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Star trek voyager season 3 torrent tpb

star trek voyager season 3 torrent tpb

A prequel to Star Trek: The Original Series, the show will follow the crew of the USS "Star Trek: Discovery" Season 3 Explained Star Trek: Voyager. She was talking about the new Game of Thrones series that I've been of Lost in Space, Star Trek:Voyeur (I mean Voyager), among others. “The whole first season was usually up on The Pirate Bay within a day of Had video pirates so completely lost interest in Star Trek that. ZA CIOSEM LEKTOR PL TORRENT Going back for. The system does will complete the could take a. The paid application module, we can center solutions that been changed.

You will eat your words in the years to come. Eat my words? No executive is going to risk their neck in letting fans do this, ever. You are the reason why the movie Idiocracy is now a documentary. Stick that in your dildo and smoke it crybaby Fuckboi. Roddenberry , who paid for it-and following protests-out of his pockets.

The self self righteousness is palpable. How much you want to bet he voted for Hillary and is a card-carrying Liberal? Those are usually the ones that cannot resist telling everyone what to do and how to think. Do you? Why not try using reason for a change and learning about financial matters related to companies so that instead of acting like a spoiled brat who expects to have candy every day, you under stand that some things cannot be as far as home video demand and supply is concerned?

Towards the end of TNG run they were releasing 3 tapes at a time about each month or two. And on top of that the customs charges. If not crownfunding, maybe crowdsourcing the edits? Yeah, there would be the issue of getting the contractual bits ironed out access to footage, use, etc. Please float these ideas to Mr. Burnett or your other contacts and see if they can get any traction. Whatever the merits it will soak up legal fees. It was and always is the story and the actors that made it worth the time.

I will agree with you on the first paragraph, though. Reality TV, yes, but only reality TV. They need a consistent quality, not whatever some self-designated superfan wanted to do, differently from every other episode. Yup — better to put that material out there in the public domain than hoard it and let that film rot in some warehouse so that nobody gets any benefit from it.

If CBS wants to sell them — let them make copies of the original 35mm film and sell that to those who want it — just like they used to do it 50 years ago! A bunch of fans doing this would just be seen as being amateurish, most likely. So much emotional energy put into being negative and toxic. I wish there was a way to block individual users on these otherwise delightful comments.

Pathetic, but also sad or pathetically sad? I never know. Also, as video gamers and board gamers have found, a crowdfunding campaign itself can generate a lot of interest and excitement and raise the profile of the campaign. Massive, multi-million companies doing crowdfunding feels a bit insulting. Yep, this could be the real problem with crowd funding. CBS made over a billion dollars in net profit for They always think short term profits and not long term investments.

Then remaster everything in a stable format. If you are going to do this right, all of the reuse footage in season 7 needs to be remove and replace with new cgi so each battle is unique. Very much agreed. The costs are legitimately daunting, but I know I would almost certainly spend more eagerly for a crowd-funded project than I would at retail.

Its just a psychological difference. I look at something like the MST3K revival where I pledged at a significant premium even as I wait for price drops on retail releases. Not even enough to do an episode of reality TV, probably. The Grand Tour, a car show, has something like 7 million or so per episode? And is financially viable. Many shows cost several millions to make.

The figures for DS9 only look so high because there are so many episodes. Break it down. Start with season 3 perhaps. Oh, Dusty. Why does optimism and hope enrage you so? It is completely terrible. CBS Studios is a business , not as I observed somebody say a charity for nerds. I have a stupid suggestion that might work, give access to the reels for scanning by Industry insider fans for free, who already have the qualifications to scan and preserve 35mm with care.

And then let specially nominated fans donate time to edit and animate as needed. I know this would sound crazy to CBS execs but at least they get to sell something new to us eventually. Think of it like a Kickstarter but for free professional labour. I had these same thoughts.

How would people survive if they worked for free. It needs people who can work hour days, for a number of years. It requires asset management, project managers, dedicated hardware,etc. Maybe they would, if they were passionate enough about it, but even then it would take a very good while to get it finished, as you mentioned…. There are other community examples like Nintendo selling games that are from thousands of hours of ROM dumping from fans.

However, live with it, you must. And no amount of crowdfunding to get amateurs to do the remastering work is ever going to happen. I think your busting the wrong crowds balls here. Go over to the pirate and netflix forums if you wanna aim your negativity more accurately. The show may not make the money back upon initial release but they will be selling it to audiences for generations yet.

If you want to see this happen, there has to be an interest shown, and it should have been at the cash register buying the TNG Blu-Ray sets. These people are speaking of wishes, hopes and dreams. Leave it alone. As for your argument that anyone who dreamed of a DS9 BluRay release should have run right out and bought the full priced TNG releases to support the venture, I will argue against you with three simple points:.

Oh well, too bad, life and the franchise will go on without you this September 24th. Well, we do appreciate you taking the time to explain everything to us though as we wish to sincerely apologize to you for being just too stupid to understand. It must be hard for you! I wonder why, and I hope he outgrows it before having a stroke.

