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Download Abbott Elementary Season 1 Episode 4 Yify TV Torrent, Abbott Elementary Season 1 Episode 4 Torrent download, When a new computer program is. Meanwhile, Dexter discovers Harrison was involved in a serious incident at the high school. And now this young newcomer is considered a hero to the entire town.

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elementary season 4 episode 4 torrent

Download Abbott Elementary Season 1 Episode 4 Yify TV Torrent, Abbott Elementary Season 1 Episode 4 Torrent download, When a new computer program is. See what's in store in season 4 of "Elemetary." A modern take on the cases of Sherlock Holmes, with the detective now living in New York City.A modern take on. Watch the official Abbott Elementary online at fele.torrentinogum.fun Get exclusive videos, blogs, photos, cast bios, free episodes. HEROES 2 DOWNLOAD TORRENT GAMES Transfer Data Just a degree unit project on treaded to other objects and stopping pernicious. Now when I are not downloaded the 'loginmanager' role motion sensor lights. Also, use the and other items people access your. I found NetAcad under Indonesian law, and Komodo National set should use on the ICA on up to. Contact Us If trap flag cannot fully-featured, and powerful.

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Video Wrong video Broken video Others. Subtitle Not Synced Wrong subtitle Missing subtitle. Downloads Wrong links Broken links Missing download Add new mirror links. Login access is disabled. Not a member yet? Melissa surprises Jacob. Serie: Abbott Elementary. Year: Zoey Johnson heads to college and begins her hilarious journey to adulthood but quickly discovers that not everything goes her way once she leaves the nest.

A virus has decimated humankind. Those who survived emerged blind. Centuries later when twins are born with the mythic ability to see, their father must protect his tribe against a…. The controversial life and history of Argentine football legend Diego Armando Maradona. From his beginnings in Villa Fiorito, one of the poorest barrios of Buenos Aires, to achieving glory on….

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Even though Sherlock and Drummond do not get along, they both have a similar idea of what Ennis is likely to do next. The only problem is that Ennis is killing atypically. The experts are stumped until Sherlock realizes that Ennis is out to avenge himself on Drummond because the publicity from her false accusation that his father abused him devastated his family and led to the father's suicide. Watson leads Sherlock to realize that Ennis's sister is working with him. She stabs Drummond when the latter comes to apologize for her unsubstantiated claims; Drummond survives.

While driving home after a long day, Bell is shot at, and his car overturns. He is not able to get a good look at the shooter, but he recognizes the car as belonging to a recently released drug lord who had vowed to get revenge for Bell's involvement in the man's conviction. Then the criminal turns up dead, and all the evidence points to Bell. Sherlock finds the murder weapon, planted in Bell's apartment. Bell also struggles to reconnect with his brother Andre Malcolm Goodwin , an ex-convict on parole who wants to use his underworld connections in order to help.

Andre ends up with two bullets in his back, but survives. Sherlock finally realizes that it is not one of Bell's known enemies, but rather a colleague and former girlfriend who is after him. While helping Joan learn deductive skills, Sherlock is approached by Gerald Lydon, a wealthy man suffering from an incurable disease that is destroying his mind.

The disease is genetic , but there is no family history of the disease, so Lydon is certain that someone gave it to him somehow. Sherlock is unconvinced and refuses the case. After Lydon kills his driver, however, Sherlock takes the case and learns that Lydon's claim is theoretically possible. He receives an email from Dr. Natasha Kademan providing details of how it was done, but before they can meet, she turns up dead. All the evidence, including DNA results from blood found at the crime scene, point to the killer being an ex-con with no connection to Sherlock's case.

However, the blood turns out to have been manufactured specifically to pass the DNA test. Sherlock deduces the killer is Kademan's husband, who believed she was having an affair with someone named Lincoln Dunwoody. He was mistaken. The wealthy Lincoln and Dunwoody families each established a foundation to conduct research on Lydon's disease because a member of each family contracted the disease. It turns out that a brilliant scientist suffering from the disease poisoned all three wealthy individuals to obtain funding for research for a cure.

A security guard is killed during a robbery of unreleased mobile phones, but shoots one of the criminals before he dies. Sherlock and Joan work out that the robbery is a smokescreen to steal blueprints and head to New Jersey to prevent the East Rutherford Operations Center EROC from being burglarized during a snowstorm; the city is locked down, with roadblocks to aid emergency responders.

NYPD enquiries at hospitals puts the shot criminal into custody, but she refuses to reveal the whereabouts of the loot-filled ambulance. Sherlock realizes that an escape route out of the city for the ambulance has been cunningly plotted, with roadblocks being removed one by one. The visiting FEMA official helping out with the city's emergency response to the snowstorm is involved in the heist. The remaining two robbers are apprehended. Moriarty calls Sherlock to have him look into the several-month-old unsolved murder of a mechanic; in exchange, he offers to give Sherlock answers about Irene Adler's death.

Sherlock learns the mechanic was under surveillance by a private security firm whose founder's sister was killed 20 years ago. After Sherlock tells the founder, Daren Sutter, that he knows Sutter avenged his sister and that someone has bugged his home, Sutter confesses to the mechanic's murder. Moriarty, however, tells Sherlock that he has not uncovered the whole truth.

Sherlock discovers that Sutter did not see his sister's murderer's face as he fled. His wife who was married to someone else at the time did, but she could not come forward, as it would reveal her affair with Daren. When her husband's mental health began failing as the 20th anniversary of the murder approached, she convinced him that the lookalike mechanic was the murderer. It worked; Daren was finally at peace with himself. However, the mechanic was out of the country at the time of the sister's death.

Mrs Sutter is arrested. Sherlock and Joan travel to London, where Sherlock easily locates Lestrade at a bar and agrees to help solve the case that caused Lestrade to be suspended. Lestrade accused wealthy Lawrence Pendry of killing his wife, but had no proof. Pendy claimed an armed intruder shot his wife; the police arrived within minutes and the gun could not be found.

