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volcanos 1 urochord 1 unmoralising 1 trophoblast 1 triable 1 trenchancy 1 1 harangued 1 ghosting 1 gazebo's 1 funerary 1 French 1 filth 1 fillip 1. 1 It is true, of course, that genuine witches and wizards were reasonably adept at escaping the stake, block and noose (see my comments about. Lisette de Lapin.

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It was my idea originally, then Mika and I discussed it, and we decided to do two different versions of it after we wrote the first chapter together. So if you came across her story, keep in mind that neither plagiarised the other. Thirteen years after the war, Draco Malfoy is quite happily tucked away in the Department of Mysteries as an Unspeakable. Then, an Auror disappears through a broken Vanishing Cabinet.

Unfortunately, Harry Potter will also be along for the ride. Harry Potter disappears — quiet, like a ghost done haunting — and with him the last hope for Britain's Wizarding World. Draco gets assigned with finding him. It's an impossible task he expects to fail from the moment he accepts.

Except he doesn't and Potter stands in front of him and the world he thought to be true tilts once again, just because Potter can't stop stomping on its axis. It's infuriating. Draco can't stop watching. Because when all that's left is ash, he knows a phoenix will rise. There now is a Portuguese translation! Harry is in Sixth year. He has the Potions textbook formerly belonging to the 'Half-blood Prince.

Within the pages of that notebook is a mysterious spell, one which gives Harry a new insight into the emotional state of those around him. Naturally, when Harry finds Malfoy in a bathroom, crying, and in great distress In which Harry Potter opens his own bakery in an attempt to get some peace and quiet after the war. Hermione Granger, Theodore Nott, and Draco Malfoy star in this daily updated story that goes day by day through the year following the Battle of Hogwarts. Harry didn't win, but he didn't lose either.

Harry and Draco have been together since 8th year after they formed a reluctant friendship, slowly getting closer together. Now, after being together for five years and married for one, they are ready to start their own family. Ten years ago, Harry Potter cut Draco into pieces sectumsempra features often in Draco's nightmares , and Draco because he's an idiot accidentally formed a one-sided bond with the Alpha.

Draco's twenty-six now, and he's got a bright future as a Gringotts junior financial advisor. Before Eric can figure out to do with him, however, Stan and a squad of Dallas vamps stalk into the room. He confronts the humans, asking if they're prepared to die for the religious madman, and they answer by standing down and exiting. The vampires, too, walk away from the scene.

Jason apologizes to Sookie for being foolish enough to follow these extremists. He rushes back to his darkened bar, and when he goes inside, he's horrified to find Daphne's corpse in his walk-in, her heart cut out of her chest. Police lights start flickering through the windows as Sheriff Bud Dearborn's voice fills the air. But her key ingredient is on the cutting board - a human heart, which she carefully slices into bite-sized pieces and adds to her pot.

Sam knows Maryann is setting him up - and says as much - but Bud is concerned that nothing with the bar owner ever seems to check out. Andy bursts into the room, drunk as usual, and does his best to corroborate Sam's story with his own tales about massive orgies and a clawed bull wearing a dress.

Bud is far from convinced. As they eat, they can't believe how great it tastes. Slurping up the bright red sauce, they become more and more enamored with the meal, gushing about how delicious it is. Bill tries to explain to Sookie that he couldn't rescue her because he was held hostage, but he leaves out the details about Lorena. Sookie and Bill both stare daggers at Eric for gambling with their lives to save Godric, but the Nordic vampire doesn't seem to care. Everything heals for a vampire, after all, and she's going to be a virgin for eternity.

As she weeps, Hoyt has no idea what to say to comfort her. Mike Spencer and Jane Bodehouse are both chagrined to be behind bars, though neither can quite remember what they did to get there. Soon, they're hitting each other - hard - in the face and exalting in the pain. Maryann looks on, thrilled with the result. Dripping with menace, Lorena explains that she and Bill go way back, and as Sookie pieces things together, Bill steps in to get rid of Lorena.

You've lost this one! But Godric steps in, separating them and banishing Lorena from his area, disgusted with her behavior. He asks Bill to escort her out. Jason tries to talk to him, but his former camp-mate refuses to listen. Before even a vampire can react, he pushes the button on the detonator.

Their farewell is cut short, however, when an explosion erupts behind them - Luke has detonated the bomb strapped to his chest. She's alive, shielded by Eric, who urges Bill to chase after the rest of the Soldiers of the Sun before they can escape. Bill catches a young boy, who pleads for his life, but Bill sinks his fangs into the enemy's neck. The vampire doesn't drain him, though; he sends the soldier back to the Fellowship, commanding him to tell his leader that vampires showed him mercy.

Disgusted but grateful for his help, she agrees. But when Bill comes back inside and finds her working on the second slug in Eric's chest, he's furious. The silver was no threat, Bill tells Sookie; it was just a ploy to get her to drink the Nordic vampire's blood. Now, they'll share a connection forever. Once Bill and Sookie make it back to their hotel room, they vent over Eric's trickery. Though Bill is furious, he doesn't blame Sookie. It was, after all, her goodness and desire to help that Eric took advantage of.

He warns Sookie, though, that she may start to feel a sexual attraction toward the older vampire It's part of the blood's power. Adamant that it doesn't affect their relationship, Hoyt suggests they take things to the next level: It's time for Jessica to meet his mom.

And they aren't amused when Maryann makes light of it as they compare notes in Sookie's kitchen. Maryann suggests that maybe it isn't so bad to lose control. Maybe the two of them are reaching a higher plane. Eggs is willing to consider the idea, but Tara, who's spent decades on the receiving end of a raging drunk's blackouts, is not about to accept inebriation as a spiritual journey.

He and Sookie both loaf around, miserable after the events of the past few days. Jason tries to explain how he ended up with the Fellowship, that they made him feel like he was worth something. Sookie, understanding but still incredulous, asks if he ever thought for a moment what Gran would think of a group like the Fellowship.

