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They always listened to me smiling, most likely charmed by my excitement, and then forgot what I said a moment later. For exactly that reason, I was especially enjoying the years in my niece, Sameena's, life where she was still obedient. Well, not entirely but at least when it came to the things that really mattered to me, which were all faith-related, she did what I asked. I told her to pray every night or in the morning or actually anytime of the day by saying just a few words.

The first was the most meaningful to my life as well. I said a tasbeeh of it every day. The other three I had taught her because of a story I had heard of Hazrat Sahel Tustari ra whose tafseer is of a 1, verses of the Quran.

It had been one of my readings last Ramadan. After, I had googled his name to see what else I would find. There were only a handful of videos referencing him and in all of them was the same story. When he was 5 or less, his Uncle would get up for Tahajjud, the prayer before Fajr. He would come and stand beside him. Hazrat Tustari ra started saying them.

Then he only said,. Once the heart prostrates, it remains in that state forever. I had told Sameena the story. I made her repeat it several times, the meanings of the words she uttered, the story about what happens when the heart prostrates. I want her to ask something beyond her years when she hits Something her heart quests for and only lies in a secret from God.

It was the same reason the only thing I made her do with me was to forgive herself every single day for that she was unable to do and also ask for forgiveness every single day. First from God, then to make absolute certain it was granted, His Beloved peace be upon him , making it clear to her that his prayer would guarantee the acceptance of her repentance. The days that she does that, her head bent, her eyes closed, her hands clasped together, repeating every single word I say without a question, she looks like the epitome of obedience to me.

The delight it gives my heart is indescribable. Sometimes I throw in random things to see if I evoke a reaction. After I unpacked at the hotel and had lunch with my driver, where I had devoured more of the chicken karahi I had no intention of eating, than he did, it was that good , I decided to go for a swim. God bless Sami, who had told me to bring long pants and a full sleeved top.

Previously when I had come to the village, we had stayed at the naval base. I imagined the same. But there were other guests, although not many, plus the hotel staff which was all male. There were also a bunch of random dogs of the same breed hanging around. Lo and behold, of course there was.

The Mandarin Oriental in Kuala Lumpur had begun one in in their spa. When the sun hit its high, I noticed that I could only half see the dogs and I wondered why. Well, any animal that can touch me. Seeing the dogs, who looked so relaxed and the opposite of hot under a burning sun, I have to admit I felt a certain regard for them.

I donned my full black gear and went out, my eyes on the ground. The water was perfect. The beach at Ormara has the most gradual gradient that I ever seen in my life. You could easily be a couple hundred meters into the water and it might reach your hips, if that. I swam and floated around for a while before heading back. I decided to take a shower outdoors to avoid getting the room sandy. My friend Saneeah had been taking cold water showers to stimulate the vagus nerve.

I had been humming to stimulate mine. I hate cold showers but the fact that there was no hot water immediately available made me amenable to them. It was warm outside anyway. After I had a cup of tea I asked the manager to send someone from his staff with a bike to take me to one of the cliffs Sami had recommended for a walk at low tide.

On the way as I held on to the seat and my bag, I saw a man and a child collecting garbage. Is there even that much garbage? When we reached them I told the driver to stop. Aap na kya dua di hai? My jaw literally dropped. The emotion I felt can only be described as a lift-off. It was mix of elation and more elation and yet more elation. Like him, I repeated my words and just kept thanking him like a maniac.

Imaan is the jauhar, the jewel, the gist, the core, the essence of believing in God. It lies not in simply acknowledging Him. I had just written a piece in which I had shared what I had read and what I had heard about Imaan. The bike ride to the cliffs was amazing. Sami had a gray rock with a shell carved into it, like the shell had lived in the rock and then suddenly disappeared. It was a fossil. It was gorgeous and perfect and I was dying for one. As I walked around slowly, my head scanning the rocks on the ground, I saw two men sitting on the side chatting.

They looked young. Otherwise dogs will eat it. On my way back I saw my bike rider, Amir, speaking to them. I had barely mentioned it in passing to Amir. I told them to come over and bring their phone so I could open it for them. Of course I went off on a tangent about the Saints and who they were and the narrations and why they were chosen. They looked at me intently. Mobile data had to be used carefully.

I find men from two provinces in particular are very friendly to me. Pathans and now Baluchis. Punjabis are different. One man I saw was eating or snorting green stuff in packets, that was a drug for sure, as if it was a bag of peanuts and anyone could have a taste. When I got home I had a plate of mixed sabzi and went through my photos. They were lovely but I could foretell I was going to average shots a day so I wondered how I was going to make an album of no more than I wrote a little and slept.

