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1. DJ Earworm - Party On The Floor (Intro) · 2. Taio Cruz feat Flo Rida - Hangover (CEO Edit) · 3. Dev feat Kanye West - In The Dark (Phase Edit). DJ SAINt repodcast playlist of On The Edge KNHC C FM Seattle. DJ at RadioBlackLight, Machine Werks (AKA Mercury), Oz, Bananas, Omni.

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tunnidge dark skies download torrent

Akira Kiteshi — Dark Optimus (для fele.torrentinogum.funt файлов необходима регистрация) NFiftyFive – bring on the night [Tunnidge remix]. Where is the evidence that anybody was shot that night? Fields/skies. Close up: Tunnidge Close up: .Archive photo of house. CU: .Ruins. Rusko threatens to share torrent links to his new album to spite Mad Decent. of Dubstep_1Xtra Dubstep Download mix Ras Kwame's Dubstep Archives_1Xtra. WHITE COLLAR SEASON 1 EPISODE 7 TORRENT Get your team text files that. Privacy practices may hour and minutes of the day at which the. Leverage Secure VPN telemetry to unlock deep endpoint visibility to manage their file within ACS phrase is counted and system.

As you can see, I have added tags. Tags are there just to help you out to find labels you haven't heard of. So, as a beginning of our wonderful musical journey, I present to you You've probably already heard of these guys. Medi has been pushing the boundaries of the sound for 5 years now, with releases from some of the biggest names out. Imminent releases can be previewed on thier website though so go check it out!

Pokes collaborating on some songs but not actually participating in the operation of the DMZ record label. They also host the bi-monthly DMZ nightclub in Brixton. Their sound is characterized by a lot of sub-bass frequencies and dub influences. British label, you can thank them for making dubstep what it is today, and producing artists such as Rusko, Caspa, and Emalkay.

If you've heard of FabricLive37, you know who to thank. Just let that sink in. A pretty influential label and recognized as one of the first dubstep labels. Another label that isn't afraid to push the boundaries of the sound, with the likes of Mount Kimbie, Joy Orbison and Boxcutter.

Burial was first released on Hyperdub and since then the label has kept releasing people that further the sound. A very varied label with sounds that can only be summed up as Hyperdub'y. Inji Gwohl Treeizzle who's also a moderator Niux And the worst part is these elitists are getting support and upvotes for being assholes to anyone who doesn't listen to every obscure artist they do and been listening to dubstep for as long as they have.

All the hate is literally coming from one side. Hope this sub burns to the ground. Today, I thought of a better way to classify dubstep in math class. I need your help filling it in further. I was handed a camera and a budget of nothing to make a video for an upcoming Bassnectar concert. What do y'all think? My dubstep track "Fresh" was used in a commercial for a fellow redditor's company!

All his songs are posted here, and he is one of the most popular EDM artists on Reddit. I sent the crew a question through bassnectar. Thanks in advance! Edit: Facebook link added Edit: alright guys, he's kind of looking like he might not do it. Keep sending messages attempting to change that! Not spam, just a lot of different people! I don't think he realizes the millions on this website!

I sent him a tweet asking if it was a for sure no, because then we would stop. But for now, full steam ahead!! Definitely worth a read. If you get to and don't shit your pants you can demand a refund of your upvote. Any questions you guys can come up with? Good guy Ephixa. Seeds MB of his own music on PirateBay just because he loves music.

There's honestly not much truly relevant content in here, far too many self posts repeating this same shit as another one two days ago "y do peeple h8 skrillex?!?! Rather than trying to force feed people "true dubstep" by posting links all day, I think if people get an idea of what the genre is really about, there might be a resulting positive trend in content quality. Whether or not it's ultimately futile, I'm going to try to start a series of educational posts about the genre in an effort to give this subreddit a bit of a comeback.

So anyways, here's the first one. Dubstep was an underground genre for nearly a decade before it really became popular in the last two years or so, and as a result, a lot of people aren't really familiar with its beginnings. It all really started with UK Garage, which came into existence in early 90s London.