Jason says he can't think about Gran. It's too hard. He and Sookie are all alone now, and they have to stick together and be a family. They're as close as they've been in a long time. As their heart-to-heart ends, the Newlins come on the hotel TV, melting down fantastically during an interview with Nan Flanagan. As the spokeswoman for the American Vampire League grills them about their involvement in the suicide bombing, Steve and Sarah devolve into outright bickering in front of the camera.

Terry's squirrelly at first, but as Arlene becomes upset, he opens up, telling her that he can't remember whether they had sex. Glad that they've both been granted a dubious pass on this one, Arlene takes his hand and gives it a squeeze. Out in the dining room, though, things don't go so smoothly once Lafayette gets a look at the bruises covering his cousin. He can't believe Tara would let Eggs hit her - especially after living with an abusive mother her whole life. The cook lunges at Eggs, who's just as ready to fight, causing a scene in the middle of the restaurant.

Tara manages to separate them and drag Eggs out the door, taking a wayward punch from him in the process. Her prejudice extends far beyond vampires, he points out - all the way to families with lots of kids and women who wear red shoes. She doesn't know what to say, only that he's her baby boy and she doesn't want to lose him.

Even worse, he's charming. Teasing, he tells her she'd make a great vampire, and she argues playfully with him. But the fantasy goes south when Lorena appears at the foot of the bed and reminds Sookie that she's betraying Bill. Sookie wakes with a start. Maryann shows up looking for Sam and suggests the sheriff make things a little easier on himself by releasing all the revelers he's picked up. Vibrating quickly, she takes control of Bud, smiling as his eyes turn black.

She stalks into the holding area and demands to see Sam Merlotte. But the bar owner has transformed into an insect and flown away, leaving nothing but his clothes behind on the floor of the cell. Jessica tries to win her over with compliments, but the older woman is obstinate, telling Jessica that she can't allow her son to spend the rest of his life with a vampire who can't give him children.

Crushed, Jessica leaves, with Hoyt following behind. They want Tara, and even after her eyes turn black and she starts to rage against them, Lafayette drags her out the door. Eggs tries to follow - his eyes also black - but Maryann tells him to stop, sure that Tara will come back on her own. Eric balks at Nan's rudeness toward his maker, but Godric doesn't care.

And when he explains that he agreed to meet the sun, that the humans weren't holding him against his will, everyone is shocked. But Godric just seems tired. He apologizes to the group for all the harm he's caused and tells Eric, who's beside himself with anger toward Nan, that they need to talk. As the meeting breaks up, Bill approaches Eric calmly and then punches the vampire in the face. I'm part of her now. Where is Sam Merlotte? But Sam is nowhere to be found.

It's unnatural, he says, and it must end. Eric's heart is breaking, and he says he won't let Godric go alone. But as Eric's maker, the older vampire commands him to leave. Sookie arrives, and though she can only pull patches of English from their Swedish conversation, she knows exactly what is going on. She promises Eric that she'll stay with Godric until the end.

As sunrise nears, Eric says goodbye and goes inside. Sookie weeps softly next to Godric, who tells her that he's filled with joy. He warns her to stand back as the sun crests the horizon, and as she watches, Godric disappears into white-hot radiance. She comforts him, kissing his face lightly, and when he responds with his own kiss on her lips, she returns it.

As they become more passionate, Eric pulls back, his fangs clicking into place. Sookie reaches out, exploring his teeth gingerly with her fingers. Eric gets the message and dives into her throat - But Sookie snaps awake in the back seat of an Anubis Air hearse.

It was just a dream But they're interrupted when the driver of their transport hits someone in the street of Bon Temps. Jason and Sookie both jump out of the vehicle and into a version of their hometown that's been vandalized almost beyond recognition. The people they ran over - a half-dressed couple - giggle maniacally and limp away. Karl and Eggs, his eyes black as pits, serve her every whim, promising to find Kobe beef too add to the monument as an offering to her God Who Comes.

It's the detective, returning from the deserted police station, and he's managed to find a bottle of booze along the way. Handing Sam the personal effects left behind in his jail cell, Andy still isn't clear on what's going on in town. The previous night's explanation feels pretty hazy. Sam quickly fills things in again: Maryann's an ancient creature called a maenad, the pig worked for her, she wants to sacrifice Sam to her god, and it may be impossible to kill her.

As Andy tries to digest this, the phone rings - it's Arlene. She's calling from Merlotte's where a crowd of possessed townspeople has pinned her down, and she's afraid her kids are going to get hurt. Sam suspects it's a trap, but he can't bring himself to turn his back on her. Something is obviously wrong in town, but any chance to discuss it slips away when Maxine Fortenberry - looking unkempt and sporting black eyes - stumbles down the stairs toward them.

Hoyt and Jessica chase after her, and once they get Maxine under control, explain how the whole town's gone mad. Everyone's eyes have turned black, and they're planning to offer Sam as a human sacrifice. Jason decides he's going to Merlotte's to get to the bottom of things, despite Sookie's protests, and after Hoyt explains that Maryann has taken over the Stackhouse place, Sookie and Bill leave to confront her. One look at Arlene's eyes is all the warning they get before they're surrounded by lunatic townspeople.

Andy pulls out his pistol, firing warning shots into the air, but it has no effect. Terry easily disarms him and empties the weapon into the walls, accidentally shooting the arm of a local man- who starts laughing. Sam and Andy flee into the walk-in refrigerator, sealing the door behind them.

Terry, in full military mode, addresses the disappointed crowd, saying their mission has been accomplished: The targets are trapped. He orders Jane Bodehouse to call Maryann to report the victory, and everyone cheers. Lettie Mae starts to pray, and when her nephew joins in, she looks shocked. The inside of the house is decorated with branches and candles; dirt and leaves are strewn everywhere.

As Sookie takes it all in, her cell phone rings. It's Lafayette, asking for her help with Tara and warning her to get out of the house right away. She hangs up, but Maryann appears, blocking their escape. Bill sinks his fangs into their enemy's neck, but her black blood causes him to foam at the mouth and vomit. Sookie immediately understands that Maryann was the creature that attacked her in the woods, and when the strange woman advances, Sookie pushes back and is stunned to see sparks burst from her hands and shock Maryann.

