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Lee Gak is a Crown Prince in the Joseon era. He's got one love of his life, Princess Hwa Yong. Unfortunately, she dies in the lake outside the palace. Midnight Runners Streaming Movies, Movies To Watch, Movies Online, Movie Tv, Hd RoofTop Prince {Korean Drama} (Park Yoo Chun, Han Ji Min, Lee.

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rooftop prince sub thai download torrent

Lee Gak is a Crown Prince in the Joseon era. He's got one love of his life, Princess Hwa Yong. Unfortunately, she dies in the lake outside the palace. Watch Korean dramas (Filipino dubbed) online - stream popular Tagalog-dubbed K-Drama with Eng / Tagalog subs. Download to watch Tagalog dubbed Korean dramas. While standing infront of the rooftop room a man approaches Oh Soo and asks if he is Oh Soo. After confirming that he is Oh Soo, the man named Jang Sung (Kim. PORANEK KOJOTA TORRENTZ CHOMIKUJ 18 If you want it also tends Thunderbird can be more effective in from menubar, write. This integration allows part of the servers and hosts California, Idaho. Export it to.

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It'd be like putting together two better four strangers! I don't care if their faces are the same, the persons are completely different. Actually the idea I had in mind at the beginning, assuming that YG's thinking about "the same soul can't coexist in two bodies" was right but before finding out that YT was still alive was that the reason why YG is catapulted to the future is just to be able to connect himself to his real love, his soulmate, and this because in the Joseon era he lost the chance to, since the real dead person is BY, not the princess, BUT at the same time this happens also because in the future PH couldn't meet his soulmate YT, who is the same soul afterall unfairly killed by the hand of his cousin.

So it's stheir soul connection ro lead one to the other one, and it's really when YG is getting closer and closer to "fulfill the mission" when he kisses PH that everybody starts to disappear. What I don't understand and I definitely don't hope to see is why did they slowly make us know YG's character, grow affection for him, fall in love with he and PH's love story and not YT's one and make us get used, for 13 episodes, to the YG-PH couple, if at the end they will have to separate them?

I don't really care about "the same soul thing", I'd be sooo disappointed! Ahh, I'm really sad, I've been loving this drama, but if this is going to be the ending, it's really The ones I've been brought to love and root for are only PH and YG, even if YT has the same face and soul I don't definitely know him, it's las if his character doesn't really exist! Anyway, sorry for my poor English, but I needed to get all this off my chest, I hope you could understand a little bit!

I mean, if we suppose that it's BY the dead person this could also have a sense, but since TY is still alive anyway this doesn't have any sense at all! I don't understand! What I do like about this show is that it confronts problems up front. Like when Bak Ha reminds Yi Gak that though they may want a relationship he'll still have to go back to his own time.

Jung Yu-Mi is getting better and better. I am buying both the bitch here and sweet-hearted fiancee in Promise. Park Yoochun is growing on me. I've never been of him as a singer but him as an actor is rather charismatic. There's just something quietly captivating about him in this drama. I actually watched through their app on my Android with earphones on.

YEs there is. When you open the screen to watch an episode, on the right hand corner is a box with dots--arrow on it and click to turn off the viewers comment. You just need to click on it once and the writing will go away. It's at the upper right hand corner of the video. I too am all for quick forward motion, especially in a rom-com, but this time jump was WAY too fast! Also- is anyone else missing our Joseon power rangers? As zippy as these episodes have been, I find myself wishing that we could spend more time with the boys like in the first few episodes.

Even if we have moved out of the fish-out-of-water portion of the story, I just love watching those boys interact with each other and Park-Ha. Yes these guys are adorable. What a waste not to use them more. The actor from Dr. Champ sorry that I don't know his name is capable of a lot more than they are giving him.

I am a little surprised that he accepted such a small role. Thanks for the recap! I agree - amnesia is beat. Let's get a new plot device. He had to have been in a coma for a while Why else would he not have contacted his family? And how did he get to Chicago? Pirates fished him out of the water and he gave the his Lorax like FKing? Once he figures out she is rotten inside, maybe his loyalty will change to PH?

I cant believe how this episode zoomed by so fast. It's happy, sad, happy. Like you said I could not even have time to breath and collect myself. But the highlight of the episode for me: sena got caught in her lies. Oh GAWD, that felt so satisfying. I love how tortured princey looked as he cross-examined sena. Somehow I could understand why he give some room for a doubt for her because admitting that she's not as how he thinks she is will also be admitting that his beloved wife was not as pure as his memories remember.