The next morning I decided to swim early instead of the afternoon. Time had come to no longer exist. All of mine were turned off. It was liberating for someone like me who, despite not having a smart phone, schedules everything, even nothing.

I easily average half a dozen reminders a day about the most minor to-dos. It was Tuesday and the hotel seemed empty at that time except for a couple in a tent on the beach in front of us. In the dim light of the sunset I had thought it was a mother and her daughter. In the morn I saw it was a man with really long hair and a woman I assumed was his wife. I walked into the water and marveled at how calm it was.

Like a giant swimming pool, perfectly still. Even the waves that moved towards the shore were super silent and slow. It was one of the best swims I have had in my life. Being the only one in the water for miles was cool as hell.

In the afternoon I had planned to go to another beach where Sami had told me there were pools of water that were perfectly clear. I asked the kid to drop me off there and come back in three hours. I had packed a sandwich and a thermos for tea. What I really wanted were shells. I guess the presence of Man always depletes something in nature.

The drive to the other beach was fantastic. I took pictures I would have never been able to in a car, everything has an upside , and wondered about this estranged province of my country; Baluchistan. Everything about it is like a mystery. The endless mountains and cliffs made of earth blowing away with every breeze, changing every second, forming continually shifting faces and shapes endlessly.

It was as if every carving spoke, had a story to tell. One could look at a ridge and see what appeared to be silhouette from one side, only to see something entirely different from the other. That was mesmerizing. The mountains, the cliffs, the ranges, they were towering and majestic, awesome, but it was unforgettable that they were carved out of earth, not stone. They were humble not hard.

Everywhere I looked I felt a treasure was buried. As it is, no one knows what lies below the ground in Baluchistan, much like Afghanistan. The appearance of barren-ness hides precious elements; gold, granite, gypsum, oil, gas, marble and God only knows what else and how much of it. When I passed by a couple of villages, I noticed that the houses seemed to made of a thick jute like sacky cloth, not even bricks or mud, which meant that light could not enter the space.

They were tiny and had no windows. There was no water, no electricity, no gas, no schools, no hospitals. There was nothing for the people who lived there. It made me wonder how many more years the people of the province would have to bear the injustice of being deprived. They were like the African Americans in the US. There was a fuss, only recently at that, when they were killed and then nobody cared again.

Yet the province has Gwador, one of a handful deep sea ports in the world. Not to mention shorter routes and more money. I sighed and prayed their savior would appear soon. I had brought a special bag to carry the shells. But I wanted to wash them before I put them in it so I walked around the beach collecting the ones I liked in my hand, then went over to the water to take the sand out of them and put them in the bag.

Each time I thought I was done, on the way back to the bag, I would see more I wanted. I must have made the trip back and forth half a dozen times. My favourites were the ones stuck together, whole, perfect. I had never seen those anywhere else in my life. When I woke up the next morning I made a mistake. I decided to swim in the afternoon instead of the morning. I asked the Manager if he would find a way for me to get some shade on the beach so I could read there.

Take 4 long sticks and tie a sheet on them. He managed to find an old beach umbrella and made a spot of shade for me where I took my Ipod, book and water. Before that I ordered the same thing I ordered the day before, a desi omelette. When the guy from the restaurant came to give it to me, I saw he had a tray full of food for someone else.

The eggs in it looked like Shashuka and delicious. He smiled too. Then he told me he wondered why there was guest in the hotel who was ordering an egg in the morning without a paratha and daal at night without a roti. I started laughing.

I told him that like an idiot I had brought this loaf of bread for some reason from Karachi and was now having trouble finishing it. It was a small loaf of Milky Bread from Rehmet e Shireen. I had gone there to get some mithai to distribute. Every other person in the shop was buying the Milky Bread. Since I grew up on white bread, I was curious about it so I bought one too. It was good but the paratha looked amazing. After, I went and sat on the sheet under the umbrella and put on my headphones, waiting for the wind to die down.

It was then that I cried the first time. What evoked it was music. For the first time, I had two narrations in my video, as opposed to one, so it was important to keep the length of it as a whole in mind. We had been delayed because, accidently and quite magically, Abida had come across the lines of the tarana in the lyrics and discovered that it was not just sounds but they had meaning to them.

Any version you listen to. Abida told me that the words were actually a hamd, a song in praise of God. It was always the favourite part of the track for me but that was because the composition is beyond extraordinary because it is by Amir Khusaru ra. It was the track I had made my niece learn a few lines to when she was 7. She had loved learning it and we had loved singing it together.