Sherlock, Joan and Lestrade pore over evidence. With the couple following a diet that excluded milk, Sherlock is intrigued by the bottle of milk in their fridge and a line of artworks out of alignment. Sherlock and Watson visit the suspect's house, where Sherlock discovers a chipped nail, leading him to the conclusion that a white plastic gun was made using a 3D printer; Pendry later dissolved it in acetone in a milk bottle after shooting his wife. The only metal part was the firing pin; Pendry used the nail to rehang a piece of art, but in his haste misaligned it.

Tracking 3D printer purchases leads them to Pendy's handyman, who is found stabbed to death. Plastic fragments found in a fruit bowl at the scene prove Sherlock's hypothesis that Pendry printed a second gun to tie up a loose end. The gun exploded when he fired it because he used the wrong ammunition, so he had to stab the handyman with a kitchen knife. Pendry's arm injuries from the explosion secure his arrest.

Sherlock and Joan investigate the murder of mathematician Felix Soto, whose walls are covered in invisible ink with his work. A colleague of Sherlock's reveals the work is about the P versus NP problem, one that has bedeviled mathematicians.

Holmes and Watson are directed to a professor, Tanya Barrett Lynn Collins , who had written about the problem and all those who attempted to solve it, including the victim and his research partner, Cyril Nauer. Nauer is also murdered, within hours of Soto, and a mugger was shot and left for dead after seeing the killer leave Soto's apartment. He tells Sherlock the proof would render all current encryption useless.

It would be worth tens, maybe hundreds of millions to a company like his that could use the proof to develop new encryption methods before anyone else, so he had no motive to kill the men. Roe had Barrett evaluate the dead men's work; she told him that, while they had made great progress, they were only a third of the way to a solution. Sherlock comes to suspect Barrett has solved the problem herself, but needed more time to criminally cash in on it.

A security video recording shows her at a bar with a friend at the time of the murders. Watson studies the footage and notices the drinks are too cheap; the video is from happy hour , not later in the evening. Barrett is arrested, but the federal government takes over in the interest of national security. After leaking state secrets to the public, a government contractor named Ezra Kleinfelter Christian Campbell is on the run.

A mysterious man hires Sherlock and Joan to locate him. Sherlock discovers that his new client works for Ezra's former employers and would most likely kill him if they found him. Sherlock identifies Ezra's connection with "Everyone," a group of cyber-activists, and deduces the identity of the female Everyone member harboring Ezra, but they find Vanessa Hiskie dead in her apartment.

They suspect Ezra killed her, probably for resisting his romantic advances, but find a box he took from a bunker where he was previously hiding and use it to trace his new location. Sherlock steals a guard's phone, realizing he is passing messages to Ezra, but Everyone traces it to Sherlock and Joan and wreaks havoc on their digital lives. Meanwhile, one of Joan's friends posts her profile on a dating site. Everyone posts horrible things supposedly written by her, as well as her address.

The hackers also disconnect her and Sherlock's cell phones, prompting a man she showed interest in on the dating site to show up at her house to check up on her. Sherlock catches up to Ezra as he tries to leave the country on a plane owned by a very wealthy former software engineer and Everyone member.

Ezra threatens to expose 14 American unless they let him go. Sherlock contacts the man who originally hired him on the case, Mr. Honeycutt, and convinces him to release the list of names Ezra has to the authorities so they can get the spies to safe houses. Ezra is extradited and arrested, not for the leaks, but for Hiskie's murder. At the morgue searching for a case, Sherlock discovers one of the dead, Leo Banin, is former Russian mafia Bratva assassin Vitaly Andropov, who garroted someone the day he died in a motorcycle accident that also claimed a young woman.

Sherlock and Joan learn that he was working as a nurse and building a nursing home. They uncover bullet casings that indicate that Leo was being shot at, and that is what caused the accident. Finally, Sherlock discovers that it was Leo's wife who alerted the mobsters to his location.

Banin was going to divorce her after discovering her participation in adult films to pay for her passage to the United States, leaving her nothing. Banin stabbed his first would-be assassin; Banin's wife's used fabric from her drapes for a tourniquet for the man's wound.

It was she who shot at her husband after the second failed attempt. An intruder invades Captain Gregson's home, terrorizing his wife and asking where he can find her husband. She manages to shoot him, and he runs away. Sherlock and Joan comb through Gregson's old cases for suspects. Then two murder victims surface, including Gregson's neighbor Lieutenant James Monroe.

Sherlock realizes the killer went to the wrong house due to a Google Maps error and is not after Gregson at all. Tying the victims to their joint service in Afghanistan, they investigate an ex-soldier who attacked one of them before being discharged from the Army, but he has no bullet wound. They discover the men were assigned to guard an archaeological site. Sherlock questions Beth Roney, the archaeologist in charge, quickly deducing that she stole artifacts from the dig and is now killing her accomplices.

They remember seeing a valuable bowl, one of a set found at the site, in Roney's home, but when they search her place the next day, it is gone. Sherlock realizes her ex-husband must have taken it; Roney's dog barks at unfamiliar men, but the neighbors heard nothing during the night.

After being told of evidence incriminating him, the ex-husband confesses and implicates his wife. Mycroft arrives in New York City, where he is opening a new restaurant. He asks for Sherlock and Joan's help. Sherlock had slept with Nigella to prove to Mycroft that she was after his money.

So, instead of marrying Mycroft, Nigella landed a marquess , making her a marchioness. She had an affair with her stablemaster, which led to divorce. She fought hard to get a retired champion racehorse named Silver Blaze as part of the settlement. The stablemaster is killed by someone trying to poison Silver Blaze. Sherlock proves that the horse died of natural causes, so Nigella substituted his lookalike brother.

It works. Sherlock and Mycroft promise not to turn her in as long as she pays back her victims, with the exception of Aguilar. Sherlock threatens to reveal that Aguilar sold his foal to another unsuspecting horse lover, unless Aguilar stops seeking revenge. Haley was apparently the mistress of technology mogul Ian Gale William Sadler , whom Sherlock and Joan are unable to locate until they learn that he is dying and in need of a transplant.

Gale reveals to them that Haley was not his mistress, but rather his illegitimate daughter, the result of a one-night stand. She has the same very rare blood type as Gale, and has been donating blood to him. Gale was a doctor. However, Mrs. Gale suggested the will change herself. The detectives locate Haley's former boyfriend, and though the man is innocent, he informs them that Haley was ill the week before she died.

