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Bijelo dugme download albums torrent

bijelo dugme download albums torrent

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Bijelo Dugme - Bijelo Dugme ( full album 1984 ) bijelo dugme download albums torrent


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Bijelo Dugme Mramor, kamen i zeljezo Mramor, kamen i zeljezo Bijelo Dugme 40 Godina - Pula Bijelo Dugme A milicija trenira strogocu Mramor, kamen i zeljezo Bijelo Dugme Odlazim Mramor, kamen i zeljezo Bijelo Dugme Pristao sam, bicu sve sto hoce Mramor, kamen i zeljezo Bijelo Dugme Sve ce to, o mila moja, prekriti ruzmarin, snjegovi i sas Mramor, kamen i zeljezo Bijelo Dugme Svi mars na ples Mramor, kamen i zeljezo Petrovic Remastered Box Set Deluxe Bijelo Dugme Eto!

Bas Hocu! Bijelo Dugme Ako mozes zaboravi Turneja Bijelo Dugme DJurdjevdan Turneja Bijelo Dugme Ipak pozelim neko pismo Turneja Bijelo Dugme Kada odem, kad me ne bude Turneja Bijelo Dugme Milicija trenira strogocu Turneja Bijelo Dugme Radi Radio Turneja Bijelo Dugme Milovan Singl Ploce - System of a Down.

The Offspring. Limp Bizkit. Papa Roach. Red Hot Chili Peppers. Five FInger Death Punch. Green Day. Bloodhound Gang. Three Days Grace. Zaz feat Ycare Animaux fragiles. T-Fest Solitude. Carla's Dreams Inapoi. Review by historian9 Special Collaborator Retired Admin. All in all, recommended and not just for fans of the band. Ostensibly unhappy with his long-time treatment by the recording business giant Jugoton, he tried to take full control over his band, its musical direction, production and marketing.

When trying to explain the idea behind this move, according to the band biographer Du? This was followed by his increasing awareness of the potentials for political provocation. This time, the eponymous album was packed with the cover art depicting "The Maiden of Kosovo", a painting by Serbian artist Uro?

Although at that time, prior to the Yugoslav wars of the s, destructive potentials of Kosovo mythology were not so obvious, indeed the Kosovo myth was still a part of the overarching Yugoslav ideology, it was nevertheless something the authorities would certainly cringe about.

When on tour promoting the album, Bijelo Dugme played in black quasi-militaristic outfits complete with red armbands sporting a Kamarad logo, while the same artwork, a somewhat adapted version of the Soviet film studio Mosfilm logo, used to be projected on the screen behind the drum kit.

And that was not a particularly rewarding listening experience. The abysmal anthem was followed by a cheap attempt at arena rock pomposity "Padaju zvijezde" Stars Are Falling Down , whose musical theme is apparently borrowed from Van Halen's huge hit "Jump". Melodic parts of keyboards and guitar are fine and catchy until a terrible chorus comes in and ruins the songs completely.

Again, the arrangement of Ladarice vocals is dubious. As mentioned already, it is a powerful pop-rock ballad with some good guitar licks and excellent Tifa's singing. This time the song, re-titled as "Lipe cvatu" Lime-Trees Blossom , is rearranged as a pure folk song with traditional instruments like bagpipes, tapan drums and? Had it not contained rather banal lyrics, the song would actually be one of the strongest on the album. It's nothing to write home about, except that it was perhaps one of the pioneering rap songs in Yugoslavia, at least among the mainstream pop and rock.

Rapping is present also in the following track "Aiaio radi radio" Aiaio Plays Radio. However, you can guess even by the title that it is one of the dumbest songs ever recorded by Dugme. Horrible vocals and bad melody prevents me from listening through the whole damn thing, so I usually skip it. The listening torture continues through "La? Tifa's vocals, especially during a chorus, are simply abysmal; something that could not be redeemed even by relatively well performed piano and guitar.

Finally, as mentioned, the album ends with another highlight, the ballad "Da te bogdo ne volim". It has a very nice and memorable piano theme backed with slightly bluesy acoustic guitar. Tifa is here in top singing form and it is obvious that this style of rock balladry suits him well. Overall the album is a kind of postmodernist mess - a commercially successful product that exploited moderate political provocation, somewhat conservative treatment of Titoist ideology, quasi patriotic populism, musical trends of folklorization some elements of which would later escalate into a bastard genre "turbo folk" and a cold-sounding synth-heavy production so typical of the mids.

Yet, this album was not the worst one in Bijelo Dugme catalogue. Two stars for two very good tracks, and I am being generous. I think that Bijelo Dugme is a great Heavy Prog band and this compilation is extremely god in this sense. I bought this compilation in Mercator Nova Goriza for?

The style is basically Rock, Hard Rock with great twin guitar and organ or moog with great vocal parts. But for me 'Iz sve snage' is magical as compilation. I don't understand, frankly, the low ratings of the other colleagues. The structure of all the classic repertoire of Bijelo Dugme is here: zenith is touched at the bottom of the tracking list.

Don't understand the lyrics but it seems something sad. The singer Bebek is a pure pleasure to listen to and did a hell of a work along as all the other members. I find something italian in it also in other albums The general mood of the music is near the previous work but somehow less aggressive and more gentle in touch. Not less fresh, tough, and that's why I love this album wholeheartedly. Sta Bi Dao Musically, the album deserves its own place in this site. It's a sort of mix between heavy prog and balkanic rythms thanks also to the wonderful vocals of the singer Zeljko Bebek.

The opener is particularly strong and it's a short but intense ride toward a pompous majestic crescendo thanks to heavy guitar and moog synthesizer. Wonderful and exciting the final part. The keyboards element is not dominant and it's based, for the most part, on hammond organ. Fortunately, moog appears here and there giving tinges that only a heavy prog band knows how to do. Balkanik roots are also quite evident in the track Hop-Cup which is built upon a folkish rythm even if not too far from the general mood of the album.

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