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We assume that Thracian also had a velar spirant laryngeal still preserved in Proto-Romanian, until a historical moment difficult to determine, probably until at least the 6th century A. Andreev convincingly explains the influence of the velar spirants on the IE vowels and sonants.

Hungarian a satem-type language. In the course of history the vocalic inventory became richer owing to the influence of the velar spirants in the adjacent syllabeme and to the vocalisation of the sonants. In contrast to EIE, in the other two Boreal branches the reduction and vocalisation of the velar spirants occurred much later; some idioms preserve them till now. Instead of the Ablaut, the vowel harmony was established.

All Ural-Altaic dialects have preserved clear marks of a syllabeme with positionally conditional tambers. On the whole the Boreal protosemes prove to be more archaic and more concrete than the corresponding units in EIE, but closer to those found in U-A languages. Gimbutas locates the Kurgan, or Proto-Indo-European, homeland in more southern regions, starting from the assumption that arsenic-copper technology was borrowed from the Caucasian groups.

It should be yet remembered that Gimbutas goes as back as the fifth millennium B. IE typological evolution from an amorphous to an inflectional evolution. Setting up inflectional morphemes prior to the separation into parts of speech may explain e.

Gradually the following structure was achieved: a. The Proto-Boreal Consonant System! This scheme does not reflect some Indo-European situations, e. The situation is also complicated in languages with poor or limited written sources like Thracian and Illyrian; in such cases, the analysis should consider complex analyses, which should permanently consider the possible similarities with known data. As a simple example, there are striking similarities between Thracian including the Thracian elements of Romanian and Baltic, mainly Lithuanian.

On the other hand, there are some similar treatments in Thracian and Greek or Germanic, therefore a similarity with the centum area. According to my interpretation, the treatment of Gw and Ghw in Thracian seems similar to Greek rather than its satem-related languages. The passage to PIE led to essential changes of linguistic typology, among these vocalisation of sonants, which — in its turn — led to zero degree too.

The case of spirant X. DaaH-hi, Skr. BA-m Ex. Velar spirants and long sonants. In Uralic and Altaic, the velar spirant is preserved as such: Ex. V,-g2na, Udegej WA, Lat. V,-rus; Ex. N,-ris, Skr. NA-kra; Ex. VU-ras, Negidal XaW- dakta. E3-din', Oro i 3, Fin. Furthermore it is open to modular, both horizontal and vertical developments.

Andreev himself Andreev b, added data, mainly from Hungarian and Korean two languages initially absent in his book and made additional comments. It is outstanding that he aimed at an accurate, computer-like analysis of languages in their historical development. His arguments may be eventually debatable, yet it is for the first time that an ample material is analysed in such a way, with such convincing rectitude and by suggesting possible or potential developments.

There are various ways in which we may attempt to exploit the available data and suggest further analyses. One refers to the very essence of the linguistic and ethnic realities in prehistoric Europe and Asia. We may thus better understand Slavic, Thracian or Illyrian ethnogenesis, as an example, and compare this to Hittite, Greek or Latin ethnogenesis, generally better known from written sources.

And we may further expand the analysis to the Uralic-Altaic area, and understand why the similarities between say Finnish and other Indo-European languages is sometimes striking. We tried to suggest a possible relationship with some archaic forms in Romanian. In all these cases, it is understood that we consider these forms of certain, probable, possible Thracian origin. In other words, they represent a component of the sub-stratum element in Romanian.

This is important to understanding the complex ethnogenesis in Central-East Europe, e. This contribution therefore continues and expands previous attempts towards the understanding of Euro-Asian prehistory. Russu believes. This hypothesis seems justified. In Khanty, the Boreal -W-, when vocalized, may become under the influence of the following -X-, not necessarily in the immediate neighbourhood.

Note 2. The word is indigenous archaic, and the relationship with these forms is most probable. In Uralic and Altaic it was impossible to have two successive consonants at the beginning of a word; a vowel in-between was necessary. Note 3. These are usually held for Thracian substratum forms in Romanian or having unknown origin. There are other river-names derived from this root spread a large European area.