Specifically, it was 2-step garage that laid the groundwork for dubstep. A lot of it can sound somewhat cheesy vocals especially if you're not really used to it, but give it a shot. It's groovy music with some nice bass as well. Eventually, a lot of producers started to release "dub mixes" on their releases along with the vocal mix. This is a tradition that was borrowed from dub reggae, which consisted of stripped down instrumentals of songs, most often with the bass playing a bigger role. Dubplates aka dubs in a broad sense, are acetate records.

Most of the time, the term dubplate specifically refers to when producers get an unreleased track cut to only just a few of these acetates, so DJs often the producers themselves can play them out. Unfortunately, in modern times, true dubplates are dying out for the sake of convenience; dubs and dubplates no longer exclusively refers to acetates, they can also just be CDs or even just MP3s.

Dubplates are very exclusive, and the reason behind this is that producers want people to hear the music in the proper environment: soundsystems that can rattle your chestplate, not shitty speakers at home. People have to come see the DJs live at clubs with proper soundsystems in order to hear the awesome dubs, and therefore they hear the music in the environment for which it was made. Dubplate culture and soundsystem culture go hand in hand.

Eventually late 90s, early s , dub mixes led to a darker form of garage pioneered by artists such as Wookie aka Exemen , El-B, Horsepower Productions, and the like. It was around this time that the signature wobble also started to emerge in some productions.

In , the name dubstep was born, although at the time, it was also known as "raggage". That same year, Tempa released Dubstep Allstars Vol. This release really established dubstep as it's own genre, and it featured artists like Skream, Benga, El-B, Horsepower Productions, Kode9, and Hatcha himself.

Feel free to ask questions, I'll try my best to answer all of them. Stay tuned for the next in the series, where I'll most likely be focusing on the era, including the rise of DMZ. I made a playlist of a shit ton of songs found in this subreddit. I went to the top links and got almost every song from the top 27 pages. I plan on constantly updating it as more songs are posted. Any help getting this to him would be greatly appreciated.

Back then, I wish I had someone to show me really great dubstep. My sister introduced me to Dubstep near the end of Thing is, I had to essentially discover my dubstep collection on my own, until I started going to shows. Now, it would have been really cool to have someone to introduce me to the genre and get me started. Therefore, I've decided to make this post Especially if your car starts to rattle.

I don't get it, but I love it! Perfect vibe! Bassnectar stuck around after the show tonight and took photos and autographs! Of course, if I want to know if a song is new or not, there's always google. How did Flux Pavilion think this picture looked like a good idea? Adventure Club dropped this sick remix of crave you about a month ago. Dirtiest drop I've ever heard live. I would be so happy if you gave it a go! Behold,"Mercenary Ships". My buddy Velcoff just finished his first EP "V".

Check it out! Its a banger. Thought y'all steppas would appreciate that my Secret Santa got me one of my favorite live sets of all time. What are your "God-Tier" dubstep jams? I'm talking about those upper echelon tracks that, in your eyes, are just on another level? I guess these three are the obvious ones slash you probably disagree with all of these, but no matter how many times i hear these guys, they always seem to stand out from the crowd.

Don't take this lightly. These are not your "flavor of the week" tunes. These are the Hall of Fame, game changers I'm talking about here, the ones you see yourself listening to once a month for the rest of your life. Alternatively, you can just add "? Edit: shouldn't have even said anything, my bad As i said, not hating, just thought it was worth noting.

Hey guys. If you listen to brostep, upvote this so that other brosteppers can get the fuck out of this hostile environment. If you hate brostep, upvote this so that those idiot brostepper can get the fuck out of this awesome place. The elitists in this subreddit downvote anyone who says they listen to Skrillex, so we need to just agree to disagree and part ways.

We got to the front and parked his wheelchair in front of the stage. Trolley Snatcha was about to go on and this heavy set couple tries to move my brother out of the way and cut his spot off. We block them off and they get an attitude "I don't give a fuck that he's in a wheelchair. We got to meet and talk to all the members of the group including Caspa, D1, and Subscape.

They're awesome, down to earth guys. Show was amazing too This was at Grand Central Miami and yes he had a blast! It's pretty amusing how one artist managed to rile up all 24, of us, but I guess it's less about him than it is the new wave of music.

Anyway, as you have seen, there have been more than enough topics bitching about the state of dubstep Please refrain from posting things that are not contributing to the content on here. I would say use your better judgement, but obviously that isn't working. We all come here to discover new and interesting music, and complaining about "hipsters" who, actually, probably care about this music more than you , or people who like music you don't like, is counter-productive.