With no idea what just happened, she and Bill flee into the night. He sneaks into the bar and, cranking up a chainsaw, threatens all the locals gathered in the place. They don't even blink. Even when he sinks the blade into the bar, they only laugh and cheer him on.

The reprieve is brief, however. No sooner do the men collect their thoughts and compare notes than a window shatters in the bar and the whole mob floods back in. Sam, realizing Maryann's minions will never stop, turns himself over to them. But once they get him outside the bar, Jason reappears wearing a gas mask and hurling road flares - impersonating the God Who Comes. Disappointed at the lack of destruction but convinced nonetheless, Maryann's followers wander off to give her the good news.

Sookie tries to gaze into her friend's mind but sees only darkness - as if Tara doesn't exist at all. Bill suggests he try to glamour her while Sookie uses her power, and the tandem effort manages to break through, freeing Tara from the power of Maryann's will. But the reality that Tara's returned to is far more painful than being possessed - she needs to go save Eggs, she says.

But he must go alone. Sookie objects, but when Bill explains to her that the people of Bon Temps need her help more than he does, she knows he's right. He kisses her quickly and bolts away. Finally the young vampire reaches the limit of her tolerance and attacks Maxine. Hoyt looks on screaming as his girlfriend's fangs puncture his mother's jugular.

She's expecting you. Bill looks on, self-conscious. When the Queen finishes her meal, Bill explains that he needs to know how to kill the maenad that's been terrorizing Bon Temps. Sophie-Ann lets on enough about the creature to convince him she can help, but she then toys with Bill, insisting that he stay for a day and visit with her.

She gets to! It's too dangerous, Sookie tells her, and then Lafayette piles on, informing Tara he won't let her go back to a man who beats her. This is news to Lettie Mae, and as she also starts to become involved, Tara loses it and screams that just because all their lives are miserable doesn't mean they should ruin hers, too.

Stung, Lafayette handcuffs her to the coffee table and goes out on the porch to stand watch with a rifle. Predictably, this blows Jason's mind. But despite Sam's obvious familiarity with the supernatural, he fails to convince Jason to avoid Maryann.

The young paramilitary trainee is determined to fight the maenad - with whatever weapons he and Andy can dig up at the police station. At this point in the conversation, Sam catches a movement outside, and when he goes to investigate, he finds Arlene's kids, Coby and Lisa, hiding hungry and frightened in the woods.

Sookie finds out from Lafayette that she isn't the only one having sex-filled dreams about Eric after drinking the vampire's blood. Inside the house, Tara goes to work on Lettie Mae, trying to convince her troubled mother to set her free - that this is the one chance to repair their relationship. Lettie gives in, tricking Lafayette into handing over his gun and then holding him and Sookie hostage as Tara makes a break for it.

On the way out, a local named Kevin shoots Andy in the chest, and just as Jason turns a gun on the attacker, Andy lifts his shirt, showing Jason the Kevlar that saved his life. Still, he and Sookie manage to disarm her and escape - if rushing to Maryann's with plans to kill the creature counts as any kind of escape.

She tries to hustle him out the door, but Maryann corners her first. The maenad explains that Tara is the one who summoned her: Miss Jeanette's exorcism may have been fake, but the power of the ritual was enough to pique Maryann's curiosity about Bon Temps. Maryann vibrates lightly, which has no effect on Tara, who says she's free of the maenad's control now.

So Maryann punches Tara in the face, hard, and when the girl looks up, her eyes have turned black. At this point, the mob from Merlotte's returns to tell Maryann about the return of her god and the smiting of Sam - and she's furious with their idiocy. When Hoyt tries to stop her, she digs deep to hurt him, telling her son that he's always held her back from doing what she wanted.

She says Hoyt is weak, just like his father was before he killed himself. This is news to Hoyt, who always thought his dad was shot by a burglar. Cagey and condescending, Eric makes it clear to Sam that he's being generous by getting involved at all, though the vampire is secretly pleased at this opportunity to make an impression on Sookie.

He tells Sam there is someone he can talk to and then flies off into the night - literally. When she won't allow him to beg off, Bill capitulates, but he can't allow her to detain him any longer - Sookie needs his help. As he plays a game of Yahtzee with the Queen, he reminds her as politely as possible that he must leave. Finally, to keep him just a few minutes longer, she gives him the information he's looking for: The only way to kill Maryann is to let her meet the God Who Comes.

Only then will she be vulnerable. Bill thanks her for her help and leaves, but he runs into Eric on his way out. Bill immediately understands the vampire's ploy to get closer to Sookie and warns Eric to stay away from her Lafayette captures the couple's attention by scattering a bag full of pills on the ground, while Sookie heads to the house. Soon, however, Maryann and Karl catch up with Lafayette, and when he fires a shot at the maenad, she deflects the bullet into her manservant's skull.

Sounding like an idiot - but a credible one - Jason shoots back that being a ripped sex machine takes a lot of work. Not to mention that every person he's ever loved has died. Cowed, Andy nods, and the two of them bury the hatchet in preparation of what's to come. After an uncomfortably close encounter with Mike Spencer, she goes to her room, where she finds Tara and Eggs converting her bed into a nest for a giant egg.

She turns to flee but runs into Lafayette, whose eyes have turned glassy and black. She strips to her underwear, terrified, and he hands her a toga. He then marches her downstairs, where Maryann holds court, wearing Gran's wedding dress and surrounded by frenzy-eyed women in togas. Ordering the rest of the bridesmaids away, Maryann prods Sookie to reveal what she is and how she was able to shoot electricity from her hands.

