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ungdomskulen cry baby download torrent

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It can be a little jarring and occasionally repetitive, both of which are forgivable for the band's misfit relentlessness on "Modern Drummer" and stand-out "Spartacus", with its shouted chorus and spiraling trajectory. Occasionally, they jam aimlessly, as on "Ungdomskulen", but most of these songs-- even "Glory Hole" with four-minute clockwork cowbell breakdown-- are purposefully and thoughtfully constructed.

Up close, opener "Ordinary Son" is a frantic dancepunk track similar to those by Klaxons or early Liars, with herky-jerky guitar riffs and a bouncily melodic bassline. Take a few steps back, though, and the entire ambitious arrangement becomes visible, reminiscent of Built to Spill's guitar epics. The song reaches a fevered climax around , then starts to wind down. But that's a feint: Ungdomskulen re-attack with short exclamatory riffs, then regroup for a lengthy mid-song groove as Solheim tests out his cowbells and Stockhaus and bassist Frode Kvinge Flatland, hidden behind a cascade of dark hair, swordfight with their guitars.

Shamelessly, they do the same fake-out ending later in the song, and on almost every song thereafter. It works every time. And yet, for all their wankery, Ungdomskulen never departs from its power-trio line-up, meaning there are very few sounds on Cry-Baby that don't emanate either from drums, guitar, bass, and vox. Cry-Baby is just strings and skins, and by necessity, it's democratic, emphasizing each element equally while covering a lot of ground, from the pop melodies of "Feels Like Home" and "My Beautiful Blue Eyes" to the noisy crunch of, well, "Feels Like Home" and "My Beautiful Blue Eyes".

These songs are all motion, mixing indie-rock lightning with heavy-metal thunder and revealing a belief in rock's spiritual powers: "I feel that your fills are real," Stockhaus tells a modern drummer on "Modern Drummer". But Ungdomskulen manage to rock sans irony, finding a certain freedom in adolescent arrest. Just Mustard. Julia Reidy. Diatom Deli. Everything Everything. Saya Gray. Ungdomskulen Listen or Shut Up. Ungdomskulen Self-Made Woman. Ungdomskulen Sleep over Beethoven.

Ungdomskulen The Observer. Ungdomskulen Idunno. Ungdomskulen Osaka. Ungdomskulen Only in Novels. Ungdomskulen Teenage Tritonus. Ungdomskulen Lose Control. Ungdomskulen A. Golden Egg B. Disposable Hunk C. Pink and Blue Checkered Toenails. Ungdomskulen Batman Bonus Track.

Ungdomskulen Askefast. Ungdomskulen Young Hearts. Ungdomskulen Kafka on Ice. Ungdomskulen Facemask. Ungdomskulen Austin Love. Ungdomskulen Marilyn. Ungdomskulen Can't Reform Me. Ungdomskulen Justify My Grudge.

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