In addition, if you don't like what's on the front page here, I suggest either A. In addition to that I strongly urge all of you to try and post things that you don't think everyone has heard hint: not UKF. Dubstep isn't about the latest "filthy video game theme song remix", it's about heavy basslines, atmosphere, and shit you can really nod your head to. I look forward to reading all the comments that skimmed my post and are going to call me a dirty hipster :P.

I don't expect much from dubstep in video games, but the original track used in the Hitman: Absolution launch trailer really surprised me. I am listening to a song on soundcloud and I want to fast forward a little bit, but there are like a million comments that keep popping up.

I know you can just click the little "don't display comments button" but I was just wondering if I was the only one who thought this was annoying. Not my video, but this show was in my local area. I couldn't make it, but I wish I did to witness BN spread the love.

He does it at I could literally feel my innards vibrating, like having a musical x-ray. Just dropped twice the face value for one these tickets! Cant wait to see 3 of my fav bands together. If I were subscribed to a metal subreddit, would I be doing it to listen to the latest metal songs, or your shitty garage band? I came here because I like dubstep but don't have time to scour the new releases for what's good, and I'm able to discover things I would otherwise miss out on.

I did not come here to demo your mostly terrible tracks. Cut this shit out. I'm 16 and I just got in to creating dubstep! Of all genres of done, Rock, pop, metal, dance, etc , dubstep is by far the most fun to make. Here's my creation :. Monstercat reaches k Subscribers, all songs available for you to name your price includes free. A kind fan by the name Bradley suggested that we post an AMA here! Seeing as we've been Redditors for a really long time now as is, we thought this was a sweet idea!

For those of you who don't know, we're an electronic act comprising of two members, Johnny Atar and Mark Emmanuel. That seems to be just about it as far as our background goes! Got sent this by a co-worker and nearly lost it.

Probably been on here before, yet still good During the Royal Wedding in the UK. We were encouraged to have street parties. This is how we roll in Southampton Poor quality but you get the idea. Why Does America Love Skrillex.. Don't be turned off by the "Guitar". Went to Starscape Festival this past weekend. Got to meet Christian Srigley from Adventure Club. Couldn't have been a nicer guy.

Probably the best show I've ever been too. I was front row too, but wasn't paying attention during the family photo :. I recorded the whole set, here's the MP3. For those that don't use Turntable. For those that do, you know what the rooms normally look like It seemed pretty popular, so hopefully they do more! I was one of the early listeners in the room and managed to start recording about 20ish minutes before Knife Party went up.

I'll try to get it on soundcloud tonight. If someone asked you "What is dubstep? Answer by playing me one song", what would you play them? I am just wondering what track people think symbolises everything that dubstep is. There are a lot of suggestions on here for new dubstep songs, but what for you is THE iconic dubstep track? DJs need to step their game up. Your help would be much appreciated to support a fellow dubstep producing redditor He has gained some decent attention for this, which the original producer did not!

If you would be so kind as to help then do so in your own way. Thank you! EDIT: Tango down Arkasia This guy is 18 years old. When he was 5 he was a violin prodigy. At 12 he wrote operas. He does this now. Pay attention, this guy is going to be huge! Finally submitted a song to some labels, let me know what you think. The most awesome videographer Death to Kids - Battlefield Original Mix i thought the first drop was sickk, didnt expect shat pants.

I just dropped this new track 1 minute ago and Reddit the first crowd to hear it. The T-Mass Remix. Let's hear your most melodic and beautiful music from the past couple years. They don't necessarily have to have female vocals, but those tend to be the most beautiful. If you are a fan of scantily clad Russian women and vocals, you might enjoy this remix as much as I did.

I'm chilling on my laptop and the speakers are terrible so I feel like I'm missing out on like half the experience. Free Download. Justin Bieber- "I'm experimenting. What's big right now are beats that are in the clubs, like dubstep. So I want to mess with that stuff, but also stay me. Some guy downloaded one of my mixes and played a 'live' set at some party consisting entirely of my mix and a couple loops over the top. Now it's up on his Soundcloud, he seems pretty proud of it. I'm a bit flattered I suppose, first time I've been plagiarized!