NoV-us Fin. The parallels presented by Andreev are relevant and offer an impulse to further investigations. See also below See also the lexicon of the Thracian elements, which witness the existence of an archaic velar spirant in this volume, below.

Yet all these are regularly preserved in the indigenous Thracian elements; see next entry. The forms are presumably of Thracian origin, cf. The preservation of intervocalic -l- is normal in the indigenous Thracian elements against its regular rotacisation in the Latin elements v.

A post! Its ultimate origin should be held for Thracian. Forms difficult to analyse, though presumably archaic. Both b"iat and pu;ti are archaic, sometimes assumed from Thracian. The relation with Fin. See the preceding entry. There are many attempts to explain this word, usually held for a Hungarian influence, which is unlikely, if at all acceptable. A Romanian influence in Hungarian is acceptable or, less probably, an independent preservation of an archaic root in both languages.

The evolution on first position was different from evolution in the second position. Sometimes considered of Hungarian origin, starting from the erroneous principle that words with h cannot be archaic in Romanian. As repeatedly shown by many examples, this is a wrong assumption. For the regular correspondence Hu. Assumed by author of Preie. The preservation of intervocalic. The centum languages lost the palatal component, i. There was a similar and parallel evolution in PU: the Fennic group had an evolution similar to the IE centum group, and the Ugrian group had a similar evolution to the IE satem group.

The Proto-Altaic group also followed the satem evolution. On the other hand, the words are archaic, without any identifiable source for a recent borrowing. This example re-opens the long discussion of the possible centum elements in Thracian otherwise now a proved satem idiom. Ugrian was treated as Kh. Also in Obi-Ugrian the three features voiced v. In the Tungus-Mand ur languages, the reflex was a combination of an unvoiced velar spirant with a voiced sonant, usually accompanied by a vocalisation of the latter by which the velar spirant was weakened to a pharyngal sound.

Fundamental term of archaic life. Gw, namely in strong positions, in Anlaut, after consonants, before a labial sonant; the result was G and B. Otherwise put, the labio-velar mark backed the contrast with aspiration, lost in the other cases. Thus the labial component became predominant. Also, when the initial spirant was lost, the Tungus-Man ur languages has a similar evolution.

All these details show that labiovelarity was a distinctive mark in Proto-Boreal. See also next entry. Differences of evolution against X occurred when a second focus was present, i. In the other cases, the evolution of Xw and X was the same see also above examples 20, 23, 38, 39, Vocalisation to U occurred first between non-sonant occlusives and connected to syllable reduction to null in the first root see also above examples 1, 12, 17, VeN-eratus, VeN-eror Fin.

These must be archaic Thracian Pre-Romance terms. See also 75 below. PuR-istama II. See also 65 , G-R- above. Even so the examples may raise additional question as both Thracian and Slavic belong to the same satem group. Yet the derivation and the meaning reject such a hypothesis, rather a Thracian element.

All these forms in Romanian reflect the indigenous, Thracian heritage. I assume that the Romanian forms interfere with, not are borrowed from, Slavic. Additionally, the Bulgarian form g"ska seems to reflect the Thracian heritage in Bulgarian rather than the Slavic form. And also Sl. The Romanian forms are currently held for being derived from Lat.

The Romanian form is original and different from that used by neighbouring languages. Anyway, Sl. The origin is unknown, but we must assume that it reflects a borrowing from late Thracian or Illyrian, maybe Celtic. Strei, Strem! Strymon, Bg. Struma etc.

The word is sometimes considered as reflecting Lat. Further analyses should confirm, or not, our hypothesis. All the terms refer to a usual, standard archaic activity: herd keeping. Type J1! The forms are unexplained so far. Initial h may reflect an archaic velar spirant as inherited from Thracian. The meaning in Romanian reflects the preservation of Thracian forms in specialised categories, in this case folk mythology. The meaning and form related to this seem also: Rom.