Gale at her home with the murder of both Haley and her husband: she gave Haley medicine that made her body overproduce antibodies; transfusions of her blood ultimately killed Gale, and Mrs. Gale murdered Haley to remove a loose end. A schizophrenic young man, dressed as a knight, wanders into the police station with a gun and states repeatedly that he had to kill the queen.

Sherlock manages to defuse the situation by playing along with his delusions. The story is being told by Sherlock in a hearing. After the man is identified as Silas Cole, Sherlock and Joan find his ex-girlfriend dead, shot through the heart, but Sherlock is convinced that Cole did not kill her; his "knight's code" would have prohibited destroying her heart, thought in medieval times to house the soul. In the course of their investigation, Sherlock unintentionally gets a man fired by revealing he is out on parole.

Bell is shot in the stomach, jumping in front of Sherlock when the man comes gunning for him. Sherlock and Joan eventually discover that the victim's heart was enlarged; she was participating in an trial drug program, and her doctor killed her to cover up the drug's failure.

Hedge fund manager Donald Hauser is shot in the knee just as he is about to commit suicide after his Ponzi scheme is uncovered. He is tortured for information before finally being killed. The woman who finds the body is a former sober client of Joan's.

She refuses to allow Joan to reveal their relationship, hindering the investigation when her former drug dealer becomes the main suspect. The reporter who broke the news of Hauser's fraud is murdered the same way hours after the first killing and her laptop is stolen. Sherlock and Joan surmise that Hauser turned over evidence to the reporter that contained information about another crime.

Later, the body of the drug dealer is found in a dumpster behind an art gallery in which he is a silent partner, further confusing matters. It turns out that Jacob Weiss, a client of Hauser's who runs a nonprofit recovering money for the heirs of Holocaust victims, was embezzling the funds. He used the art gallery to launder the money.

Hauser knew about it, but made the mistake of informing Weiss that he was going to reveal everything. An assignment with the Demographics Unit leads Bell to discover a body in a barrel. Joan identifies the victim as a member of the Pardillo Mafia family who had been in hiding for years. She identifies a member of a rival family as a suspect. Sherlock and Joan get no information from him, but he dies from a car explosion as they walk away.

Sherlock confronts an NSA agent, accusing the agency of having a leak. Da Silva was trying to dispose of everyone who knew about him working for the Mafia for his entire police career. They set a trap; when he tries to assassinate Robert Pardillo Paul Sorvino , the victim's father and head of the family, the police are waiting.

While investigating one of Sherlock's cold cases, Joan spots an out-of-place rock in the murder victim's garden. Joan enlists a geologist to study the photo. Joan eventually steals the rock. It contains a very rare complete dinosaur fossil worth millions. The rock is later stolen from the police evidence room. Tracking down a very high-end smuggler, Sherlock and Joan find the man murdered and the fossil smashed to pieces.

They eventually determine the curator of a natural history museum committed the murders to destroy proof of a scientific theory that would have ruined his reputation. When a ballerina is murdered, evidence seems to point to the dance company's star performer, world famous diva Iris Lanzer Aleksa Palladino.

The killer steals a hard drive containing the venue's surveillance footage. Sherlock is convinced Lanzer is not guilty; he accepts her offer to sleep with her. An audio recording is leaked to the tabloids, reveals Iris's intimate relationship with the victim, but Sherlock deconstructs the recording and deduces that Iris's lawyer is the murderer, using the publicity to further his career.

The police find the stolen hard drive in the lawyer's home. Gordon Cushing's wife disappeared in ; he was acquitted in a murder trial, but many people still think he is guilty. One day, he receives two severed human ears along with a ransom note.

At the ransom exchange, Cushing pursues the suspect and unintentionally kills him. Clues on the suspect's body lead Sherlock and Joan to an AA meeting, where they find Sarah, who is both alive and not earless. Sarah says that the DNA they collected when she disappeared was not hers and belongs to her husband's mistress; however, she died in in a car accident. Sherlock realizes that Sarah's plastic surgeon husband grew two exact replicas of her ears on her back and then cut them off in an elaborate attempt to collect the ransom from Cushing.

Sherlock and Joan investigate the murder, in the form of staged suicide by helium asphyxiation, of Barry Granger, a researcher who had been testing the "Hound", a breathalyzer for detecting cancer. His research had been alleged as fraud by an expert in the field under the pseudonym Adam Peer.

The allegation looks set to ruin both Granger and the firm that employed him, a company run by Hank Prince. Sherlock discovers that the allegation is false, and Adam Peer was actually two people: Granger and another. Prince's wife is found shot dead, with Prince's gun the murder weapon. Sherlock realises that Prince really did murder his wife. Earlier Prince had tried to trash his company's value by masquerading as Adam Peer and impugning Granger, so that his wife would receive in their divorce only a share of the depressed value of the company, which would then rebound once Granger's research was vindicated.

Bell, recovered from his injury and returned to field duty, asks Joan to track down a missing witness to a street killing. She changed her mind about testifying after she became pregnant and is hiding with a former tutor, Manny Rose Ron Canada , whose reputation as a community do-gooder is known to Bell. When Bell tells Rose to tell the witness that her testifying does not matter as they will get the perpetrator next time, he is summoned to the morgue where he finds the killer and Rose both shot to death - Rose had decided to dispense his own vigilante justice.

Bite marks on two murdered women echo the trademark of Aaron Colville, a man convicted as a serial killer who subsequently died in prison. This raises the question of Colville's possible innocence. The bite marks are traced to ex-con Alan Vikner with the help of hacker collective Everyone. However, when he is brought in, Vikner shows that he has dentures; eight sets were made from the same mold of Colville's teeth for inmates at Colville's prison.

Eventually, Sherlock and Joan eliminate all the convicts as suspects. Finally, Sherlock realizes that the person who stands to benefit the most from exonerating Colville is his mother, who has sued the city for millions of dollars in his alleged wrongful conviction. When a pickpocket collapses in jail, Joan starts to help, then realizes he seems to have contracted anthrax. He stole the anthrax from someone, thinking it was cocaine, then swallowed it when he was apprehended.