I don't know what you use for making your music but I bassically was DJing that night and for the first 20 minutes I was toying with some of your stuff I hardly ever DJ I am re-exporting it as a total track- i just never listened to it until I saw the massive amounts of listens and comments I am very sorry Didn't mean to do that to you- but let me know if its okay to release the mix I made that has your music in it I understand.

I was just trying to do something different that night and was ultimately careless about what i was doing on soundcloud. I am not a DJ usually I've been playing live electronic music for a long long time I do not DJ. This was an honest mistake and you can post everything I say but don't be selective.

Clear it up so I don't have MY network falling apart. That isn't fair. And if it makes you feel any better- you're ruining the reputation of a guy who has a physically disabling auto immune disease called Lupus. Don't know if you've heard of it- but it's hard for me to walk or even write with a pen. I am not some kind of asshole loser trying to steal your precious remixes. I am just a guy who was a fan but now that I've read what you've said I'm pretty turned off by your attitude.

I make mistakes like everyone else. I didn't mean to 'steal' anything from you. But I feel like I am being attacked and ultimately persecuted with only one side of the story- before I even had a chance to redeem myself. Ancient Intelligence stands for everything that was once known and is now being re discovered I respect you- but i dont respect what people have been saying about me based on your accusations.

You're a smart guy with a lot of talent I don't usually post 'sets' because i dont DJ and I usually dont record. I do play other peoples songs sometimes live just like you do and I don't think it's fair to bash me on that blog for your own personal gain. I told you straight up that I made a mistake- you might know how that works or you might not I'm not going to publicly bash you for bashing me I think the problem is all a mistake and misunderstanding and I take full responsibility.

I just posted the situation as I saw it because frankly, it was pretty funny. I've spent a lot of time, effort, and money to get my mixes where they're at, I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little bit put off by someone playing out parts or all of it as their live set. I hope you can see why. Even if you're adding stuff, even if was an innocent mistake, people at your show are going to have no idea and be crediting whats coming out of the speakers to you. I appreciate you putting my name in the tracklist, but the issue isn't about you using one of my tracks.

I don't have any problem whatsoever with you using my music or remixes in your sets, I would encourage it even, but playing a chunk of my mix as your own seems like bad form. I've shared what seemed to be a pretty ridiculous situation of some of my work getting ripped off, and lots of people feel strongly about that.

I had read through some of the comments on the track on soundclud. There were people complimenting the mix and you accepting the credit. I'm still not sure which part was an accident. That you didn't know you shouldn't use someone elses dj mix as your own? That seems like it should be common sense even to non djs. I'm sure it will blow over in a couple days. Take it as a valuable lesson. He claims that it was his first time djing. Vids deleted by him.

Some comedy going on in his replies to this. You're starting fires that are ultimately unnecessary and unprofessional. I refuse to fire back because I did make the mistake that caused it- but be a bigger man and don't use my name to promote your own shit shamelessly with as much shame as can be. And I have no publicity because my name is not on anything. I don't care about who you guys are or what you do.

It's too bad this came back to bite me in the ass. Saw the whole Circus crew last night in LA. It was a fucking blast. They had some "extra time" at the end so all five of them came out to do back-to-back mixing. It was insane! I'm almost done with my EP and I'm trying to get it signed What does dubsteppit think? Warning, flashing animation. This website is great for visuals at a party Although I never was a fan of the Skrillex style of hard punching, quick changing, all over the place bass and synth, I cannot even listen to a few seconds of any related artists without a massive yearning to listen to Minnesota to calm my dubstep soul.

Katy B which is, btw an amazing music video by MM, and California Dreaming by Minnesota and a few other of his remixes, but after the newest Altered States EP by Minnesota i decided to download his entire discography and am unequivocally blown away by every single damn song.

I just felt the need to tell someone. Must have listened to it times in the past two days The drop is so much dirtier when you have a solid bass playing; I'd suggest in the car or somewhere with a subwoofer! I was at a party this weekend, and someone played this nasty dubstep song with the deepest drop I've ever heard.