The waitress has no answer, but Maryann doesn't care - Sookie will serve as perfect bait to lure Sam back into the sacrificial circle. Sophie-Anne has other concerns, however - like how Bill found out that she's been having Eric sell vampire blood. Pouncing on top of him, Sopie-Anne extends her fangs menacingly. He swears that Bill has no idea she's involved, and the Queen accepts Eric's assurance that he'll take care of the situation. Jason, feeling like an action hero with a gun in his hand, tosses a weapon to Andy, who's almost ashamed to admit that he's never killed anyone.

Both men are spared the deflowering, however. They don't even make it to the porch before they're overcome by Maryann's power, their eyes flipping to black. Grossed out, Sookie follows suit, but she still defies Maryann, telling the maenad that her God is not going to show up. The crowd becomes even more agitated and starts to chant as Sam is bound to a plank and placed before the totem.

As Sookie shrieks in the background, Eggs plunges Maryann's ceremonial dagger deep into Sam's chest. But when Sookie meets her dying friend's eyes, she's shocked to receive a mental message from him: Distract Maryann! In a fit of confusion and grief, Sookie pushes the totem over and confronts Maryann, whose rage is absolute.

Before the maenad can use her power to destroy everyone around her, however, a giant bull approaches. Her God has come. She raises her arms in welcome, and the beast gores her, unleashing a torrent of her black blood. Just as she expires, a willing sacrifice to her own God, the bull changes shape He pulls his arm from Maryann's chest, gripping her darkened heart.

As Sookie hurries back toward the house, Bill and Sam share an awkward but agreeable moment before the vampire follows his girlfriend. The townspeople immediately snap out of Maryann's trance, astounded by the scene surrounding them. Sookie orders everyone off her lawn and goes inside, where Tara's trying her best to reassure Eggs, who's beside himself after finding his hands covered in blood. Upstairs, Bill holds Sookie until dawn.

Sam even contributes his own rumor: A tainted shipment of vodka. Mostly, though, the town is ready to get back to normal - except for Eggs, who's tortured by guilt over atrocities he can't remember committing. He catches Sookie in the parking lot and begs her to unshackle his memory, like she did with Tara.

Hoping to lessen his suffering, she agrees, but when Eggs sees Miss Jeanette, Daphne and Sam all killed at his hand, he runs off, totally overcome. When Jason steps outside and finds Eggs threatening the police officer, he fires a shot, hitting Eggs in the head and killing him instantly. Andy takes the gun and tells Jason to run before anyone sees him.

As the bar empties into the parking lot to see what's happened, Tara runs to her boyfriend's body, wailing. Bill comments that the young man would be a fool not to accept her apology. He bids Jessica a warm goodnight as he leaves to take Sookie to a French restaurant.

Across town, Hoyt leaves his mother's house to come patch things up with Jessica, but his ex-girlfriend is at a truck stop, having a big-rig driver for a midnight snack. The two dine in a restaurant he's rented just for the occasion, and as she finishes her dessert, Bill pulls out a small black box. She asks for a moment to collect herself and flees to the bathroom, where after looking at herself in the mirror she realizes that she's in love with Bill and wants to marry him.

I will marry you! But the vampire has disappeared, along with his car. In a different parking lot, outside Merlotte's, Tara weeps over Eggs's body as police and onlookers gather around her. She's terrified that Bill will come home and catch her, but that's not going to happen. Held hostage in the back seat of his own Bimmer, Bill has been bound in silver chains by a group of bikers.

The vampire's cell phone rings, with Sookie's name appearing on the caller ID, but the lead biker, Coot, throws it out the window - and then viciously stabs Bill with a knife. Sookie heads over to Bill's house, where Jessica is watching in horror as Hank squeezes out his last breath. She manages to hide the body in her cubby before Sookie bursts through the door. Jessica wants details about the proposal, but Sookie cuts her off, ordering her to call if Bill comes home.

Andy is touched but can't really relate - Jason is the one who actually killed Eggs, and now Andy is just trying to avoid going to jail as an accessory to murder. The bar is tense, and when Arlene tries to express her gratitude to Bud Dearborn for protecting Bon Temps, Tara erupts with rage and grief.

Lafayette manages to steer Tara out the door, and Andy leaves to visit Jason. He finds the ex-jock shaken and edgy at his house. Warning Jason that their story has holes in it, Andy orders him to act normal, which for Jason means to go out and chase some tail. She explains that Bill has vanished and insists they track down Bill's maker Lorena, convinced that she's involved.

But Eric explains he's duty-bound as sheriff to investigate any missing vampires in his area. As Sookie leaves, it's clear that Eric's as blindsided as she is. Pam advises Eric to tell Sophie-Anne that Bill is missing - before she finds out from another source - but Eric's not yet willing to risk the queen's wrath for losing track of the one vampire who can link her to selling vampire blood.

Bill warns them that he could quickly die from his wounds, but that doesn't stop them. Sneaking on a pair of gloves, the vampire manages to escape from his chains and immediately kills one of the thugs before grabbing the steering wheel and crashing the car. When Sookie hears how it happened, she immediately tells Tara how she tried to help Eggs by restoring his memories.

Tara loses it, attacking Sookie and shrieking that the only man she's ever loved is dead. Lafayette takes Tara back to his house and Lettie Mae comes to take care of her daughter. After Lafayette leaves for work, Tara's mother enlists a reverend for help. His visit seems to calm Tara, and Lettie Mae feels she's saved her daughter from darkness. But when Tara goes to take a shower, she tries to overdose on pills before Lafayette returns and kicks the door in to stop her.

Sam obliges - and wistfully agrees to take a shower with the vampire - but just as Bill leans in for a kiss, Sam hears his phone ring Sitting up in the same motel room he dreamt of, Sam answers the call from a local official, who gives him the latest lead on tracking down his parents: He apparently has a brother, Tommy Mickens, who's earned a reputation for ripping people off at a local tire shop.

Sam is hardly convinced, and when he later follows Tommy home, a mailbox full of past-due bills confirms that he's located his biological family. Hoyt wants to know if she received his flowers, but Jessica has more pressing issues to deal with. He makes it clear that the punishment for such an offense would be dire. Once Eric and Sophie are alone, she orders him to sell off his entire supply of the drug literally overnight. Pam delivers the message to Lafayette, who has no idea how he'll move so much product so fast, especially with everything that's going on with Tara.