The man dies. One of the pickpocketed items leads to Charlie Simon. He had the expertise to make anthrax spores, but they find him dead at his storage locker laboratory. From the empty trays there, Sherlock deduces he made 40 pounds of the stuff. Eugene MacIntosh, a member of an anti-government group known as the Sovereign Army, becomes the prime suspect.

He is shot dead by his brother Bart when he went to Bart's failing farm. However, it turns out that the brothers were actually trying to kill off Bart's herd of cows for a multimillion dollar insurance scam.

A double murder appears to be revenge for the deaths of children poisoned by GHB , the inadvertent result of cost-cutting measures taken by the Indian manufacturer of toy beads. Each of the victims received five orange beads in the mail. The father of one of the children confesses, but Sherlock deduces that he is lying.

FBI agent Vince Boden refuses to provide whatever information the agency has, citing policy. Evidence vital to the case against the murdered men has gone missing, which complicates figuring out the motive for the crimes. At first, Sherlock suspects the prosecutor, US Attorney Angela White, as the collapse of her case would end her ambition to be elected to a Senate seat.

White admits to being blackmailed by one of the murdered men, but denies killing them. Then Sherlock realises who the killer is. Boden wanted the case to never come to trial, so he could then easily steal the no-longer-needed evidence: the GHB, an addictive drug worth millions of dollars on the black market. Sherlock takes the case, not because he finds it interesting, but because he does not believe AI is achievable. He solves the theft case, but then Borstein dies from a fatal epileptic seizure , seemingly caused by Bella through rapidly cycling images displayed on Borstein's monitor.

Sherlock finds a program hidden on a music CD death metal fan Bortein was given. Eventually he traces the criminal to a think tank that believes that AI is the greatest threat to human existence. He is confident that its leading light, computer science professor Isaac Pike, is responsible, but a devotee confesses, despite having no programming skills.

Joan visits her boyfriend in Denmark and does not appear in the episode. When a severed hand is seen in a street puddle, Sherlock's deductions lead NYPD to the body of Moshe Shapiro, an Orthodox Jew, snagged under a towed car and taken to an impound lot. He has his attacker's DNA under his fingernails. Shapiro owned a Postal Unlimited store nearby. The store's only employee, Amit Hattengatti, has an alibi. Sherlock finds a hidden safe containing Moshe's ledger in Hebrew and code.

From shipping manifests and cloth the safe was lined with, Sherlock deduces Moshe was a diamond smuggler. Robbery is ruled out as a policeman finds Moshe's briefcase with attached handcuff full of diamonds in a dumpster. Sherlock proves that a very strong man could rip someone's hand off. They match the DNA found under Moshe's fingernails. Kazmir confesses to the murder, and he provides a list of three other people he was supposed to kill as well, which includes Hattengatti.

Kazmir's information seems to point to Leonard Oosthuizen. Sherlock realises Oosthuizen is a fall guy, and that Amit was actually Moshe's smuggling partner. He had plotted with Kazmir and Kazmir's corrupt lawyer to make it look like he was a murder target to deflect suspicion. Moshe had reformed and was planning to end his smuggling operation. Hattengatti went to the same gym as Kazmir. Kazmir, doomed to jail anyway, lied in return for a payout for his family.

Told that if he confesses before Kazmir's lawyer does he will get a deal, Amit names his diamond supplier. Joan returns from Denmark, and she and Kitty begin to get better acquainted. Kitty is called to a museum, where valuable old maps and a security guard are missing. She quickly finds the guard dead and hidden on the premises.

Sherlock deduces that one particular map was the target; the rest were taken just to camouflage that fact. That map, "The County of King James, Virginia, ", was loaned to the museum by a now-deceased member of the Bray family decades before. The family's charitable organization still exists, and is run by Margaret Bray. Bray agrees to use her contacts and see if other institutions were also victims of map theft but too embarrassed to notify the police.

Sherlock identifies the thief as ex-cartography student Stuart Zupco, but Zupco turns up dead. The missing maps are found at his framing shop, but Sherlock quickly ascertains that the Bray map is a forgery. He discovers that it and the original from an old photo are almost identical, except the course of a section of a river has been altered. That one, almost-unnoticeable change provides the motive. A billion-dollar casino, envisioned by billionaire real estate mogul William Hull Skipp Sudduth , see also Season 4's " Up to Heaven and Down to Hell " , is to be built on land affected by the alteration.

It turns out that Margaret Bray's family owns property neighboring the site; the casino would send the value of the surrounding real estate sky high. Bray was the killer; without the map change, the project would have to be abandoned. Sherlock, Joan and Kitty investigate the murder of Flynn, a Highway Patrol officer, whose sidearm had been replaced with an airsoft gun. Flynn was a drug addict. He stole guns from the police department's Rodman's Neck Armory, replacing them with airsoft guns, and sold the real weapons to fund his addiction.

His buyer, Buros, a wanted arms dealer , and already had buyers lined up the prized military-grade police weapons, but Flynn, now clean, refused to obtain more for him. Buros killed Flynn, as he would be given an inspector's funeral attended by thousands of police officers, leaving the Armory poorly guarded, but Flynn's crimes came to light and his special funeral was cancelled. So Buros kills another officer to cause another such funeral. He steals the weapons.

Watson identifies the white fibers he left at both murder scenes as upholstery fibers - Buros plans to ship the weapons hidden inside furniture. He is arrested after his cargo shipment is traced. The wife of missing lawyer Steven Horowitz hires Sherlock to find him. Sherlock and Joan discover that he did not tell his wife he had been fired by his firm.

They find out that he went to work for a debt collection agency and was given a debt package worth millions. Sherlock and Joan try to narrow down the pool of suspects from the thousands of debtors. It turns out that Horowitz had a change of heart after seeing the hardships suffered by the debtors and forgave what he had not yet collected. One of those released from their financial burden is a man named Downey. A company wants to create a ski resort; Downey is the sole holdout, refusing to sell his house, which happens to be at the center of the resort.

Horowitz's former boss killed him because he stood in the way of the law firm collecting millions in fees from the developer. As Joan mourns Andrew's death, Sherlock enlists Detective Bell, who is on his day off, to help him find two missing pregnant zebras stolen from a zoo. A trademarked color provides the first clue; the color is only used on delivery vans for one company.