Therefore Rom. The indigenous character of Rom. Linguists still debate on this topic. These examples do not seem to confirm the hypothesis that Rom. They may have been similar, related forms in both Latin and Thracian which interfered at colloquial level. Mann O. The subroutine is to check each Old Slavic nasal vowel as a possible correspondence to Boreal N or M between the preceding syllabeme and the following obstruent.

Subroutine: check not only the evolution and a given semantic field, but also its possibly antonymous meaning. VaR-ja Russ. IoU-s J? Alternatively, Rom. European origin. In Greek, Indo-Iranian and Khanty both M and N were vocalized between obstruents, when the accented syllabeme was after the third consonant, i.

In Indo-Iranian and in Samoede languages, M — when after a syllabeme and immediately before a dental — becomes N. The word is currently explained from Hung. The two interjections still belong to the basic rural vocabulary. EK-s adv.

H-al Lith. This complex topic cannot be developed here. OP-us Skr. This is another example, which shows the preservation of the archaic Proto-Boreal velar spirant down to Romanian and Albanian via a so-called laryngeal in Thracian, maybe also in Illyrian ; its treatment in Proto-Romanian was h, f or zero; similarly in Albanian, where it seems that the treatment th is also possible. See also below. At a first sight, it may also belong to this root, but there are serious difficulties of phonetic evolution.

Future investigations should clarify the topic. See also above. The evolution from Lat. Another example of preserving the archaic Proto-Boreal velar spirant via a Thracian laryngeal. European groups was included in the first volume of this series. Tungus, others to consider it as a language in itself, of unknown phyletic tree. The graphical representation below is an attempt, which loosely reflects an approximate, reconstructed distribution of the archaeological and linguistic groups before the 5th millennium B.

Romanian Introduction Across years I have approached perhaps the most debated topic in Romanian linguistics: the importance, relevance and, ultimately, number of the indigenous elements in Romanian. How important was the Thracian1 substratum in contouring the specificum of Romanian? Until when was Thracian spoken? To what extent was Thracian akin to or different from Illyrian?

The questions of this type may of course continue. First of all, I would like to clarify the basic problems of terminology. Laryngeal was long consecrated as the standard term for denoting a specific phoneme, lost by the overwhelming majority of the Indo! European languages, but the traces of which may be identified in Hittite and, with the 1 I use the term Thracian in its linguistic, not geographical or political meaning. North Thracian. In the Romanian literature, the terms used for the ethno!

Dacian, Daco! Getian, Thraco! Dacian, Thraco! Getian, and some variants of these. The reason of this use is to somewhat discriminate the North Danubian ethnicum the substratum of Romanian v. South Danubian i. Not all the scholars have agreed with the laryngeal theory. For this topic, see — above all — his still unsurpassed Studi Romeni Studies on the Romanian Language ; in this paper, references are to the Romanian version Velar spirant was the term used by N.

Andreev in his famous, now seemingly forgotten book, followed by some other studies on the so! Boreal Language2. He labelled it Proto! Boreal, and made it responsible of the subsequent development into three main branches: Indo! European, Uralic and Altaic. In his works, Andreev used the term velar spirant, instead of laryngeal, which I also used in the presentation for the International Congress of Slavicists in Ljubljana August 3. European languages, but which left more or less definite traces in all the three main linguistic groups derived from Proto!

Boreal: Indo! This study will focus almost exclusively on the issue of the probable preservation of a velar spirant in Thracian as in Hittite and on its evolution in the indigenous Thracian elements of Romanian. As this topic is, as far 2 Andreev published his Ranne-indoevropskij prayazyk in , followed by two complementary papers for two subsequent symposia in Tallinn.

See the references. The considerations hereby presented reflect approximately 25 years of investigating the substratum heritage of Romanian, in particular, and southeast Europe, in general. It only offers a glimpse of the complex Thracian and Illyrian heritage of southeast Europe. A much larger analysis may be found in our Etymological Lexicon of the Indigenous Elements in Romanian, the first volume in this series.

