselves? I think Halle Berry is a great actress, and all the headline actors are great--the little boy who plays Ethan is tops, and I love Charlie Tyler Hilton. I would really like to see Grace Gummer with a decent script--she is intriguing, although I haven't yet seen that Meryl Streep "je ne sais quois".

But her character as handed to her is so unbelievable that even Meryl probably couldn't have made it work. I was there for Goran Visnjic, enjoyed his portrayal, sorry to see him kicked off another sign of an immature script, people are knocked off at will or not, like pinballs, with absolutely no real cohesion in the story or sense of their true contribution to it.

As for the rest of the cast, you can have them. The script made no sense, the characters said the most inane things, it flows like it was written by a year-old script writer who spent his lifetime playing video games and reading fantasy novels, without ever having lived, and certainly without understanding the true depths and relationships of love and lust, much less the compelling art of drama. Molly is just going to go in cahoots with the man former admirer that was going to blow her to smithereens along with odd other bar-hoppers in the hopes of killing her "son"?

Wouldn't a real person vomit every time you saw that man, and if you held it back, I want to see the psychological effect upon her. And trust him? Go sit in your house and wait to blow away the "alien"--if I were her, that's the last place I'd be. After all, he already tried to blow her up once, what's to stop him from doing it again?

The tension is still there. I miss the ethical Goran Visnjic, and his good looks too Gen Toby is dry and will do anything to kill the alien, while Richter in his way is warm and follows close to help. I am not sure what is going on with Molly neither when did it happen? Spores infection? Her symptoms are as if she is turning in a hybrid like her son. They should show a little more because the other infected by spores only become followers to mental orders. It is amazon how they make you feel sorry for Ethan who is a machine, and worried for his sister Lucy who is also a machine but that do not bring emotions to us.

It is good to see such an earlier conflict on the role of machines that act and look as humans, something that should become a reality within a decade or so. I like the actors and they seem credible, and I like the ethical conflicts brought by this science fiction series.

I just retracted one star because there is no explanation to what is happening to Molly. Very good writing and acting. The first season had a very bad pair of episodes when the young Ahdu fed on the souls of bound and helpless victims, and the corrupt couple that provided them reasoned that afterwards "they aren't really dead, just different". Ugly indeed, I almost stopped watching the series. But then matters straightened right out. The writing improved again and the series found its' footing.

The one gripe that I still have is that the Hybrids seem to me to be not worthy of living side by side with humans. Extant TV show Sci fi sci-fi tv show extant Trailer extant definition extant meaning extant species extant tv show extant synonym Searches related to Extant season 3.

These are best TV shows that you may have missed. While there are so many great TV shows that get a lot of attention like Extant: Premiere Recap Extant. Catch up with the Extant Premiere Recap. Glen Mac as Euclid Security when our heroes attempt to access the computer mainframe. An uprising. A struggle. An opportunity Official website Halle Berry is back for the second season of Extant and she says the second time around is a lot more fun. I do not own the music nor the clips used in this video.

All right go to Will she wake up? Find out on an all-new episode of the CBS summer drama, airing Wednesdays at 9 p.

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