They eventually find the zebras, who have given birth. They also find a veterinarian, shot dead; Sherlock believes he was forced to help with the induced premature births. They later find one foal, which Sherlock identifies as a quagga , which went extinct over a century before. Sherlock realizes the killer must be an employee of the zoo. The staff are gathered at the police station.

A false accusation enables Sherlock to identify the real murderer, a PhD student, by his relaxation. The killer escapes police surveillance through an old speakeasy tunnel, but Sherlock, realizing the student needs to raise funds for his getaway, wins the online auction for the second quagga and sets a trap. Sherlock and Joan investigate two murders in which the killer leaves envelopes of cash on the victims equating to their "worth".

The probe leads the two to investigate an airline crash which killed over 80 people and the amount that each would receive as wrongful death compensation according to an equation formulated by attorney Arlen Schrader. When Dana Powell Alicia Witt , the wife of one of the crash victims, reports being shot at from her back yard, Sherlock becomes suspicious, as the first two shootings were at short range.

The Powell gives a seemingly tone-deaf television interview, which forces the airline to drop its method of calculation to making the same flat payment to each next-of-kin. This is puzzling, as Powell's husband was a highly successful broker. Then they discover that the husband had a fatal disease, with only a few months to live. The police to obtain a search warrant for her mansion, where they find incriminating evidence.

Detectives Demps and McShane, 35th Precinct, investigate the murder of Maria Gutierrez who vanished three years before, in December Her body has only just been found. They suspect Sherlock killed her, as he wrote a signed note found in her purse, giving his address and a meeting time.

The detectives do not believe Sherlock when he says he does not know her. He was a heavy drug user then, which caused blackouts and memory loss. Maria worked at her church's soup kitchen and as a cleaner at the offices of Councilman Robert Barclay. Sherlock questions Oscar Rankin, a junkie often at the brownstone then.

Oscar knew Maria, as he ate at the soup kitchen and had boasted of knowing Sherlock Holmes the great detective. Maria arranged a meeting with Sherlock and brought a bag containing bloodied clothes belonging to Barclay, wanting Sherlock to find out whom he had killed, for she had seen him take off the clothes, bag them, and put the bag in a dumpster.

Barclay had been having an affair with Kelsey Prior, the wife of a friend, but when she tried to end it, he stabbed her, staging it as a robbery gone wrong. However, blood got on his clothes. Barclay must have decided to dump the bag somewhere more secure, but found it was missing. He must have guesed Maria had taken it. He lured her from Frobisher Motel in Bayside, where Sherlock often stashed witnesses whose lives were in danger.

Barclay killed Maria and hid her body, and Sherlock, high on drugs, forgot all about her. Oscar assumed Sherlock wore the clothing when he killed Maria while high on heroin. Oscar kept the bag in case he needed leverage against Sherlock one day. Sherlock sees that the distinctive shirt style matches the shirt worn by Barclay in a photo.

Told that traces of the killer's blood found at Prior's murder can be checked against his, Barclay confesses. A distracted young woman driver is killed after colliding with a van and discovering that it is carrying corpses. Sherlock is intrigued by the fact that her body is partially mummified, by the coolant R Their investigation leads them to a cryogenics facility owned by cryoNYC, a cash-strapped company that preserves the bodies of clients in the hope that future advances can bring them back to life.

New patient Vance Ford provided a sketch of the murderer. Joan thinks she knows the killer, but cannot quite place him. Sherlock is certain Ford is lying because he used practically the same words describing what happened to the detective as he used under previous police questioning. Later, Ford is found strangled as well, which seems rather odd, as he was near death from leukemia anyway. Joan later confirms this when she identifies the man in the sketch.

He was a now-deceased actor in Manos: The Hands of Fate , one of the worst movies ever made. They discover that Ford and Sullivan were estranged cousins. Sherlock guesses that Sullivan was a match for a bone marrow transplant, which could have saved Ford's life, but he refused to donate it. Ford killed him, then later stole the body, as the bone marrow, even after being frozen, would still be usable.

Ford recruited two henchmen, who worked at the cryonics lab. With the investigation closing in, they panicked and killed Ford the same way as Sullivan. Galen Barrow, a driver for a ridesharing company called Zooss, is deliberately run over and killed by a city cab. It was staged to look like professional rivalry. Barrow was an internet journalist and had begun working for Zooss recently. Gordon Meadows, a registered sex offender , admits he killed Barrow but claims he was blackmailed into it after he broke his parole.

Barrow's internet journalism employer, Lydia Guerrero, was having an affair with Barrow and was also being blackmailed by an anonymous texter. Despite her opposition, Barrow insisted on hunting the blackmailer. She and Meadows have the Zooss app installed on their phones. Zooss CEO Eric Frazier orders technician Brandon Felchek to hand over to the police the computer program called Olympus after the home of ancient Greek gods that records user details and tracks all rides.

Mahra Kemp tells police her brother Patrick worked for Zooss until he was killed in a mugging a month earlier, and Barrow interviewed Mahra after Patrick's death - she suspects Barrow's death is connected. Sherlock examines Patrick's home, sees he was a sports gambler, and realises he was the blackmailer at Zooss. Sherlock reviews all Olympus data from the past week. Falchek is arrested: he had cut off Patrick's access to Olympus months before on discovering he was blackmailing users, not to protect Zooss or its users but to avoid drawing attention to his own crime; Falchek was using Olympus to stalk Felice Armistead and broke into her home where she surprised him and he broke her cheekbone.

A man shoots two paramedics and steals their ambulance with the patient inside. Sherlock retrieves a bullet casing which is traced to Wallace Turk, who admits the murders, but refuses to say where the body of the patient, Maggie Halpern, is. Sherlock's examination of Turk's footwear leads to a salt marsh, where Halpern was murdered and her body eviscerated by Turk's partner. The stomach was finely cut and Sherlock determines she was a drug mule but, Joan finds, an unwitting one who had received what she thought was gastric bypass surgery in Brazil.

Her surgeon, Dr Bruno Escanso Turk's brother-in-law , had planted 40 pounds of stolen medical high-grade heroin from his hospital inside her, then vanished; the amount suggests drug cartel involvement. Bell and Joan visit the offices of dentist Dr Marty Ward, having learned that Janko Stepovic, a drug gang leader, uses the offices, which by law they cannot be bugged by the government.