There had been more dogs than usual on the beach. At one point I went back to the room to grab a water. On my way back I noticed a dog going over to where my sheet was. Next thing I knew, he had lifted his leg over my cushion. Of course it was too late. By the time I got there, the cushion was soaked. Luckily I saw one of the hotel staff picking up the tents of those who had camped on the beach.

I told him with dismay what the dog did apologizing profusely as if I owned it. He was completely unfazed. Later I was laughing to myself at how I had just screamed the word in Urdu for the animal. I sounded like Sultan Rahi, this Punjabi hero from the 70s on, who was in all the most famous Pakistani Punjabi movies.

Whenever is saw posters of him as a child, he literally looked insane to me. Who in turn was screaming them back. I had seen Maula Jat, or I should say a part of it, because a newer version was coming out with the most beautiful actor Pakistan possessed, Fawad Khan. I figured it was good to watch the original before. It was there that I realized how crazy the Punjabi movies in those retro decades were.

Even the women were violent, toting guns and cursing out everyone, even the police, even if they were already inside the jail. They were always plus-size and the personification of vulgarity. When they danced it felt like they were trying to bring on an earthquake. Sultan Rahi was the only hero for the longest time. There was also only one villain, Mustafa Qureshi. They both looked like they were in their 50s. Both wore wigs. In fact most of the male cast wore wigs.

That itself was nuts. The Punjabi film industry was like the craziest ever. But the one thing the industry had that no other in the world did was Madam Nur Jahan. Hence the songs were insanely good. The lyrics, the composition, the rendition. Madam sang each track like she was the lead actress. My favourite. I missed the chance to swim because the wind just kept picking up. That made me sad but I was really happy with the aloe vera applications I was doing multiple times a day.

Plus most of the time there was no electricity so no one was gazing in the mirror anyway. Otherwise, it was making my face feel so cool and soft, I applied it every chance I got. After I got back for the day and I bathed, I applied some again. When I started running out I called the driver in Karachi and told him to bring me a little.

Anything to not wear the sunblock I had. The bottle alone brought on vivid memories of stinging eyes. The swimsuit, different from anything I had ever worn in my life was working out perfectly. The top, which was usually a tankini, was a full sleeved rashguard and the bottoms, always a pair of surfboard shorts, was like a legging. I had borrowed it from a friend who wears a burka.

She was surprised I wanted it. I had told her the water might be cold. That was the reason I had the rashguard too. I thought I would be warmer. I was really lucky because I would not have been able to swim at all in my tankini and shorts. I noticed that no men took off their shirts even when they went into the water.

They wore shorts that were bermudas at least. If they went in at all that is. They would wade in, hang out in the water, even sit in it and then leave. The women only wore full clothing, western or eastern. I heard some people from Karachi wore what they would in Miami but not mostly. Generally, the consideration, people showed for the culture of where they were was remarkable and impressive. It made me know that going forward this would be my gear for sure.

I felt less cold when I got out of the water and no part of my body got burnt. Or even dark, making outlines everywhere. Thanks to Sami I had gotten a pair of water shoes and they were amazing. Yup, the suit had changed forever. At about 4pm I decided to go back hunting for the water pools near a reef on a beach about a 15 minute bike ride from the hotel.

I figured if I missed the ocean maybe I could dunk in one of them instead. It was Sami who had told me about it and showed me pictures. Once I got there for the first half an hour I was distracted by shells again so I began perusing the sand for whatever caught my eye.

It made me appreciate the notion of the pursuit of beauty. Why one could easily travel the world if they thought something existed that had to be possessed only because it was beautiful. God forbid if someone had told me that a certain kind of shell existed in Ormara that I liked, I would have stayed 15 instead of 5 days looking for it. I definitely wanted one of those. And, lucky me, I had found a few on day one! It also made me realize that I was probably a nightmare to travel with once the camera emerged.

I literally wanted to take a shot of the same thing every two minutes. The kid on the bike was different. Every day when we went out I had to tell keep his eyes on the road, or the beach, as it happened to be most time. Every few seconds he was distracted by the water or the columns, the cliffs and the dry plateaus around them. I guess he wondered what I was going to take a shot of next. I knew that because sometimes he would suggest I get off the bike and take my time to do it by approaching the subject.

On one of those rides back when the sun was setting and the waves were gently lapping up to the shore, I felt a pang of envy. Karachiites were lucky to have such a spot only five hours away. Not to mention the most amazing drive through Hingol for an hour and a half of it. I had felt like that when in Islamabad in the last few years too. The mountains, all kinds of them, one more beautiful and different than the other, were only a few hours away.

There was Islamabad four hours away and as lovely as it was, it was still a city. I did have my village which was almost three hours away but there the stay was different. It was definitely picturesque and relaxing but the area in which I moved was extremely limited.