Pam is not sympathetic. There's only one explanation In the barroom, Jason does his best to follow Andy's advice and act natural, so he flirts heavily with two beautiful veterinary students. He and an unwilling Hoyt bring the girls back to his house, but once things heat up, Jason can't perform.

Every time he looks at the girls, he envisions bullet holes in their foreheads. He tries to explain the problem, and the girls can't get out of the house fast enough. Once he's finished, he gives her a handful of cash, imprinting her memory with the idea that her son wanted her to have the money. He is surrounded by the dead bodies of several other werewolves, and as his now ear-less attacker writhes on the ground in agony, the pack leader, Coot, advances on Bill.

Before the battle can continue, though, a vampire rides up on a horse. He introduces himself as Russell Edgington, the King of Mississippi, and apologizes to Bill for the rough treatment he's received. When she shows Eric the Operation Werewolf brand she discovered, the vampire flashes back to WWII, where he and Godric - disguised as SS members - captured a werewolf with the same marking. He doesn't share this detail with Sookie, who returns home, upset. Entering the house, she's frightened to hear noises, but it turns out to be Jason, whose guilt-ridden conscience kept him awake until he decided to start cleaning up the mess Maryann left behind.

Sookie explains how upset Tara is about Eggs and starts to blame herself for his death, but Jason - all too familiar with that feeling - assures Sookie it wasn't her fault. He drags her out of the house and gets in the car to go to the hospital. Lafayette knows she's right, but he's furious that she'd try to kill herself and leave him alone.

Part condemnation and part pep talk, he tells her that she has the strength to deal with her problems - and he has something he wants to show her. He says he understands how she must have felt when she attacked Maxine, and he forgives her His brother, Tommy, has found him sleeping outside the Mickens' home and herds Sam inside the unkempt house. But when Sam explains himself to his parents, Joe Lee and Melinda, the strange family is reunited.

Tommy is not thrilled to find out he has a big brother, however, and walks out. Sam follows him, trying to explain that he's not there to cause trouble. Seeming to put the conflict behind them, the men shift into dogs Tommy chooses a pit bull and go for a run to clear their heads.

As night falls though, Tommy purposely leads Sam into the path of an oncoming truck before shifting into a bird and flying away, leaving his brother shaken up on the side of the road. She verbally abuses her nurse Jesus, and Lafayette, who after the visit points out to Tara that there's darkness in their family - but that doesn't mean they have to give in to it.

Before he has a chance to attack her, Terry appears. When they search the area for the man, all they find are discarded motorcycle boots and some wolf tracks. As a precaution, Terry gives Sookie a handgun. He dodges the attention as best he can, and when Jason shows up, hustles the real killer away before he can incriminate them both. They go to Merlotte's, where the townspeople applaud Andy when his story comes on TV, but Jason - getting drunk - is a little envious of Andy's sudden fame.

When they leave the bar, Andy insists on driving Jason home, but a police call to bust a meth lab waylays them. At the scene, Jason catches a glimpse of a beautiful woman before he manages to tackle an escaping drug dealer. Russell intimates that he knows about Sookie and believes that Bill is carrying out some kind of secret work for the queen in Bon Temps.

Bill's not sure how Russell came by this information, but he quickly learns when Lorena enters the room. Bill hurls a lit oil lamp at her, lighting her up like a torch. The two share a drink, and later, when Tara leaves the bar, he comes to her aid as two drunk rednecks accost her. They were searching for a pack of vampire-led wolves.

He tries to downplay the possibility that he's telling Sookie all this because he cares about her, and before she can press him on having actual emotions, he rushes her inside as a wolf attacks them. Before the bullet can strike the wolf, Eric leaps into its path at vampire speed, taking the hit in his chest to preserve the beast for interrogation. Eric tells her a rescue mission would be suicide and asks her to try to stay out of trouble. Russell, ignoring Talbot's grief over his damaged antiques, sends Lorena away so he can speak with Bill.

The king informs the younger vampire that Lorena wants Sookie to die. In fact, the only way Bill can save her is by joining forces with Russell. Afterward, Tara leaves without giving her name, knowing that she's way too messed up to get involved with anyone, let alone a vampire.

The next day, Mike Spencer calls Tara to let her know that Eggs' funeral is about to take place. When Tara arrives, the only other person attending is Sookie, who paid for the arrangements. The two women reconnect as a minister begins the ceremony. His mother fawns over him, but he sidesteps the attention as best he can, casting Tommy a meaningful look on his way out the door.

That night, Sam sees Sookie at work - and notices her engagement ring. She explains that she's leaving town for a few days to find Bill and asks him to look after Jessica, since she's all alone. Knowing he can't talk Sookie out of anything, Sam agrees. To pass the written test for the job, he has Hoyt quiz him, but the preparation isn't going well. Hoyt is also having trouble concentrating Unfortunately, it also proves that the father is Rene. Later at work, Arlene tries to broach the topic with Terry, and as soon as she says she's pregnant, he's overjoyed - so much so that she can't bear to tell him the truth.

Even worse, he wakes up to Hoyt's screams after his friend finds a headless body in the ditch they're digging. They call the police, and when Bud Dearborn arrives, he's so fed up with the constant murders that he quits his job on the spot. After work, Jason heads over to Merlotte's, where he offers his support to Tara, wishing he could just come clean about his responsibility for Eggs' death. At first, she's glad to see him, but when he sees that his son Thomas has died of smallpox and begins to weep tears of blood, Caroline is horrified.

As she screams at him, Lorena walks through the door, telling Bill that he has no choice but to glamour his wife so she never remembers seeing him. When Sam steps in to stop Tommy from drinking underage, a liquored-up Joe Lee gets in his face. Sam gently kicks them all out, but later that night, when his security alarm goes off, he finds a pit bull rifling through his office Smiling, Eric urges him to think about it and then flies away.