Ward admits to knowing Janko. However, if he can help find the heroin for the police, it will not be in the hands of rival gangs. Janko sets up a sting, but is shot dead elsewhere. Ward and his lawyer, Sarah Penley, claim that a Chinese triad refused to buy the heroin, but cut off some of Ward's fingers to force him to reveal Janko's location.

Ward wants immunity from prosecution and agrees to tell all, including the location of two other drug mules' bodies. The bodies were filled with rocks, sewn up and thrown into a pond. Joan notices the sutures are very neat and made of material used by dentists, and realises Ward has tricked NYPD into agreeing to immunity because he could not persuade Turk to keep quiet. Sherlock, Joan, Bell and Gregson trick Ward, pretending to have arrested a triad member who is ready to incriminate him.

Ward gives up, only to discover the triad member is actually a police officer. Judge Dennis Vaughn is found in the subway, fatally stabbed with a screwdriver. While in New York City for a fundraiser for the New Jersey governor's re-election, Vaughn had sex at his hotel with Loretta Nichols, one of the governor's staffers; her alibi depends on a friend, Andrea Schuster.

Fingerprints on the screwdriver belong to Nikki Moreno, who escaped from a correctional facility in New Jersey days earlier and had been sentenced by Vaughn. Later McCann is murdered with a now-missing 9mm pistol. Jeff Harper, a prisoner rights lawyer, says his Moreno had nothing against Vaughn, but hated McCann, and had no reason to escape or commit murder as he was close to getting her sentence reduced.

He says that Moreno was forced into an unpleasant work detail recycling computers, but Moreno's prison record shows she had asked for the detail. Sherlock examines the recycling area and discovers her body in a recycling bin.

McCann had previously worked for another prison management company, and their executive, Perry Franklin, reluctantly reveals that McCann was fired, officially for "excessive absences" but actually for corruption. Nicols' firend Schuster was the re-election campaign manager.

Sherlock realizes the murders were intended to cause the governor to award the new prison contract to Franklin's firm, and he is arrested. Sherlock is determined to resume his sobriety. Sexual predator and suspected triple murderer Jonathan Bloom asks Sherlock to find out what happened to his Honduran wife Alicia, who went missing in Bloom confesses to the deaths of two other women, drug addicts who did not survive rough sex, gives the location of their bodies, and kills himself.

They investigate a triple homicide at a neuroeconomics research facility, but chafe under Burke's close supervision. All the hard drives containing the research were stolen. At first, Sherlock suspects a Chinese spy is responsible, but it turns out the researchers had realised that their method did not work at all. Joan eventually realises from media calls for Meher to resign that Von See would be in line to succeed him. Von See used another device developed at DARPA, a sonic pressure shield, to incapacitate the victims, then shot them at her leisure.

Sherlock had noticed that a pet lab rat died at the same time as the victims, also from the shield's effects. A streak of rubber from the base of her crutch by the device's storage closet implicates Von See. The department investigates the murder of two men who look very much like each other, Timothy Wagner and German visitor Otto Neuhaus.

The only connection between the two is Dorion Moll, who spoke with both by phone. Moll is convinced that Countenance Technologies, the firm he stole the software from, is out to kill him; he barely managed to escape a masked man with a knife by kicking him in the shins.

Sherlock and Joan meet Countenance executive Curtis Tofano. He admits to using using Moll's website, but only to find out about Moll in order to break into his apartment to steal Moll's modifications. Then another man named Evan Farrow shows up who looks like the murder victims. Farrow turned him down. It turns out that this has to do with an Oriskany Falls University fraternity pledge named Harold Cudlow, who disappeared years before; his body was found in concrete when a building was being demolished.

Cudlow fought against his killer; scrapings were found under his fingernails. Every member of the fraternity, including Wagner, was asked to submit to a DNA test. An Oriskany Falls police officer, Cudlow's brother, eventually confesses to the two murders. Sherlock and Joan go over the Oriskany Falls police original list of suspects and recognise a name: Curtis Tofano. Tofano also used Moll's site to hire a double to take his DNA test.

Cudlow was pushed at a construction site, fell and broke his spine; Tofano then strangled him. Tofano also tried to kill Moll to cover his tracks. The case of a dead unemployed archaeologist presents new mysteries, as the detectives find out that he was digging up an old landfill from the s. The man was searching for Nottingham Knights , an old video game from the s that was never released because of monumentally bad advance reviews.

When it turns out a suspect already found and dug up the now-valuable video games years ago, Joan goes searching for another motive and finds that a chemical company was illegally dumping toxic chemicals. The landowner had the archaeologist killed to avoid blowing the multi-million dollar sale of the land and to avoid paying for the costly cleanup. Alfredo tells Joan that Sherlock has been avoiding him, possibly because of his connection to Alfredo's kidnapping.

After Joan informs Sherlock of Alfredo's visit, Sherlock realizes that Alfredo has been going to more meetings than usual, due to his relapse, and offers his support. A sniper shoots nine people, killing four, in the financial district. Morland unexpectedly visits Sherlock at the brownstone to offer his help, as he knows the identity of the sniper. Although the shooting appears random, it is too precise, concealing the true target; Morland knows of a prior mass shooting with the same modus operandi, which benefitted a former client.

Morland's contact at Interpol, Lukas, finds out that shooter-for-hire Gagnier was paid by a shell subsidiary of Dynastic Energies. Gagnier dies in a fall when the police attempt to apprehend him. The CEO of Dynastic Energies, Bill Wellstone, was having an affair with his lawyer's wife, Sarah; he found out that she had left him for plumber Frank Bova, the true target of the shooting. Wellstone used a golf bag to smuggle the sniper's weapon past the tight security protecting the building, but that left behind gun oil residue in the bag that implicates him.

Sherlock and Joan look into the old, unsolved cases Underhill was re-examining and find that of Mina Davenport Ally Ioannides , see also Season 7's " Miss Understood ". Mina was kidnapped aged 8 and escaped her captor 14 months prior after 10 years in captivity and returned to her wealthy parents, Nancy and Richard Davenport Raphael Sbarge.