The song starts out and it's like someone's playing the harpsichord, and it kinda sounds like the theme to Inspector Gadget no it's not the inspector gadget remix by Chrispy , and then the very last part before the drop the sound changes and goes like C-D-E-F notes , and then it drops HARD and it goes so deep it makes my insides rumble. I couldn't find the guy who played it, does anyone know what song this might be?!?! EDIT: okay this is getting a lot more attention than I thought it would!

I'll post the song name sometime tomorrow or whenever I find out. It gets weirdly quiet at the end because I can't whistle drops very well. I lose more than I win when I post my own music, but I put a lot of time into this one. To me, most dubstep sounds good, but the real icing on the cake comes from the beautiful voices layered on top. Show me your best songs! Also, I'm looking for this one song, but the leads on it are slim, I heard it in a mix and didn't have the chance to identify it.

There is only one line of lyrics that I can recall, if anyone kinda sorta recognizes it that would be must appreciated :. You guys are awesome. Just wanted to congratulate 23 for being signed to Heavy Artillery Recordings. He's worked hard and it goes to show it can pay off! E 's Order 66 Remix Was played at the bar last night.

Had to share. I would just like to say I have a lot more respect to Feed Me after seeing him last night. He's a true virtuoso of his craft. He was the only artist I've seen this past year trust me I've seen a lot that stayed and gave back to his fans, autographing things. This is something more producers need to do. I just wanted to throw this out there. The man has my respect, both as a producer and a person.

I present to you Although it is my birthday, it is I who has a gift for you! And so here it is! Stay tuned while I provide more mirrors for. Now, I encourage you guys to upload this shit to The Pirate Bay, Rapidshare, wherever the hell you want. Thank you everyone for contributing, this really would not have been possible without you. To everyone who didn't make it in, don't sweat it, keep working on your shit and there will be more of these in the future.

Just out of interest, can anyone else not stand new dubstep tracks that just overuse effects and have really high pitched 'screechy' noises? In a lot of recent tracks I have found these to be 2 things which put me off a track instantly. The high pitched noises I just find uncomfortable to listen to and feel they bring nothing to a track that a lower pitched noise couldn't.

Also, I can't stand the new craze of putting every single fucking sound effect the producer can find on their PC into the chorus of a track, that really kills it for me too. Again, just feels like it brings nothing to the track. I'm not being a dubstep snob or anything, just wondering if anyone else thinks the same as me.

The problem is so much so that I rarely go to shows unless they are strictly old school where no squeaky noises are guaranteed. Please don't downvote if you disagree, come and discuss it, I just want to find if maybe I can learn to enjoy these noises as they are killing the genre for me just now. I play in a local band called Day Method. For those of you that aren't afraid to admit they like dubstep, we would very much like to hear your thoughts!

Trailer gets me pretty pumped!! This track is the definition of a phenomenal drop, the intro of the song was inspiring, then topped off with that kick ass drop. Feed Me - Blood Red. Flux Pavillion- Gold Dust. Last night in Houston. He put on an awesome show, and ended with this. TIL that Kode9 has a Ph. Please do not post topics such as "this is my first tune","please critique" or ask for feedback.

Also, please report any submissions that are against the criteria in the sidebar. Thank you for your time, please upvote this post so others see it, I get no karma. EDIT: You can still post your own tracks, just make sure you are posting it as if it were a polished, finished track.

Speaking as a producer, if you can't think of anything to add to a track, you should probably close it and do something else until you have any other ideas. Hey guys, I've been working on an album for half a year now and i released it today. It combines classical piano influences with dubstep and EDM to create a type of electronic music that very unique sounding.

I would love it if you guys could give it a listen. I'm entering the Halo 4 remix contest, and as a teaser of my remix, I recut some H4 footage to it. It actually looks like a TV spot for the game. Alright guys. A buddy just bought a huge new house stereo and we want to have a filthy dubstep dance party. Give me your filthiest, biggest drops and wubs! A friend of mine got me hooked on Metal, so I wanna return the favor.

I wanna get her hooked on dubstep. I already showed her a couple of songs, but I need a song that will seal the deal. Thanks, and all posts are appreciated. Over the past few weeks I've been seeing overwhelming posts of stuff from Mau5trap, as well as other artists that most definitely do not fit under the umbrella that is Dubstep. Why does this matter?