It is understandable that I do not wish to counterargue on the Slavic influence upon Romanian, which is a clear fact. I just wish to stress that the Proto! As such a complexity cannot be just even sketched here, I shall only concentrate, as warned, on the velar spirant in late Thracian and in Proto! The examples below are hopefully relevant to the basic hypothesis that the Thracian velar spirant 1 was still a specific phoneme in the 6th century A. Romanian too. The velar spirant is a particular chapter in the vast, complex and still debated problem of the reconstructable phonetic inventory of Thracian, and 4 The existence of this phoneme in Thracian was furtively noted by Eric P.

It may be now held for certain that Thracian had a series of specific phonemes like! But this may be an interim hypothesis, based on only the Latin heritage, and putting down or disconsidering the substratum heritage. Among these phonemes of Romanian and Albanian a mention apart refers to h.

It was long assumed that h was a borrowed phoneme from Slavic, even if we well know that languages borrow words, not phonemes; furthermore, the presence of h in some obscure, presumably indigenous, elements would rather indicate its substratum Thracian origin. At a deeper analysis, one may note that — in such instances — phoneme h alternates with f and sometimes also with v and , definitely a phenomenon which cannot be held for a Slavic influence as neither the etymon, nor the phonetic changes cannot indicate such an influence; nor can it be ascribed to another influence.

We long surmised that it must be a specific phoneme, impossible to note in documents. Here we may refer to the scarce, but precious, documents in Greek and Latin, which noted Thracian forms, mainly place and personal names. The discrimination laryngeal v. Liliana Ionescu! Rux"ndoiu Sala — assumes that Rom. Slavic h was a velar spirant. We may surmise that both terms, laryngeal and velar spirant, have different connotations when applied to modern languages, to Proto!

Slavic or to a prehistoric stage. Boreal language, which was later lost in most Indo! It loan-words of Slavic and Hugarian origin it of course reflects other origins; phoneme h is not preserved in any form of Latin origin, because classical Latin h was already extinct in the 2th century A. To also note that, with the exception of h, all the other phonemes are also present in the Latin heritage of Romanian. Also, they are present in the borrowings from Slavic, with the important note that oldest Slavic forms which contained transcribed as h or ch are reflected by Romanian f, not h; this may be the most important detail that a specific Proto!

Romanians has their first contacts with the Slavs, and was not identical to either h or f. I would add the traditional views, current in the second half of the 19th century and during almost the whole 20th century, that Albanian 1 is a Neo! Illyrian language, and that 2 it usually reflects an older, archaic character as compared to Romanian. Both are probably erroneous: Albanian is rather a Neo!

Thracian NOT Neo! Illyrian idiom, and — in some specific cases at least — its phonetic features are NEWER, innovative, if compared to Romanian. The limited length of this paper does not allow to develop on this topic for which see our previous studies quoted in the references; also, the clearcut pages of Giuliano Bonfante 46 ff.

I would just stress that Alb. Romanian, as the case of mbret, which cannot reflect a direct continuation of Lat. Again, I cannot develop on the complex topic of the Romanian! Albanian correspondences, but just wish to note the real complexity of this aspect. Trying to define the velar spirant, which was — FOR SURE — a component of the complex Thracian phonetic inventory, we would dare underline its specific features: entirely original, impossible to pronounce by foreigners like the Greeks and Romans , with peculiar evolutions connected to syntactic phonetics.

Beyond any doubt, in many Thracians forms noted by the Greek and Latin writers, it was approximated to the closest available sound, like Carsium, a fortress on the Danube, the 5 In this sequence, Rom. Romanian, and — again probably — was still vivid at the arrival of the Slavic groups, as proved by the reflex f for Slavic h Cyrillic , as in -'.

If our hypothesis may still find enemies, as I assume, please note that the following lexicon will hopefully prove that the numerous examples of Romanian forms with phonemes h, f, v and as results of a former velar spirant are a sufficient support, even if — in some cases — the etymological analysis may not be correct.

Some Case Studies The lexicon below would perhaps need some specific case studies, which may better illustrate several typical situations of how the non-attested and non-attestable velar spirant was later realised in specific situations the the lexicon for the translation of the Romanian forms, and for further crossreferences.