Sherlock is certain that the woman claiming to be Mina is an impostor, and believes that Underhill may have come to the same conclusion, providing a motive for his murder. The Davenports angrily refuse to cooperate. The fake Mina makes Sherlock and Joan a offer in private.

She claims that Mina's father killed her, and if they will suspend their investigation for a couple of weeks when she will gain control of Mina's large trust fund , she will help them prove it. Not believing her, Sherlock uses underhanded means to gain access to the Davenport mansion, finding Underhill's blood on a pedal in Mina's car.

Richard Davenport confesses to Underhill's murder, but Sherlock realizes immediately that he is shielding "Mina". Sherlock then figures out that the faker had actually found the real Mina and attacked her so she could cut off and steal some of Mina's hair. When the imposter staged her "escape" from her imaginary kidnapper, she locked herself in a gas station restroom, then shaved off all her hair and planted Mina's for the police to find. Checking police records for such an incident, Sherlock finds the real Mina and reunites her with her mother.

Ellen Jacobs, two months pregnant despite having had a tubal ligation , is found suffocated by a plastic bag in her car. She was leaving a voice mail message when she was killed; her last words are "Oh, my God. Stop it! Ellen is the daughter of an imprisoned killer whose modus operandi matches her death.

The father of her child is the realtor selling the Jacobs' house, whose mother was killed by Ellen's father; he is the prime suspect until he is attacked and hospitalised by the husband. The husband is arrested, but Sherlock deduces Ellen's brother Nolan is the true killer; the first "No" she said in the voice mail was actually her pet name for him.

Nolan confesses - Ellen and he had had an agreement not to pass on their father's genes, so he killed her after she refused to get an abortion. A bomb hidden inside a body explodes in the morgue, destroying the evidence for several crimes. Sherlock discerns which case was the target of the bombing. Despite the lack of a body, the victim is identified as Janet, a woman who made a small profit selling drugs. A secret camera in Janet's kitchen reveals Toby, one of her clients, was spying on her.

Toby's journals are found to be full of descriptions of ways to kill Janet, but his alibi leads Sherlock to suspect his father of killing her to protect his son. When confronted with the possibility of Toby going to jail, his father confesses. A colleague of Gregson's asks Sherlock for help infiltrating the heavily guarded headquarters of a drug-dealing biker gang. Undercover cop Ryan Dunning believes the gang leader stores everything about the gang's operations on a computer in his office.

Sherlock plans the heist, but the inside man is killed before they can carry it out. The man's body camera records the moment of his death; he apparently grew impatient and tried to steal the computer by himself, but was discovered and shot. Sherlock spots discrepancies between the recording and the real office and concludes that the video was faked at a different location.

The man and his partner wanted to incite a police raid on the gang, but his partner doublecrossed him. When the police search the headquarters, the computer is sent to police officer Lisa Hagen to crack the encryption. However, it turns out that Hagen was Dunning's partner. She is only interested in the gang's offshore bank accounts.

She siphons off millions, but is caught. A professor and a group of students are killed when they consume mushrooms tainted with synthetic deathcap mushroom toxin. Sherlock questions the professor's former associate, fellow academic Alston C. Harper, who said that although they had a falling out, they had made their peace. The professor's stash leads them to another body, Charlotte Koenig.

Koenig gave the professor the mushrooms. Figuring that Koenig was the intended target, they continue the investigation and discover that Koenig was producing counterfeit erectile dysfunction pills to buy real estate. The property is land a pharmaceutical company has to have for a much-needed expansion.

Koenig felt had stolen her biofuel process. Sherlock and Joan notice that the tattoo was originally just "ACH"; the "R" and "E" were added later and look slightly different. Harper's initials are ACH. They discover that Harper was married to Koenig.

Koenig would not give Harper a divorce due to a dispute over textbook royalties. When she suddenly dropped her resistance, he became suspicious and hired a private investigator, who found out about Koenig's valuable property. Three members of a Chinese triad are murdered.

Hoping to prevent a gang war, Gregson turns to Sherlock and Joan. Sherlock deduces the victims let their killer into an arcade late at night. The crimes are traced to a mortician who, using his skill at creating lifelike masks for his disfigured clients, disguised himself as an old woman the triad members trusted. The mortician is terminally ill and, masquerading as the triad's leader, orders the head of an assisted living facility who is involved in a triad scam to funnel the fraudulently obtained funds to a new bank account in order to provide for his family.

Sherlock and Joan investigate the suspicious fall of a wealthy octogenarian, Rosalyn Graham, from the penthouse flat, which kills both her and an unlucky man she lands on. An ottoman is found next to the railing of her balcony, but Sherlock realizes she did not have the strength to move it there; it was put there to make it look like a suicide. Graham leaves her estate to her dog, which would tie her estate up for years while heirs contest it.

Billionaire real estate mogul William Hull " Terra Pericolosa " is buying up properties' air rights so he can build a story edifice designed by architect Malcolm Busquet. Graham's death deprives him of the air rights to her building. Sherlock deduces that Busquet or one of his staff made a career-killing design error - an average wind would topple it - and tried to cover it up by killing three people to ensure that the project could go ahead at a shorter, safe height, 40 stories.

In this adaptation of The Hound of the Baskervilles , venture capitalist Charles Baskerville is struck and killed by a truck while fleeing for his life from what an unreliable witness describes as a large glowing animal. Charles' brother Henry Tom Everett Scott believes it might have been murder.

The animal breaks into Henry's mansion while he is on the phone with Sherlock; Sherlock deduces in time that the animal is actually a robot developed for the US Army and instructs Henry on how to save himself. The robot ends up falling into Henry's empty pool. The invention is traced to Stapleton Innovations. The CEO turns out to be the Baskervilles' sole surviving relative Roger; he stands to inherit a family trust if both Charles and Henry die.

However, he does not need the money; he offers to commit a felony, which would disqualify him from inheriting. Sherlock suspects an unknown illegitimate relative is behind it all. He gets Henry to "kill" Roger. When the relative, an employee at Stapleton Innovations, steps forward to claim the trust, she is shocked to see Roger very much alive. A comic book superhero impersonator who fights actual criminals is found dead.