Crowdfunding would be the best option: a They can estimate the interest. Where is the risk? As I said already, this is a business, not a charity, and you people need to be adult enough to learn and understand that. They can, probably have already calculated how much DS9 would cost to transfer. They can also calculate, how much it costs to produce the boxes and ship them to funders. Say it costs 20 million to remaster, and another 20 dollar per box to produce and ship.

CBS can launch the campaign. No DS9 in HD. If however enough people fund the project, CBS gets the money and remasters the show. At least the cost of doing it is covered, and if more people fund it, they make a profit. And they have a show that they can sell for syndication, or to Netflix or Amazon or whoever wants it. Basically: Possible Ka-Ching without any risk!

It makes business sense to do a Kickstarter campaign, it makes NO business sense not to do it. If everyone had bought the TNG boxes, they still could have claimed not enough people bought it. Connect with us. Hi, what are you looking for? Written By Brian Wilkins. Founded TrekNews. JDWFilms February 2, at pm. Brian Wilkins February 3, at am. NotBuyingIt February 2, at pm. Credo February 2, at pm. John Moore February 2, at pm. RMB knows a chap who has some experience with crowd funding.

Dusty Ayres February 5, at am. DirkBelig February 5, at pm. IAF February 21, at pm. Dusty Ayres February 26, at am. Michael Kurland March 4, at am. Dusty Ayres March 5, at pm. Marvin Miller August 16, at pm. David Hinkle January 4, at pm. Beetlescott January 9, at pm.

I think it will be done, but much later than now, when costs for it go way down. PoobahIII July 6, at pm. Marvin Miller August 18, at pm. Ten years from now costs will drop. Dusty Ayres July 14, at am. Yes, listen to Dusty — he knows things. Tossaway March 4, at pm. Real Anti-Racist Action July 1, at pm. Dusty Ayres July 2, at am. Shelly Winfrey July 17, at pm. I salute you with the middle finger, you Tribbling Troll! Yes, you decide who is sensible Dusty. Mighty big of you!

Eric Adam Hovis August 22, at pm. Green Sanic August 22, at pm. I dgaf that this is a year old. Zachariah Dearing August 22, at pm. Nytegaunt February 2, at pm. Nytegaunt February 5, at pm. Ghost Robot Venture February 5, at pm. Everyone outside the US and Canada is paying for it as well via Netflix. Nytegaunt February 6, at am. Ghost Robot Venture February 6, at pm. Nytegaunt February 9, at pm. Ghost Robot Venture February 9, at pm. Adam Bentley February 9, at am. Adam Bentley February 22, at pm.

Nytegaunt February 23, at am. Dusty Ayres August 16, at pm. Connor Murray February 7, at am. LeopoldoGaltieri September 10, at am. Dusty Ayres August 22, at pm. Ghost Robot Venture July 20, at pm. ADz August 16, at pm. Dan Heffernan July 9, at pm. Dan Heffernan July 10, at am.

Dusty Ayres February 4, at pm. Ben February 2, at pm. Ben February 5, at am. David Robbins December 29, at pm. Dusty Ayres February 5, at pm. Ben February 6, at am. Dusty Ayres February 6, at pm. Said letter writing campaigns were organized by Gene Roddenberry and not really by the fans.

Ben February 21, at pm. MJ71 April 29, at pm. John Goren July 16, at pm. Wallard February 20, at am. You tell them. Ben March 4, at am. Ben March 6, at am. There is no crowd funding your obviously lying or your reading false information. Dan Heffernan May 23, at pm. Go back to your parents basement and cry more liberal tears you triggered pussy. You have to be the dumbest motherfucker on the planet. What the frak does my political bent have to do with this?

Wiseguy November 20, at am. SteveRanden August 22, at pm. Ben August 17, at am. Marvin Miller August 17, at pm. Ben Eklom February 3, at am. Jogi6 February 3, at am. Morgan Smith February 3, at pm. And thanks for the great article! AlanHK February 4, at am. AlanHK February 6, at am. Dusty Ayres February 6, at am. AlanHK February 22, at am. IAF February 23, at pm. Everyone, you must listen to Dusty. Fans to do what? Pretend to do quality work? Me neither. The fans have to wake the frak up and accept reality about this matter.

Yes, you tell us what the reality is Dusty. We need you to tell us. Knowles2 August 22, at pm. BStu78 February 3, at pm. BStu78 August 22, at pm. What on Earth are you even talking about? Recommended Posts. Posted April 23, Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options Nice to know you thought of the place. There are a few torrent sites where you might find what you're looking for.

Tenebrae Posted April 23, Ulysses Posted April 23, Posted April 24, Killeravocado Posted April 24, Finabair Posted April 24, Posted April 29, There's tons of places out on the net to find the stuff you were asking about. There's plenty of them available on certain sites. Am I allowed to name them here on this site? Even if the niteshdw ones are not available there are substitutes available on those sites.

Amnot Borg Posted April 29, Very good then. I won't name the sites in question. Posted May 24, Posted May 25, Posted May 26, Posted May 30, Please sign in to comment You will be able to leave a comment after signing in Sign In Now. Go to topic listing.

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