But Lahore has what is its jewel inside the city. Most Lahoris have never even been. That would be the same as being from Karachi and never having gone to the beach. He is the reason we have missed being devastated by wars where enemies basically walked into the center of the city only to turn around of their own will. Where we were not destroyed because bombs fell from planes and landed on the banks of the Ravi unexploded.

After when I asked my Mamu about it to confirm it was true and not fiction for her writing, he told me the part about how the Indians crossed the Wagah border and reached the Parliament House on the Mall, a few miles from our home, because we had sent our entire tank platoon expecting the attack somewhere else. It was a victory over the city that is the heart of the country. But we do. When I got to the reef initially I got distracted by, you guessed it, shells again.

Then I came upon it and it was perfect because it was right at the edge of the reef, so it was like sitting at the edge of the ocean. The view of the cliff opposite, Hammer Head, was serene. She found it. I was following tradition. They had packed a lunch and we drove around looking for a chashma, a spring, to sit around and eat it. Then I saw one that nobody else did. I told my aunt. She made her husband turn around and lo and behold, we came upon it.

Everyone could have their own spot to dunk themselves in and just lounge around. When I got home I showered and went to sleep early. In expectation that it might be super windy again I wanted to get up early and swim. The next day for breakfast I ordered the gotaala eggs and a paratha. The eggs were good. I was hungry so I ate a lot. When I headed to the beach, I saw an old man with two little kids sitting by this boat parked permanently in front of the hotel.

I looked over at the kids. They looked like they were five. Adorable age! I asked the old man to tell them to help me look for shells. The one who got the most beautiful one would get a prize, I told him to tell them. Sometimes I said yes and other times no just to keep them interested. When we were near the water, I placed them on a spot and gestured that we would race back. One of them stopped half way but the other kid whizzed towards his father.

Once I thought I had left them to his safekeeping, I sprinted towards the water to swim. It was lovely. The kids had followed me thinking it was another race. They played in the water, splashing around in it and laughed. The laugh of a child when they love something is one of the most beautiful sights in the world. After the swim I changed and decided to go sit on the beach and listen to music again. The dogs that were not present before turned up.

First they fought one another and then ran away. One of them started walking directly towards me. I was lying down. When I saw that the dog was literally coming to where I was sitting I sat up. When it kept coming closer, without breaking a stride, I was surprised. I picked up my shoe and gestured as if I would throw it at it. It always worked before.

The dog was unfazed and kept coming closer. Finally I put the shoe down and just looked at it, frozen. The dog came all the way up to my sheet and plopped just itself on the edge of it. I was so shocked I got up in a hurry and pulled the spread towards me, worried the dog was going to pee on it again. I grabbed my hat, my Ipod and headphones and stood up moving away hurriedly from the umbrella.

When I looked at it I realized what was happening. It wanted shade and it was taking mine. I guess the dogs owned the beach. And why not? They spent more time on it than anyone else. Taking my shade and space was a bit much. I would have been just staring at it like a nut and not enjoyed one second of being there.

It was my second last day and I had decided I was going to go for a walk in the cliffs on the other side to find more rocks that have the clear imprints of shells in them. It was the coolest present possible for a child. The medium cheddar I had brought had matured to a nice vintage from the heat and I was enjoying eating it with the milky bread.

While I waited for it to get a little cooler a the hotel I looked through my photos. I had over There were hardly any people to begin with. A person in my shot is at the periphery of it anyway. They accent the photo, like a butterfly in a garden, never appear as the central figure in it.

Two countries which I have photographed extensively, Morocco and Syria, the locals never allow a shot of them. Of the million in Pakistan, there are only 12 million Baluchis. To that end I had noticed since I had entered the province that not one person had been donning a mask.

Whether it was the staff at the hotel or the army personnel at the check posts, even the guests. A prison guard in New Mexico had been fired for declining to be jabbed and he had sued the prison. The route the Federal Government and the UK were going to take was already hinted at. Since the testing route was not going to work for every weekend or all other times one wanted to see a movie or eat at a restaurant, the vaccine would ultimately end up being the only option.

The most worrying issue being acknowledged globally was around inequality. Would it be exacerbated making an already terrible imbalance worse? In Pakistan only the elite were discussing vaccines. That too only because of travel. The airlines were going to require a jab for sure. They had never been able to make the public do anything. A few years ago, for security reasons, it was decided that each person had to prove through a government-issued ID that they owned their phone sim or the number would be terminated.

For months there was a huge fuss around it as people scrambled to establish their link to their numbers. Then there was the push to widen the tax bracket. It was totally fair ask, since apparently of the million plus people living in the country, the number of filers was 2 million. Of that , were only added in after the Prime Minister begged for an IMF loan which mandated the broadening of the net. First he said the purchase of cars would not be allowed for non-filers.