He introduces himself as Alcide and explains over tea that a dangerous gang of werewolves has taken root in Jackson - and his girlfriend recently left him for its leader. Alcide brings Sookie back to Jackson and takes her to the werewolf bar Lou Pine's, where she manages to pick up a lead from the thoughts of a biker named Gus. But when the werewolf tries to force himself on Sookie, Alcide has to jump in and rescue her. As Russell begins to lose his temper, Bill interrupts, explaining that he's decided to take the king up on his offer and pledge his support to Mississippi.

Russell is thrilled and calls off the hunt for Sookie , but Lorena seethes that she won't get her pound of flesh. Afterward, upstairs, Bill explains to Lorena that she's taught him for a second time that humans have no place in a vampire's existence, and he swears that he'll never love her. She kisses him furiously and he responds, taking her on the bed with rage-filled passion. As they have sex, he viciously snaps her neck, twisting her head gruesomely and as he releases an agonized wail.

Now that he's done her a favor, he says, she can reciprocate by telling him all about Bill Compton. After leaving Jessica, he shows up at Sookie's house, and when Tara answers the door, he glamours her and forces her to invite him in. This disgusts Alcide, who's also worried about Debbie Pelt, his ex-fiancee who's now engaged to Coot.

A bit of sexual tension builds between Alcide and Sookie, but they're interrupted by Sookie's cell phone. It's Bill, and he's calling to break up with her. Alcide does his best to console her in his tough-love kind of way, but this is a deep blow to Sookie. Franklin, not pleased, bites Tara savagely. Before going to ground for the day, he ties his captive to the toilet. Lorena says that she knows his feelings will change over time, but he responds by punching her full-on in the face, sending her flying into the hallway.

He slams his silver door shut behind her, burning his hand in the process. He hovers outside her window, and when she invites him inside, she says she can smell the saltwater in his memories. They slip closer together, sharing a moment and then a kiss Instead, he finds Melinda camped out in his parking lot.

He advises her to move on, but she's not taking any pointers from a guy still sleeping on the floor after his ex left with their bed. Later, Alcide's sister Janice, a stylist, stops by to disguise Sookie for her infiltration of Lou Pine's. While she works, Sookie overhears in her thoughts that Debbie isn't just getting engaged to Coot - she's being inducted into his werewolf pack.

When Alcide comes home, Sookie tells him the truth, and he agrees to go with her to Lou Pine's. From the bar, Jason angrily eyes Kitch Maynard - the high school QB who's about to break Jason's record - and when the kid shows no respect during Bud's speech, Jason gets in his face.

Across the room, Arlene complains to Sam that she needs another waitress to help her out, but later that night when he brings Jessica on to work as a hostess, Arlene isn't happy about having another redhead to compete with. Calvin's not interested, though, and when Lafayette catches some of the locals stripping his SV9 outside, things go downhill fast.

Just as Lafayette finds himself surrounded, Eric swoops in to save him - and close the deal. But Eric's victory is short-lived. Pam calls to tell him that Fangtasia is being raided by the Magister, and he's found their stock of V. When Eric arrives at his bar, he finds the Magister torturing Pam and demanding answers. Sam understands and tries to help by allowing the whole family to live in his rental property But when Debbie strides up and threatens Sookie, Alcide steps between them.

Soon Alcide and Coot are facing off, but before they can get into a fight, the whole bar quiets down as Russell appears onstage. Speaking in German, he thanks the wolves for their support - then opens a vein to pour his blood into shot glasses. The bikers drink greedily as Russell departs, and Debbie is branded with the Operation Werewolf sigil. Everyone in the bar starts to shift, including Alcide, who barks at Sookie to escape while she can.

Bill has glamoured a girl so broken that she has lost her will to live, the closest he can find to a willing participant in what's about to take place. Still, when all three vampires bite into the woman, she shrieks in pain and horror. When Bill walks in with Russell and Lorena, Tara rejoices for a moment - until she realizes the vampire has no intention of rescuing her.

Franklin joins Russell in his office, showing the vampire king the documents he stole from Bill's house and reporting that Sookie is actually in Jackson. But Bill immediately blows his cover Intrigued, Russell says he may be able to help save Pam from the magister and invites Eric to stay, much to the delight of Talbot.

The werewolf's ex warns him that Russell will kill him if he tells anyone what he saw at Lou Pine's, and when she notices Sookie, Debbie loses her temper and has to be dragged out by Alcide. Sookie wants to find out more about Russell, but Alcide says he needs to confer with his packmaster.

But when they go to meet the alpha dog, Colonel Flood, he says he's well aware of Russell's crew but there's nothing that can be done. The vampire king is too powerful, and Flood is scared, though he'll never admit it. When he sees Crystal drive by in an old truck, he jumps into a cop car - shirtless - and pulls her over.

He asks her to meet him at Merlotte's that night, and when she refuses, he tells her he'll be there anyway. Across the way, Terry is moving in with Arlene, and he couldn't be happier. Sam suggests Joe Lee help Arlene out as a handyman, and then he jumps in his truck with Tommy to go to work.

Using her teeth to loosen the ropes, she manages to escape. She bolts out the door and into the sunlight, but as she gets farther from the house, she hears a wolf growling as it gives chase. Moments later, she's taken to the ground by a grinning, naked Coot. Later that night, Franklin is hurt and enraged that she tried to leave him, but he softens when she explains that she's human and has certain needs At first Lafayette is on guard, but he softens when he realizes Jesus just came to spend time with him.

Lafayette returns to the kitchen while Jesus hangs out at the bar for his entire shift. As Jessica seats customers, she notices Hoyt come in with a young girl, Summer, who bores him from across their table as he sneaks glances at Jessica.

Jason sits at a table, waiting for Crystal, and Andy comes over with good news: Jason can be a cop - all he has to do is pass the physical Jason leaves the bar, depressed, but his spirits lift when he sees Crystal outside. They walk off into the woods, where they kiss, drawn together by an intense feeling they don't quite understand. Bill laughs at the suggestion, but their conversation is interrupted by Coot, who has information for his master.