That must be crushing. Especially since he has been so convinced that he time travel for the sake of his wife. What I am curious now is whether sena could wriggle herself out of this. It's interesting how the modern is like a reversal role of joseon part. In Joseon bu yong could not marry lee gak because of the accident caused by Hwa young, while in modern part, park ha failed to meet tae yong because of the accident caused by tae mu.

Does this means if hwa young is indeed the one in the pond, tae mu will die instead? I am starting to think that the whole purpose of the prince to time travel is to change the future. But does this mean that park ha will be with tae yong in the end? This drama makes my head whirl!!!!! I just got done watching this. I think it was the calm before the storm though coz its about to go down. Oh I am fully engrossed in this drama now. I watched it kinda of from the start and having been following recaps but I wasn't to the point of anticipating it every week.

Now, I have fallen into the trap! I gave up K2H to focus on this one. So many thoughts have been swirling around since ep 1 - of what I think will happen, what I know, what I don't know yada yada. One thing is for sure, I love the smart Yi Gak. I really wasn't digging it when he was so naive about Sena and his "lovely" crown princess. I just wanted to smack some sense into him. I am certain that Sena will weasel her way out of this dilemma as the way that things end not always how they begin in an episode.

Plus there are 7 more episodes so I figure she's going to be evil some more before Yi Gak really figures out the entire story. I am still in the camp that believed from ep 1 that the Crown Princess isn't the one who died but there are a lot of things that I can't reconcile I had a feeling that TY wasn't dead but I wasn't really expecting much out of that so I barely thought of it.

I was really surprised to see him reappear in this episode. I just love our OTP Yi Gak and Park-Ha are just so cute. I love the chemistry btw YC and HJM - it's adorably awkward and cute and fun and refreshing all at the same time. I still hold to my love of seeing them together and the gaggle of ducklings But I do like seeing Yi Gak being smarter and sharper and figuring out the mystery behind Sena. Anyhow - I still like Yoochunnie better as a singer but I can't resist watching his dramas.

So yay! The way Yi Gak figured out the misunderstanding was pretty ingenious. I couldn't really figure out where he was going at first with the stamp explanation, but the reveal was pretty awesome. I'm surprised they didn't just look at the name on the plane ticket. It had Park Ha's name on it, so if Yi Gak looked at the ticket, wouldn't he wonder what Se-na was doing with a ticket that had Park Ha's name on it?

It feels uncharacteristic of Se-na to be conflicted. Maybe it's to imply that she might have feelings for Yi-Gak, but the sudden flip from cocky and manipulative to emotional conflict feels like it came out of nowhere. I so hope SN is not one side villain but I think she is I dont see any emotions from her toward LG no matter how much I want it. However I think this drama is complicated enough so add that emotional conflict in may mess the whole thing up.

I think our Crown Prince can't read alphabet letters that why he can't figure out in the beginning from the airplane tickets. If I'm not wrong, PH didn't teach him and F3. This means he didn't know PH's name on the ticket. So, scriptwriter's to use another option to expose SN. Some scenes were really messy and seem boring. I know SBS's hectic schedule filming, but it really not only affects actors, staffs, Pds I heard they were even aired ep 13 while editing it!

It seems crazy ha!!! I hope they'll do better in ep 14 coz right now RTP's in 3rd rating. Maybe something along the line of "I got rid of my chaebol doppelganger to take his place and fortune" I hope that I'm wrong on this one though :s.

Only TM doesn't know about the pictures. Double oops! Now the real one turned up still alive he no longer a murder, so there is still hope for redemption for him Personally, I believe the intent is the important thing. I consider him a murderer at heart, because he thought he was committing murder when he left his friend out in the water. If he had lead to his friend dying without knowing or actively taking steps to cause death with the murder as a goal?

Then, I would not consider him a murderer. But as it stands, for me, he is a murderer. He has just as much possibility of redemption as when he first actively set out to kill his friend by leaving him out there alone. So many things here Good thing Lee Gak is not buying Se-na, he needs to use his head to crack all things. And Tae-Yong is alive!!!!!

I don't know how the writer will use this into the plot. So, I'm looking forward for future development. I thought I had it down. The whole Tae Yong being alive sends my theory in the toilet. I'm starting to think that I should stop guessing and just take it in as it comes but it's so hard. I don't like the time jump. It was odd. I feel like I missed out.

We couldn't get like a montage? I would of preferred that than a blackout. What is this, the Sopranos? It wasn't cool then it isn't cool now. I think the writers need a visit from Sejin. I love that kid. All Noonas deserve a kid willing to play dirty so their Noonas don't get hurt by a stupid boy.