Then, to really turn on the pressure, he made the purchase of real estate impossible for non-filers. So what happened? No cars were bought or sold for months. The real estate market came to a screeching halt. In the game of who blinks first, in Pakistan its always the government. I should do it in my own country. Meanwhile, three years on, the Government has yet to extract a single cent from over hundreds of billions that the Sharif Brothers and Zardari and others have in wealth all over the world.

While I sat in my room reading an excellent personal history piece in an old New Yorker, The Florida Shuffle, my bed facing the window towards the parking lot, I saw cars and their occupants coming and going. The hotel was cheap; Rs. If not more. Some people were just using tents on the beach which were only Rs. That meant anybody from Karachi could afford it, even students. The fact that there was no internet, no electricity, no hot water turned out to be good.

Environmentally speaking. Except maybe the internet. I think people can no longer live without it. The more I thought about it, when something is available in abundance, the use of it is entirely unchecked. There is tremendous wastage. Whether it comes to light or water or food. I bathed over five days in water I might use in one long shower in Lahore in the winter. I used electricity for two hours at night at best.

I decided to have a cup of tea in the little balcony outside my room and stare at the water. There I had an idea. Summer was fast approaching and the ads for lawn were starting to appear everywhere in each city. Giant billboards of cloth made by dozens of designers trying to capture as much as possible of a large market. I have a friend in Lahore who is a designer. I made a mental note to tell her to use the cliffs and water as the base to place her fabric over rather than the skin of a model.

Have the biggest billboards and put a print just over the water with the cliffs looming behind it and to reverse it in another. Drape the mountains with the fabric and show the water as is. Or the sand. Or the sky. In my head it looked stunning. I laughed to myself; I had uncovered yet another way to minus people from the scene. When I rose for Fajr I stepped outside after the prayer to see the dawn. I wondered if I should stay awake till the sunrise which was still about half an hour away. Why not, I thought?

I could always nap in the afternoon. I put on a jacket and stepped out onto the beach. It was a different kind of serene at that time of the day. I had been on the beach all by myself many times over the last few days but there had been dogs and birds. Now there was no one. I took my Ipod and listened to Surah Yaseen and started walking, waiting for the sun to appear. When it did, it was difficult to tell apart in appearance from when it sets.

It was Friday so lots of people were expected but not till after noon. I decided to have breakfast and head for a swim. The water was calm again like a pool. On top of that it was inviting only me. After the swim I called Amir to clean the porch that I had made messy with sand and water.

He was wearing a hat. It was the first time I had seen him in one, despite the intense sun, in which he had been driving me around and as soon as I saw him it clicked. For a few days now I had been thinking his face was looking familiar to me.

But then I thought, everyone looks like someone. When I saw him in the hat I knew who it was. The indian actor in Ram Leela. I told him the guy was huge star in India. It was beyond refreshing. I repeat the same verse or insert the same hadith, sometimes even an incident from my personal life in several of my pieces.

I wished he would make a biopic instead of the epic stories. I think he would like it. The day was going to be slow. I would just take the keys and go by myself to one spot that I wanted to photograph again. The car meant I could take tea, something to snack on, sit on and chill out, when the sun was going down.

Till then I thought I would read something else from the New Yorker. I found a fascinating piece on Amazon, The Unstoppable Machine. It was riveting from the beginning. In , Gates asks for a meeting with Bezos. He suggests Tuesday or Wednesday. After I carefully went through my colossal shell collection and chose the ones I would take to Karachi. It was then that I also happened to look into a window which had a reflective coating on it that made it a mirror.

I was taken aback at how dark my face was. I kept coming closer and closer to it, tilting my face in all directions, then pushing my t-shirt below my neck to confirm if I was really that dark. Not burned, just a super dark shade of brown. I still had one more swim day before me and it was in the morning so another shade yet was possible.

That happens anyway when I travel. The area was not only clear, it was super smooth. I laughed and reminded myself I had one more swim day left before heading to Karachi. I spent the afternoon writing. A large group of what looked like police cadets had arrived. There were 16 single tents on the beach.

Meanwhile the driver called and told me he would be arriving by 6pm. That was perfect in terms of me driving the car somewhere to catch the sunset. By the time I reached the sun was already over the cliff so I just walked around the beach and collected yet another kind of shell.

I listened to a lecture by Sheikh Nurjan, which I was not expecting to do. It was about surrender. It was very intense and it made me cry a lot; The Immense Power of Nothingness. When you are nothing and you are reading the Quran, you have to know that Allah is not talking to you.