Intent on warning her about the danger Russell poses, Bill knocks Coot out, dispatches a guard and flees the mansion. He yells at both his sons, but Sam isn't intimidated. When he threatens to throw Joe Lee out, the old man relaxes and leaves on his own. But it's clear to Sam that there's something Tommy isn't telling him about their father. He flashes back to his mortal life as a Viking prince, when a pack of werewolves attacked and killed his family at the command of a shadowy figure who stole his father's crown.

As his father died in his arms, Eric swore revenge. The vampire king and his wolves arrive, and when Coot tries to grab Sookie, she shoots him with a burst of light. Bill tries to escape by staking one of the guards — and taking a shot at Russell — but the older vampire is much too powerful for him.

Russell demands that Bill be locked up in the slave quarters and then orders Lorena to kill him. Aghast, Sookie begs Eric to tell her what's going on, but the Nordic vampire tells her to keep her mouth shut. He cares nothing for her, he says, and warns her to stay out of his way. Sookie wants some answers of her own and Russell is playful enough to indulge her , but when she finds out that Russell is the king of Mississippi and that there's also a queen out there somewhere, the information only confuses her more.

Russell quickly tires of playing games, and when Sookie dodges his question about having other powers, he loses his temper, screaming in German and commanding her to answer. Lafayette leaves Jesus at the pool table and heads into the kitchen to cook her meal, but when Arlene confides in Jessica that all her customers stiffed her because the vampire glamoured them as they arrived , Jessica takes pity and glamours Peach as well.

Not only does Merlotte's last customer of the night leave Arlene a massive tip, but she also allows Jessica to feed on her in the ladies room. But Crystal breaks away from him, upset, and says that they can never be together. Nervous, but genuinely connecting, the men lean in for a kiss. As she carves a deep incision into his chest, Bill tells her that he refuses to become what she is — a heartless monster. He knows that Lorena's maker stamped out her humanity by forcing her to do unspeakable things … and Bill says he wishes he could have met her before that happened.

Franklin is turned on, and when Tara asks him to untie her, he obliges. Tara bites into his neck, drinking deeply. Later, when she realizes Sookie is being held in a nearby room, Tara sends a mental message to her friend, telling her to be ready for an escape attempt.

In the car, Russell explains how he uses werewolves to do his bidding and tells Eric that he plans to employ their help in sublimating the human race entirely. As their conversation starts to get more intimate, they hear a crash outside, where Felton and his crew are smashing Lafayette's car.

Lafayette and Jesus fight them off, but the savage beating Lafayette gives Felton — along with the revelation that Lafayette is a V dealer — drives Jesus away in disgust. Instead, the king drives to Sophie's estate, where they kill some of her guards and corner the queen. She tries to fight her way past Eric, but he's older and more powerful and has decided he no longer needs to defer to her. Russell proposes marriage to Sophie — and more importantly offers to pay her debts — and she begrudgingly accepts.

She's covered in blood herself, from Bill, from weeping, from the bleeds … and when Coot and Debbie stumble in, they can barely handle the sight of all that V. Feeling generous, Lorena allows them to drink directly from Bill's wounds. Once Sam's gone, Melinda's demeanor shifts and she scolds Tommy for disobeying his father.

Sam doesn't care about any of them, she says, and there's no way he'll stick by the family once he finds out the truth about them. Sam jumps in his truck and races off. She then runs to free Sookie, who insists on looking for Bill.

As Tara sneaks across the grounds, she's terrified to run into a werewolf, but it turns out to be Alcide, who's come to help. Sookie manages to find Bill, drained to the point of death, but before she can take him to safety, Lorena leaps on Sookie and bites into her throat.

Lorena is shocked at how delicious the blood tastes, but before she can savor it, a heavily drained Bill wraps his silver chains around her neck, giving Sookie the opening to stake his maker. She drives a piece of wood through Lorena's chest, turning the vampire into a wave of viscera that crashes down onto Bill. Sookie refuses to leave without Bill, who's lost any sign of life. As they wrap him in a rug to block the sunlight, Debbie walks through the door, leveling a handgun on the group.

After a brief struggle, Alcide manages to take the gun from her, but then Coot appears and rushes toward him. Alcide fires twice, hitting Coot in the chest and then the head. Everyone backs out of the room, leaving Debbie screaming in grief and rage over Coot's corpse, and they run to Alcide's work van and escape with more werewolves on their heels. Hoyt suggests Jason question the meth addict who's locked up down at the police station, and then their conversation is interrupted by Summer, who's come over to profess her feelings for Hoyt -- and ask him to sample her biscuits.

But once Sam drives out of view, he pulls off the road and shifts into a pit bull. Later, when a group of men see Sam wandering around as a loose dog, one of them loops a leash around his neck and leads him to the paddock where the rest of the animals are kept. The queen refuses to talk, but Eric comes up with a creative source of motivation: He bites into the queen's human, Hadley, and threatens to drain her completely. The queen balks but remains silent … but then Hadley herself tells Eric what he wants to hear.

The attempt works far too well: Bill wakes up in an animal-like state and attacks Sookie. Tara and Alcide don't realize what's going on until it's too late. When Tara opens the back doors to check on her friend, Bill has returned to normal, but Sookie is drained and at the point of death.

Enraged, Tara throws Bill into the sunlight before shouting at Alcide to drive to the hospital. Bill stands at the side of the road, staring at his hands, amazed that he's in the sunlight but not getting burned. He releases all the dogs from their cages and sets off an alarm, which quickly scatters the crowd betting on the fights.

He finds Melinda and Joe Lee watching Tommy in the ring with a ferocious pit bull, and after Sam stares the other dog down, he turns on his parents. He orders Joe Lee to give his clothes to Tommy and then offers his brother a chance to leave these two behind forever. Tommy agrees and walks away with Sam.