Because this subreddit is quickly moving away from what it once represented. So what is dubstep? Dubstep is a mix of 2-step and garage, with an overwhelming emphasis on bass. But it seems that in recent days dubstep has started to slack off, at least in terms of the stuff I like.

Are you saying that we have to listen to the artists you like? I'm simply saying that it doesn't belong here. We made specialized subreddits for those sorts of things for precisely this reason. I'm expecting a lot of flames and downvotes, but I think someone needed to say this. Dubstep didn't "evolve" to sound like electro. It's not a matter of opinion, it's a simple fact.

If this "electro" was 10bpm faster and half time, then sure it would be dubstep. I'm not trying to be an elitist, or telling you what you should listen to. I found one of my new favorite songs, this song was perfectly smooth and wild. Best and most chill dubstep tune i've heard in a while. Stephen Swartz - Bullet Train feat. Joni Fatora. Judge blocks Excision concert in Albany, NY based off of the concert turning the venue into "a massive nightclub".

I need your help Reddit. Please flag this, he is breaking my copyright by uploading my remix undir his own name. Rioters have burnt down a warehouse housing the facilities of many famous labels like Fabric, Warp and Ninjatune.. I'm a man a few words, so let's keep this short. Dubstep exploded over the last couple of years, I've never seen a music movement like this before.

And we get to be near the forefront of it, through brand new tunes, breaking news and the hottest rising artists. All posted by you guys. Thank you everyone, now let's go for 50k! Hey, I'm Buku! To celebrate hitting likes on facebook, I'm giving away all of my music for free. I had no idea what I was doing until more recently and definitely didn't know how essential 16 bar phrases are.

This isn't even a matter of brostep vs dubstep, this is just an inarguable case of this track not being either of the two. Sure, Flux Pavilion has made some "dubstep" tracks in the past, but that's irrelevant. Joy Orbison released dubstep tracks in the past, but that doesn't mean I'm going to post his techno tracks like Swims. Generally, if it has a four to the floor beat, it doesn't belong in this subreddit.

The down arrow is for comments that add nothing to the discussion. I don't mean to be judgemental. It just seems that most people on this subreddit hate on Skrillex, when I, personally, find his music very engaging. I've seen him categorized as a lower class of dubstep by some, but really he just has a unique sound. Do we want all dubstep to sound alike? Could someone enlighten me? You NEED to be there! Upvote and help me make it to the front page! Much love, and hope to see you all there!

Ticket prices will go up as more tickets get sold, so hurry! Get to the event early for your FREE copy! Constantly embracing innovation, we aim to use today's rapidly evolving networking technologies to connect the Fans to the Music more cohesively than ever imagined before; YOU are the Movement. Through this connection, we can bring the freshest, wildest, and best drops to the forefront of the Scene. A school auditorium rage ensued Hands down, best fuckin album Ive heard in awhile.

Dubstep that tries not to be dubstep by adding other elements. Give it a try, Misty is my fav track. It's my reddit birthday and my cat doesn't do anything cute that I can exploit for karma, so I present the tune that got me into Dubstep.

Can somebody please explain to me what brostep is? From what I hear people say, it's like really heavy dubstep or something. But I really don't know. Could you show me a link to a "brostep" song or something? How many of you have heard of Tristam, a friend of mine showed me him and now I can't stop listening. I 23 made a 40 minute dubstep mix for fellow redditor GoingQuantum's podcast!

Check it out and enjoy! Want to see a sold out show but don't want to pay the rediculous markups from sites like Stubhub? Or have extra tickets to unload? I really want to see it grow so people have a good chance at finding tickets to the shows they want to see.

Any support would be greatly appreciated! A full EP produced, mastered, and animated. Check out my friends' project :. Is there a sub-reddit for this sub-genre of dubstep? This sub-reddit is completely overshadowed by heavy wob wobs and cowbells.

It is time Our own compilation album from producers who are redditors redducers? Fuck you, i can have fun with titles. Anyway, this compilation was made possible from producers who frequent this subreddit, and the tunes were selected by YOU! Anyway x2, here are the download links. Feel free to upload to what.

Great tips, great compliments, great reddit. I would mostly like them not to use it on the ad anymore. The short version is there was a misunderstanding both on my part for what the song would be used for and on their part for reasons I shouldn't post and I am being paid for the royalties. Thanks for all words. I didn't expect you guys to rampage their youtube video like that o.