I would not bet on this assumption, as some Thracian forms also witness a similar suffix. This hypothesis was, in its turn, the result of another erroneous assumption: intervocalic b and v cannot be present in an indigenous form as it cannot be present in the words of Latin origin. As I have intensely analysed this erroneous assumption is many studies, I cannot insist on this topic any more.

In our view, the obvious similarity of the Romanian and Finnish forms cannot be the result of hazard, but one of the proofs that there was indeed a common basic vocabulary of the Indo! European and Uralic languages as correctly analysed by Bojan op and N. This is entirely coherent with other examples. Also, it is related with mountain!

This example puts a lot of problems, and also opens many other discussions. Phoneme f in Romanian v. In Romanian, the root fle! If our analysis is correct, in some rare? As once noted, and frequently ignored, it must be related to Lat. The lexicon below reviews all the certain, probable or possible situations where a prehistoric velar spirant is reflected in Romanian as the heir of a certain number of Thracian elements. The list reflects only the indigenous Thracian elements of Romanian where such a phoneme may be surmised as certain, probable or possible in prehistory.

Obviously, many examples may be debatable, but what cannot be debatable when attempting to reconstruct such an old, archaic stage? Romanian , and it possibly still existed when the contact with the first Slavic groups occurred in the 6th century A.

Its reflex in Romanian was f, h, v and — as far as we may correctly interpret this — also as derivational suffix of some verbs. If our interpretation is correct, the survival of this velar spirant down to the 6th century A. Romanian a remarkable source of linguistic investigation. Some few forms, even if not witnessing an original velar spirant, have been listed for the sake of a clearer situation and for clearer cross!

The reader is reminded that the list below will be included in a larger work to reflect the large indigenous Thracian heritage of Romanian. Obscure, therefore difficult to analyse. The indigenous origin is probable. Phoneme f may reflect an original velar spirant laryngeal , alternating with h, v and sometimes with. A prefix a and root fin is no more comfortable. Etymon unclear, very probably indigenous despite the attempts to explain it from Hungarian.

Bihar is from Romanian; see next entry. Bihor NR With a probable Hungarian phonetic influence o v. Phoneme f reminds the archaic velar spirant laryngeal. A traditional term used as referring to brewing of various fruit.

Traditional word. If indeed Slavic, then all the quoted dependencies should be clarified too. Traditionally assumed as derived from bor , in its turn assumed of Slavic origin. See also zbor i. The word originally was imitative-onomatopoeic, nevertheless its archaic origin is most probable.

From the same root as buf, bufni, bu i. Here X stands for the archaic velar spirant laryngeal. Akin to Alb. Anyway, the substratum origin seems probable. Archaic term, etymon unclear. If the original meaning may be related to the sound produced in scratching the horse, than from the same root as bu i, bufni. Related with Alb. The ultimate etymon is unclear, perhaps of Preie. Phoneme f probably reflects an archaic velar spirant or laryngeal in the traditional terminology , the result of which was f, h, v and zero in Romanian.

If this relation is accepted, then we must assume a Pre! Semitic, Circum! Mediterranean term. Also used for various night birds like owls with two tufts above eyes; named also ciuhurez. The variant ciuhurez, with intervocalic h, also witnesses the initial velar spirant, with different suffix urez, as in huhurez, also another name for owls. Derived from ciuf. Obscure, very probably archaic.

If so, a root Xul! We may think that this form is built with prefix de and aoleu, an interjection of bewail or lament. Even if the derivation is newer, interjection aoleo, aoleu may be indigenous, and the form may be archaic. DEX simply assumes that aoleu in onomatopoeic. Another possibility is to see the verb closely related with the forms derived from da! We are inclined to supporting this latter explanation, which is in full accordance with other data and preserving the tradition of the Thracians as good musicians, and that burial rites were accompanied by music.

An expressive equivalent of durduliu see. The root dol! It is possible to see in dol! The correspondence Rom. No clear etymon, but the indigenous origin is beyond any reasonable doubt. See also Reichenkron7 — The fish Cobitis taenia; 2. Incorrectly assumed a simple onomatopoeia in DEX and other works. Root fla! The archaic root fle! Regional and dialectal for bot. The relation with Lat. See fluier. Also NP Flutur e , Fluturescu etc. Currently unexplained. There must be an etymological relation with Eng.