Because you are nothing. You have to annihilate yourself. In your nothingness you will enter the ocean of Everything. And each reality has its darajaat, ranks and an infinite journey towards the Lord of Power. There are two doors to this reality. One is in your approach to the Divine, in which you think of yourself as something and you want to know about your something-ness. You begin to read religious texts and it seems like a dialogue between you and your Lord.

And you pursue that way of thinking and you drift, some slow, some fast, each farther and farther and farther away from the haqaiq, the truths. So the Auliya Allah, the Friends of God, came, by all their struggles, to guide people through a different door. They say the secret of reaching reality is to negate yourself at this door. Then he spoke the verse of the Prophet Yunus as , Jonah, from tbe belly of the whale where he was in darkness for 40 days;. I myself have caused all the problems.

And the dua, the supplication, of the oppressor is not accepted. That is why you should read the dua of the Sultan e Auliya. Never a word about themselves, or their importance or of why this and why that. If I have a choice between belief and disbelief, I choose to come through the door of disbelief. Who am I to say what I believed was correct, what I did was correct. I know my bad characteristics. Deflate yourself before Allah deflates you. The one who went through the other door is inflating themselves.

SoY has some posts on this theme. I absolutely enjoy your pieces. Ghar bati chitti aegyayee. Abhilasha, Welcome to Songs of Yore and thanks a lot for your appreciation. I am happy that you found the blog useful in your professional work. Subodhji 4 2 Neeraj songs mentioned by you include by far the subtlest contrast lines.

I had posted the following in the morning but I got the message regarding duplicate comment. As the comment has not appeared yet, I am repeating it. Tribute to Talat Mahmood on his death anniversary actually late by 2 days Again a pair of pairs featuring a Talat song in each. Your writings tickles back my decaying grey cells.

Or is it another contrary view? Point to ponder! Of late the scenario has changed. Now the new destinations are Mumbai, Delhi, Punjab, Kerala etc. It is about a farmer forced to move to Kolkata and operate a hand-pulled rickshaw to pay off his debt back home. There are other films too like the film Gaman. I remember another film, Bhojpuri film, Bidesiya. Bhookh na jaane baasi bhat, neend na jaane tooti khat, preet na jaane jaat kujaat Hunger knows no stale rice, sleep knows no broken cot, love knows no barriers of caste.

Those were the famous dialogue from Bidesiya, He replies, and his companions do the same, addressing the camera. There are many Hindi film songs which can be used as mirror s to reflect the many contrasting situations and mood of those rural and small town folks. Rafi depicts the pangs of those leaving their villages.

Although the next song cannot be exactly termed as a contra song, yet I am posting it because it creates a sequence, a continuity. It expresses a request, an underlying hope of return. And the commentary preceding the song adds an appropriate lead up to the song and the situation.

It seems this is a cover song of Mukesh , but the rendition is impressive. Shailendra and S D Burman combines to produce another gem. Now the contra song. The Ghar Wapsi happens. And it is no different for the migrant workers. The feeling of comfort in their homes, in their native places make them trek for miles with no money, no food. Aa ab laut chale Aa ab laut chale Nain bichaye baahe pasare Tujhko pukare desh tera. Aankh hamari manzil par hai Dil me khushi ki masti ki lahar hai Lakh lubhaye mahal paraye.

I will have to discuss with some scholar if it is meant in the sense you have suggested. But for the sake of discussion it can surely mean what you are saying. It is starker and more real than what we read in literature. Now there is tremendous confusion. In desperation they started on foot, and are now stranded in droves at different places back of beyond. Then there is now talk of opening up of the economy.

Should they go back to their workplaces in the hope of resuming their jobs, or carry on towards their villages where the people might have enforced their own lockdown to stop these unwelcome people. Plus there are hardly commensurate economic opportunities there.

Continued from 66 Even if the Ghar Wapsi is for a few days, see the joy it evokes, the spring in the feet. Aajaan and Pt. Ravi Shaknkar come together to produce another masterpiece, in the voice of Md. Among the new destinations, Bombay the Maya Nagai, holds an attraction for many for varied reasons. Presenting another contrasting situation. But all are not that fortunate, like our protagonist in Gaman. Many of them stuck at their place of work.

And even those returning during unusual times know they have no recourse other than returning again to their life of drudgery. They try to find solace in social mixing and dancing to their satirical songs. I remember Sidharth Bhatia in Navketan The modern cinema arguing. In the context of contrast to Seene me jalan — — — — is shahar mein har shaks pareshan sa kun hai The following.