About 5 months ago I made a playlist on 8tracks with the top songs from this subreddit. I got lazy and didn't update it at all. So here, I have gone back from the past 5 months and got everything. Meltdown was so loud it was vibrating houses almost a mile away, and some who contacted WFAA said they lived up to four miles away.

Regarding post titles, or why nobody needs to know how old you are or how much attention something needs. Stating how old an artist is, or how long they have been producing for, or if it's their song or not does not contribute to the quality of the track. This subreddit doesn't need to be sold anything, just present the track, and if people like it then that's good.

If not, then you'll just have to work and try again. I believe most of us are here just to listen to awesome music and discover new artists. Sure some of us are in the wrong place from the start, but that does not make them worse people, maybe just unaware. Don't post about how old the producer is, what gender they are, or if they need attention.

It just seems attention-seeking, and that is not a positive quality. It also helps the layout look cleaner, and helps people find what they are looking for. I am fairly new to the genre but I am loving the vibe of dubstep, the slow drum riffs and the wub-wub-wub-wub bass lines are badass.

I don't really know very many good artists so I have come across a bunch of shit on youtube, so I'm looking for recommendations of dubstep songs that cover non-dubstep artists. I am mostly into metal and any kind of guitar driven music.

Thanks in advance for the suggestions, here is a cover track I really enjoyed. I think he's exactly right. Exe - Astrophobos v. Saturday, July 30, Setlist for 30 July Sunday, July 17, Playlist for July Extra long set. Many of these tracks can be found for free at www. Killa Sin. Sunday, July 10, Set list for 9-July! Foreign Beggars - Oh! Monday, July 4, time off etc. Took some time off to spend with my partner at the ocean and then had some server problems the next week so missed 2 weeks of shows.

Should be back and on the ball with a 6 hour show if not 7, on the 9th of July to make up for it though ;. A - Fuck tha Police. This is a repost of a lost show from Forgot to post this show Unter Null : C. District - Like A Human feat. Exe - Infinity Feat. Distain - The 6Th Floor feat. Preemptive Strike 0. Mix : amGod - The End Gvcci Hvcci - Ghetto Ass Witch feat.

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Northrop F Tigershark Dark Skies. During the s, a program was created to ensure that America's allies could face the Soviet Union's air threat. The ensuing FX At am on January 31, , Lieutenant Fred Abrams was abruptly awakened by the deafening sound of mortar shells bursting Dark Skies Various Artists - Topic.

Tove Lo How Long. Holy Molly Shot a friend. Europa plus. Harry Styles As It Was. Imagine Dragons Bones. Nessa Barrett Dying on the inside. Minelli Mmm. Dark skies losey dos. Tunnidge — Dark Skies. Kahtmayan — Dark Old Skies. Jack Wall — Dark Skies. Phrantic — Dark Skies. Intense — Dark Skies. Chikinki — Dark Skies V2. Makai — Dark Skies. Triarii — Dark Skies Over Europe. Angerfist — Into The Dark Skies. Menace II Society — into the dark skies.

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The uploader has no rights for this music, if anyone The Polikarpov I Dark Skies. Built in the s under the steel rule of Joseph Stalin, the small Polikarpov I was a revolutionary monoplane with one of the Tribe Tunnidge - Topic. The F-4 Phantom is often regarded as the deadliest fighter in Vietnam. This tandem two-seat, twin-engine, all-weather, long-range Dark Skies. The General Dynamics F Fighting Falcon has been one of the most popular fighter aircraft ever since it was first introduced in In , as the world lay covered by a veil of impending nuclear doom, the US military rushed to develop protective technology to The Reichsluftfahrtministerium was reportedly aghast when the bizarre configuration was submitted as a proposal in a design The Best Fighter Never Built?

Northrop F Tigershark Dark Skies. Nessa Barrett Dying on the inside. Minelli Mmm. Dark skies losey dos. Tunnidge — Dark Skies. Kahtmayan — Dark Old Skies. Jack Wall — Dark Skies. Phrantic — Dark Skies. Intense — Dark Skies. Chikinki — Dark Skies V2. Makai — Dark Skies. Triarii — Dark Skies Over Europe. Angerfist — Into The Dark Skies.

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