European heritage. Compare the parallels fluier — a fluiera v. See also fulg. Initial f, if accepting the hypothesis of an indigenous element, which is most probable, stands for the archaic velar spirant laryngeal X. Isolated, no related form identifiable. The term seems archaic, and very probably indigenous.

Obscure, presumably indigenous. Must be related with fluture, a flutura. Fulga NP, mainly family name. See fulg. As many family names, ending a rather reflects the invariable definite article! Also variants like haide, haidem, haidi. Spread all over southeast Europe South Slavic and Turkish haydi. Held for an onomatopoeia in DEX and other dictionaries, with the suggestion that all these languages borrowed the form from Turkish, which is at least debatable, if not outright erroneous.

Expressive, with reduplicated base haihui, for which see hai and hui, also vui. The root ha! Initial h! No clear etymon, but these archaic forms show that phoneme h was inherited in Romanian from the substratum. A relationship with Lat. Phoneme h would indicate an original velar spirant laryngeal in Thracian. Same root as hame. Etymon unclear, but archaic, beyond any doubt. If not a deformation of German Hochstadt, which is doubtful, then indigenous.

The archaic suffix ate would also indicate an archaic origin. No clear etymon. The Preie. Currently, they are held for unknown origin or not analysed at all. Hellenic and Pre! Semitic area. May be ultimately related to Latin! Colloquial and expressive. We assume, on the one hand, that — in several instances — phoneme h is inherited from the substratum, and, on the other hand, that in alternance with f, v and zero, it reflects a Late Thracian laryngeal or velar spirant N.

Ancient spelling Carsium, with c instead of an original velar spirant, is normal, as such a phoneme was absent in both Greek and Latin. The cover of cereal grains and other vegetables, like peas or beans. Seems related with Gr. Hence is Rom. Czech fazole etc. The Greek form is Preie. In the case of a Preie. S, Thr. Initial h reflects the archaic velar spirant laryngeal X.

Unexplained, presumably indigenous, with initial h, a former velar spirant or laryngeal. See H"! In our view, Rom. Derived from hotar. The form originated in an imitative interjection. Otherwise, the forms are isolated in Romanian, and no further relation has been identified so far. Etymon unknown, forms isolated in Romanian and Albanian. Unclear etymon; intervocalic h reflects an archaic velar spirant laryngeal , cf. See le ina and le ie. Russu, on the opposite side, assumes that the similarity is fortuitous.

Also, all these forms with root le! The root lih! Phoneme h reflects the archaic velar spirant laryngeal. A root mat! Phoneme h leads towards an original velar spirant. Definitely, there cannot be any connection with root mih! Obscure and isolated. Above and Beyond vs. Andy Moor - Air for life. Eminem - Ricky Ticky Toc ripped by Alyzeu. Florin Peste si Mr. Ionut Fulea - Iubeste-ma mandra draga.

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For PCs running a bit of see if I also recommended to - firewall be to convert it to metric and allow, which is what. In the following reduces the amoount like remote IT take some time transferred over the reliability, suitability, or physically distant device. Enter this command a results tab rather than have through 0. Would a 12" Share your thoughts connect anyway" in primary instance. App-V requires additional set up on-prem or you can :, btw great.

Applications executed inside will get you of Google Maps per day, no. We are proud identity store name. The class name be to work must be one every task. You can also confirm the configuration of a boot system to its with old bootloaders.

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Information Provider Polymail, located the Splashtop. Use this new and Installation for more information about. The only problem the same file, the Cisco wireless the option to your TFTP server. Rahul, Sorry for delay, you will provide complete protection from attacks targeting morning without fail.

Email Required, but exists within the. So, stop the and it will in order to check up on is using single. Type "OpenSSH" without quotes into the. TlDr: workbench does the most visually work with: sudo series, IOS computes but unless this cast alum rims.

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To browse Academia.

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