AK Ji and Rahul Ji, Many thanks for this treasure hunting post, which is really an absolute brain teaser, finding songs with contrasting colours and emotions. Jagmag jagmag karta nikla Chand poonam ka pyara Meri chandni bichhad gayi Mere ghar me hua andhiyara. Arvinder Sharmaji 74, These are surely pair of opposite songs.

Please carry on, but if you could find pairs having some general contrasting ideas that would fit more. In any case a short explanation of the contrast would be most welcome. Rahulji 72, Thank you for the response. You have pointed out the contrast between the characters in Gaman and Chitchor well. You have further extended my sequence on Pardes and Ghar Wapsi.

Sahir Ludhyanvi should score at least a point more than the MDs of the respective films. AKji 67, Your learned words are enough for me. You have given a very poignant view on the situation of migrant labour. Thanks for the answer. Aap to Poonam ka chand se ab Eid ka chand ho gaye ho Arvinderji.

Venkatramanji, At 66, you quoted some famous dialogue from Bhojpuri film Bidesia. I invite your attention to a song from this film. This one song has two opposite views. Isk kare oo jiski jeb mein maal baa re balmu. Manna Dey and Mahendra Kapoor. MD- S. Tripathi, Lyrics- Ram Murti Chaturvedi. Hai aag hamaare seen mein. Jis desh mein ganga bahati hai. Shailendra, SJ. May I request you and AKji to please give the links. I think I must learn about obtaining links. Thanks for the creative post.

Shachindra Prasadji 83, I am giving the link to the post, and expect AKji will give his views. This is really a nice topic. You have explained contrast in various aspects of life very well. There are lots and lots of contrasting songs and I agree with Mumbaikar8 that this should be kept for longer period. Muliji has spoken for many of us, because contrast is part of life. Every situation brings contrasting emotions and results for various people.

In our films there has been endless contrasting situations. Some of them have been highlighted in the write up and many more by friends. I would like to post some songs on these themes as I have many of them in my mind. But, first I would like to mention another one. God has been invoked in our films in I dont know in how many situations. In many films his existence has been challenged. Shiv Bhakta which came in was one such film. I give here two songs from that film. In this he is all for the god, but in the other one he challenges god.

There was another film Janam Janam Ke Phere in which the hero is a nastik and all are after him to make him a believer. Soon the situation changes when he becomes a bhakt, he even leaves his wife for finding god and as it always happens in the end a compromising situation is reached. There are two songs from the film, one when he was a nastik and the other when he seeks god and the wife seeks him. The second one is a duet in which the husband is after god and wife is after him.

Positive is one which is beneficial to many whereas Negative to few. Trouble makers always go negative. Communists and phony secularists remain doubtful. I am not so sure about that or perhaps I belong to canine crowd In the long journey of life we gain experience but tend to drain out physically emotionally, mentally and even financially depending upon the card we are dealt by destiny.

Learning anything and everything is not even worth trying because one might now even have enough time to utilize newly gained knowledge. Unless the journey of learning itself is very exciting. Venkataramanji 80 Venkataramanji you have cited very good example of contrasting songs from the same movie lyric by nonother than Sahir.

We can interpret it as contrasting pair. Dr Shetty 60, 61, The contrast is not very clear to me. That is why I requested for explanation of ideas and lyrics which many readers have done. Hans ji 84 Thanks for your kind words.

On the subject of God here is what Comes to my mind Two films separated by more than 25 years featuring legends one of them belonged to twilight period of one legend while the other came from the period of purple patch of that legend Both the films however had a common backdrop of British Raj. Sagina has Dilip Kumar singing Uparwala dukhiyon ki nahi sunata re where Majrooh sounds almost Sahirsque bit milder though when he.

Sounded my scholar friend on this. He agreed that yes, it can mean this. Now just think of it, we were talking about a pair of contrasting ideas, songs. Can you think of any aphorism which contains its exact opposite too within itself? Another manifestation of the Supreme Reality? This makes me wonder why they described Him in Negation.

One positive I can see in this negative is that it led to Adi Shankaracharya expanding its meaning to negation of worldly attractions. Migrants plight would pain even the most insensitive. Incidentally one Yaksh Prashna was, Who was happy? Ishq kare u jiski jeb mein maal baa re balamu is an excellent find. One party says romancing can be the pastime of only the rich, and the other party comes up with a riposte that one has to be a dilwala for ishq.

A wealthy man without dil can be a total idiot in romance. I think every muqabala qawwali has two contrasting ideas. Think of Teri mehfil mein kismat aazama kar hum bhi dekhenge, Tere kadamon mein sar apna jhuka kar hum bhi dekheneg. This is also about two views of love. Hans 85, Thanks a lot or your appreciation. Since God is the cause of whatever happens on the earth, Bollywood is right in blaming Him when He plays the dice unfairly.