Can not wait till tomorrow. Some beautiful, rich woman on a yacht rescued him from the Long Island Sound and brought him back with her to Chicago. What if the Joseon duckies were friends in the present, found this guy floating while they were looking for buried treasure and rescued him. But why didn't they contact any authorities? What would pirates do with an guy in a coma? They would pretend the guy they found is royalty, and try to con someone into paying his hospital bills for a future pay-off?

That's stupid. OK, I'll stop now I just really want some nice coverage on a good ending in the Joseon era as well as the one in the modern era, with the princess and her sister each getting what they deserve the princess something bad and the sister something good. When the episode cut off like that, I instantly groaned and thought to myself, "Yeah, she's going to lie her way out of this successfully again.

It's episode 13! Only seven more episodes left before the ending, and stuff should be happening so that we can get some serious good guy badass justice-dealing! I'm pretty sure the body found would of made the news in America. Yoochun was in a car accident last week but didn't go to the hospital because of shooting. They really need to do something about the live shooting system before someone gets seriously hurt.

That's insane! I really don't understand this crazy system. Two hours of sleep a night! How can they treat actors this way. They are human beings not machines. When you read the article noted above, he went straight to the Baeksang Awards on the same day as the accident. I went back and look at DB's Baeksang recap, and noticed in the photos he was holding himself rather stiffly, with his hands clenched, as opposed to the hand-waving smiley shots of the other male stars.

I just don't understand the system. They should shoot months in advance to get episodes down. How this has been going on as long as it has amazes me. Thank goodness Yi Gak is rational enough to question Sena. However, I bet Sena will just end up saying something like "You were seeing another woman and I got jealous! We're engaged! I'm really surprised that Tae-mu didn't go ahead and try to attempt to murder Taeyong again. I wondered how Taeyong ended up in Chicago.

Would have expected him to be in an east coast hospital unless he had suffered from some rare injury only a specialized doctor in Chicago can handle. Now I feel a bit bad for Taeyong. First his cousin tried to murder him.

Then it seemed like no one looked all that hard for him. And now his past incarnation is stealing away the girl he was eyeing. Maybe he should just go back into the past and get Bu-yong. Though, I'm not sure if Bu-yong would want the future version of Yi Gak. Maybe it all doesn't matter since Yi Gak mentioned that the souls are the same. In the end maybe Yi Gak will return to the past, but Taeyong and Park-ha will hit it off anyways.

Yeah, but he gave her plenty of opportunities to retract her lie and she didn't. She's a liar and he's a prince. You don't lie to the crown prince. She might come up with an excuse, but her credibility is already gone. He'll never see her the same way again. I knew it from Kimchidramas. I thought it would be Glad to know that Tae-yong's still alive. I am not sure how he made it all the way to Chicago if he fell in the water in NY, but I will take him any way he comes, and wait and see how he fits into the bigger picture.

I don't hate her as much as I do some other drama villains e. Caption This Alchemy of Souls: Episodes Doctor Lawyer: Episodes Drama viewership ratings for the week of Jun. Why Her? News bites: June 25, Please enter your username or email address. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. A verification email has been sent to your new email address.

Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. Rooftop Prince. User ratings: Click to Review or Comment. Share Share to.

Ooh maybe. Yoochun does corspe! Jess May 2, at PM. YES se-na! Noelle May 2, at PM. Can't wait for what's coming next! Java, is this show fast pace or what? But I don't think he looked at the airplane ticket. Or maybe cos, it was in English?

Corn tea May 2, at PM. That's a good point! Alexio May 2, at PM. Momos May 3, at AM. YA that bugged me LOL i was like what. Korea to New York? I heard Ep 13 was being edited while on air. Edited while on air? Even with the postponement a couple weeks back? Where do you get that inside information? Thanks JB! I could just kiss you!! Too bad my region can't access viki. Been refreshing my page since this morning. Off to read this recap now. Nancy Drew May 2, at PM.

Mel May 3, at AM. Oh that would be so fun! So glad that the misunderstanding does not drag long. Thanks for the recap:. Symbolism in stories makes it entertaining Once again, I'm loving that the prince has a good head on his shoulders. Cara May 3, at AM. Thanks for the recap. StacyA May 3, at AM. Thank you writers, for trying to be practical in a unpractical plot. Or maybe because the writing in both dramas has stood her well.

Im so glad that SeNa got caught in her lie. Briggy subin70 May 2, at PM. Thanks JB for the recap! Yay Been waiting for this..!!! Guess we can only see what happens next tomorrow Thank you for recapping!!! Miki May 2, at PM. You could be right. I think you're on to something there.

I never thought of that! Kookaburra May 3, at AM. I was waiting all day for this. Thank you thank you. Maybe Chicago had a better facility for his condition and he was transferred from New York. Schmazel May 2, at PM. Or does insurance cover the costs?

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