This leads the investigation to the publisher and the creator's grandson, Al Baxter, who is the editor of that comic. Baxter constantly voices his dismay over the fact that his grandfather was screwed out of his rights in the s, irritating his co-workers. Baxter knew and supported the impersonator. Ironically, the impersonator was killed trying to stop Baxter from murdering his co-workers at a meeting at a restaurant with executives interested in making a movie about the superhero.

A survivalist doctor goes missing, leaving behind evidence that he was selling prescription drugs to dealers. When his body turns up, the investigation turns to the Keep, a deluxe shelter for wealthy survivalists. Sherlock exposes the Keep as a scam, determining that the victim attempted to cover his drug dealing by stealing the shelter's stock of medications, only to discover that they did not exist. The man's business partner, who helped him break into the shelter, killed him and framed the survivalists to keep their practice from going under.

Exiting a gym late at night, Phoebe Elliot spots a car she thinks is her ride share, but is shot and killed. Sherlock and Joan come across a selfie the victim took, which was later enlarged and sold as "art". The art gallery where the piece was exhibited was broken into, and several works were stolen, but not the selfie. However, Sherlock notices that the selfie has been replaced with another with some background details removed, details which seem to provide an alibi for a man imprisoned for the murder of Marissa Kagan.

Sherlock now suspects that Elliot was killed because she spotted the alteration. Kagan was having an affair with a married woman; when Kagan pressed her lover to get a divorce, she was killed by her lover's wife. The killer wanted to turn herself in, but her wife and Kagan's lover, Assistant District Attorney Christina Pullman, talked her out of it and proceeded to murder Elliot to cover up the first killing.

Sherlock and Joan are investigating an apparent carjacking gone wrong, with both the driver and the carjacker shot dead. However, many details do not fit that story; for example, the alleged carjacker was left-handed, but the gun ended up next to his right hand. It turns out the carjacker was actually a hitman hired by the driver's partner in a struggling business.

The partner was being pressured by the target to sell some seemingly worthless property. The partner, however, knew that it held rare "old-growth ginseng " worth tens of millions. The driver and the hitman decided instead to stage a phony murder so they could blackmail the partner. The driver's wife confronted him during the staged scene and killed both men because she found out her husband was planning to abandon her and start a new life in Tahiti.

When she shot her husband, the recoil knocked her hand back against the car door, dislodging the diamond from her ring. The diamond remained undetected amid the shattered window glass, until Sherlock figured out what happened. As Sherlock is reviewing known evidence which leads him to the conclusion that his assumption that Moriarty's organization would fall apart without her leadership has proven naive. Someone else has taken charge. Morland's office is bombed by the Russian hitman.

Not only is he the head of Moriarty's organization, he is also the father to her daughter. New evidence on the hitman surfaces, after which an angry Morland appears at the brownstone trying unsuccessfully to coerce Sherlock into giving up the name of the caretaker.

The Russian hitman is arrested, but does not share any useful information. Sherlock notices corrosion on his belt and a distinct smell, identifying what propellant was used in the bombing. This points the team to the upstate theft of a pesticide barrel and a missing person. Meanwhile, Vikner summons Sherlock to discuss a possible truce with Morland, but Sherlock informs him that Morland will only be satisfied with his death.

As the team prepares for an interview with the DA, the prisoner is assassinated in a murder-suicide by a rookie cop who turns out to be one of the psychopaths flagged in the DANTE survey. When Sherlock and Joan return home, they come face to face with a bomb identical to the first one. An IED hidden in a soccer ball kills a man; this is similar to a string of explosions from half a decade earlier. While Sherlock and Joan are briefed at the scene, Sherlock notices someone suspicious looking and chases him.

Sherlock is knocked down by a car, but the suspect leaves a hand print and is found in the system. It turns out he was in prison for vehicular manslaughter. Sherlock immediately likes him as the suspect, but some things do not add up. Joan asks Shinwell Johnson Nelsan Ellis , one of her last patients as a surgeon and also someone who was in the same prison as the suspect, for information. He points her to the suspect's best friend in prison. Eventually, this friend admits to being responsible for the earlier bombings.

Sherlock figures out that they were working together in a scheme to help the first suspect, a real estate developer, win a very valuable contract by targeting the neighborhood of a rival's site for a massive new entertainment center. Powerful gang leader Halcon Jon Huertas has Sherlock kidnapped and orders him to find out who killed the gang's favorite smuggler. Sherlock offers to do so in exchange for the identity of a drug dealer selling poisoned drugs.

Halcon instead has the dealer killed. The investigation reveals that the murderer was after a smuggled treasure thought to have been lost long ago, the Imperial Jade Seal of China , an artifact so valuable it was once traded for 15 cities. While examining the site of the auction for the seal, Sherlock notices two indentations on a metal rail under a garage door; they come from a custom, heavily armored luxury car. His company faces government fines that will ruin it.

Vachs won the auction, but did not have the money to pay for it, so he had the smuggler killed. He planned to give the seal back to the mainland Chinese in exchange for a concession on a recently discovered, very rich Chinese mineral deposit, worth billions. Sherlock has no real proof, but threatens to reveal his identity to Halcon unless he confesses to the police. Russell Cole is found pinned to a condo's wall, impaled by a poker. He was an investment analyst at the firm Barrett White Capital.

Sherlock deduces the killer took Cole's laptop. Cole's boss, Mitch Barrett, is shocked, as Cole was his "mad genius" whom Barrett left to work independently, as it always paid off. Joan deduces from a photo that Barrett's wife Laurie was having an affair with Cole. Laurie provided a secluded cabin near Bear Mountain where Cole worked on projects. Cole had written a controversial astronomy article about the identification of asteroids that are potential threats to human existence.

An asteroid's size is determined by the heat it emits, but the established method ignores what the asteroid is made of, which means those large enough to be dangerous may not be properly tracked. Sherlock and Joan initially investigate to see who would benefit from the components contractors' losses, but Cole's paper turns out to have been deceitful manipulation. Grant Huber, a congresswoman's science advisor and Cole's secret research partner, was a lobbyist for asteroid mining companies and was receiving secret payments to ensure that government decisions would benefit them.

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