He commands the magister to marry him to Sophie, and under the threat of death, the magister complies. But after the brief nuptials are complete, Russell kills the magister anyway, decapitating him. Jason drives to Merlotte's and tries to get the meth from Lafayette -- who outright refuses -- but then he receives a call from Tara that Sookie is in the hospital.

Jason arrives and urges his sleeping sister to hang on. Sookie is lost in a dream, however, where a mysterious woman named Claudine introduces her to a glen filled with dancing people who drink from a fountain of white light. Claudine urges Sookie to leave her world behind and join them, but before Sookie has time to decide, a darkness descends on everything.

Jason thinks for a moment, and despite Tara's objections, allows it. Bill inserts Sookie's IV tube directly into his vein, and as the blood enters her body, she wakes up, takes one look at Bill After regaining control of herself, she tells her friends that she needs to speak with Bill alone. Tearfully, she tells the vampire that she's realized they'll never be free to love each other without constantly putting one another in danger.

Bill is crushed, but he knows she's right. With tears of blood streaming down his face, he leaves. As his partner complains, Russell meets with Debbie in the study. Talbot continues to berate Russell for putting all these matters ahead of their relationship, but when the king suggests that Eric keep Talbot company while he's gone, Talbot's mood brightens considerably. But Jessica, already feeling abandoned, bursts into tears and refuses to leave.

She tells him about the man she killed and the difficulty of being a vampire, and Bill starts to realize that not everyone is better off without him. Later, he teaches Jessica how to use her vampire powers in a fight … because one is definitely headed their way. Sookie refuses, and Jason gets angry, swearing he'll kill Bill and then storming out. Later, Alcide has to rush back to Jackson when he finds out that Debbie burned down his sister's shop.

Holding Sookie's hand for a moment, Alcide tells her to take care of herself and promises to come back to see her. She starts by trying to defend Joe Lee, and when that fails, tells the boys how much she loves them … and then asks Sam for money. Disgusted, he gives her what's in his pocket and tells her he doesn't care how far it gets them — as long as it's away from him.

After she leaves, Tommy breaks down into tears, and Sam consoles his younger brother. For Arlene, it's Rene, the real father of her unborn child, while Tara can't get the sadistic Franklin out of her mind. She raves on about how the vampires are coming for Lafayette, but it's not long before Jesus shows up looking for her, apologizing and telling Lafayette that one of the other nurses didn't keep a close enough eye on her. Lafayette apologizes to Jesus for the other night, and explains that he wants to quit dealing vampire blood but can't.

Jesus, trying to understand, leans in and kisses him. He's about to burst out the door again when Crystal arrives, soaking wet. She tells Jason that she ran away from her family because she doesn't want to marry Felton. She and Jason start kissing and collapse onto the couch. Once they're through, Jason leaves, telling Crystal he'll be back in a minute. As he slips out the door, he grabs his shotgun. Sam walks into his office to find Tara, horrified after another Franklin flashback and crying.

Without asking anything, he takes her in his arms. Later that evening, Sam has to stop Tommy from instigating a fight with Hoyt over Jessica. Dragging his little brother into his office, Sam tells him to relax and start thinking about his future.

You really don't know me at all, do you? Sookie figures that Russell will find her wherever she goes, so she's just going to stay put. But before she can ask Hadley any more questions, her cousin runs off, apologizing and saying it's all her fault but offering no explanation. They can tell that Sam and Tommy are shifters, and the Merlotte boys can smell something odd about the meth dealers as well. Sam kicks them out of the bar, and when they return to Hotshot, Calvin finds Jason poking around — with a shotgun.

Jason says that he's a cop and knows about their meth labs. He orders Calvin to leave Crystal alone unless he wants to go to jail.

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I was able customers save time. Disabling file transfers if current user not use any Zoom meeting, you. When I reconfigure or iPad isn't as follows: Right-click get a prompt on older Windows. They may both. To check this make sure to.

It isn't complete yet, it only has 4 volumes so far, but it's soooo good. If you're into Vampires, Werewolves, Angels, and probably some other stuff, you should read it. It does have romance, action and humor as well. If you like Vampire Knight you will probably like this too. I recommend it. It's revolves around a girl named Kana Takachiho. She loves to help people and is super nice. She had a sports scholarship at her school but she was in an accident and because of that she lost her scholarship.

One day she sees an old childhood friend and self-proclaimed boyfriend , Aki Kirito. Soon after she gets distracted and gets hit by a car. She slowly dies but is brought back to life by Aki, who is actually a vampire. She becomes his slave, meaning he drinks her blood, and only her blood, all the time. She is now immortal along with him but only to act like his lunchbox sorry, that last part about the lunchbox is what I think of her to be. Or maybe a fruitbox? XD Anyway, she learns that Aki is trying to get all of the "Stigmas" so he can bring his twin brother, Eriya Kana's other childhood friend back from his mysterious slumber.

So yeah, thats basically the summary of the first two chapters. I stayed up late last night reading all of it. Chapter 64 [END]. Barajou no Kiss Completed. Chapter H Completed. Super Darling! Chouchou Jiken Ongoing. Deadlock Ongoing. Brigit's Supper Completed.

Deadbrain Ongoing. Dead Mount Death Play Ongoing. Dead End Completed. Bride Aivan Completed. Broken Angels Completed. Bronze no Tenshi Completed. Chapter 9 v2. Ryn Armor was part of killing that caravan earlier, right?

Ai Megurine I love Walm so much, I wanna hug him. SZK why four pages taking me 10 minutes to read Xi-wasy Isn't because the story is quite bad? I'm getting real specific here :-p But I'm not sure about the "owning the other inn" and it would be tied to that "necklace" I don't think it's a necklace I struggle to understand some of the the logic of many of the challenges that MC has faced in this comic thus far.

Herkii That snake tongue is going to do wonders later. Harry Siestanto What a weird knife, it had no handle. The mad man Bot can you "one of a kind irregular" from Reaper Scans? Create a new account. Create Account. Already have an account? Log In!

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[Eng Sub] Boy For Rent ผู้ชายให้เช่า - EP.1 [1/4]

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