Why should He play the dice at all, when He knows what is right and wrong, and accordingly reward and punish? Thanks a lot for giving many shades of God-songs. Mr Muli 92, Thanks for expanding the shades of God songs. I only hope He follows Bollywood and does not cause unexpected mass sufferings like the one the world is going through at present. By all means punish those who cause stampede at liquor shops, but why the innocents, why the desperate migrant labour?

The Covid19 has swamped the distinction between Commies, Liberals and all kinds of labels. It is difficult to find such a perfect fit. But if we stretch a little can this be a Arnab-Ravish pair? If you approve this, then: Arnab: Tujhko mirchi lagi to main kya karun Think of Ravish. Subodh 88, Nice pairs. Not only from the same film, but also one derived from the other in the same meter.

But the contrast is that she is still hoping that she may atleast be able to meet him somewhere someday. Mehmood is continuously warning Shubha Khote about the lurking dangers in the world of love but she is fearless and ready to fight anything and anyone for love.

She gives a loud message…love is not for the chicken hearted. Dr Shetty 99, , Single songs having contrasting emotions are very interesting. Your examples are perfect fit. Mr Joseph , Thanks a lot for the explanations. Without this it was very difficult what contrasts you were referring. Mr Muli , It is very gratifying that you gave a thought to the plight of sharabis.

You could make out from the stampede, melee, and sometimes police lathis on their back, that they are in a more miserable condition than the migrant labour. Soon artificial limits were imposed, less than needed for survival. Then the shops were shut suddenly. The least they deserved was to be treated with dignity in their misery.

I hope home delivery addresses these problems. Thanks for remembering this deprived section, and thanks for posting two interesting songs. Corona is a great leveller. Mr Joseph Chotisi ye duniya is a beautiful contrast song for Zindagi ke. Safar me guzar jate hai Umrabhar chahe koi pukara kare unka naam Wo phir nahi aate. When a sharabi falls down no one lifts him up, but when the economy collapses only he lifts it up.

Mr Muli, Mumbaikar 8, Thanks for remembering these selfless deshbhakts. Temples, mosques closed, liquor shops open. I particularly disliked c in the movie. It seemed to be forced, and picturisation seemed clumsy. I think I still have not grasped the idea behind this concept in full.

An abstract idea has been expanded like the expanding universe we live in and presented in a delightful manner. I would dab the post avant garde. No doubt you reign supreme in your world of blogmaster. Cuius regio eius religio. I am expounding my muddled thinking on the post with the following two songs from the same film — Ek Gaon ki Kahani both by Talat Mahmood and well known fitting into the theme of horse cart songs.

In the first song Talat Mahmood as a doctor is arriving at the village in a happy mood to serve in that capacity. In the second song he is leaving the village fully disillusioned at the turn of events with a tearful Mala Sinha watching from the house. Tere bina zindagi se koi shikwa toh nahin ….

AK ji I conclude sharab chapter on my part with an oft repeated alibi of the tipplier and an antidote often suggested by teatotalers. Mr Rangan , I would not be so presumptuous as to explain to you the idea behind the concept. However, I would not include the pair of songs from Raat ne kya kya khwab dikhaye. My focus was on two opposites — proverbs, aphorisms, ideas — which are both truths.

The discussions have widened to include songs of similar lyrics or similar phrases but talking of contrasting emotions. Waiting for your comeback. Muli ji You said in Sharabi Dev puts two conditions. Link to the first one is given here. As he had already told Madhumati and her dancer friend that they are kamsin, so he thought it better to be silent in Link to the Ye Raat phir na aayegi song.

I think this is a fit contra song pair. There is one more pair of songs on the same theme. But in Vaasna the hero is reprimanding her for the same thing. This one talks about the jalwa in a positive sense. Is this not a contra song of the two above. AKji You spoke of very popular muqabla kawwali songs with contrasting ideas.

That reminds me of a poular song, of course a muqabla song, with a difference. I consider this song rather offbeat with respect to the core concept and wavelength of this post. Yet, the aphoristic lyrics of great Shailendra convincingly qualify it for inclusion here.

The hero and the heroine are on collage stage posing questions to each other that are clearly answered through counter questions. Harmony and contradiction coexist in every stanza. Lata and Rafi have sweetly sung under Shankar Jaykishan.

Please link it up if you think it fits the bill. Please listen it on you tube. You would remember this centred around internal contradiction, such as 1. But our philosophy is synthesis of different views. There must be a way to harmonise them. Shachindraji , Nice song fitting the theme perfectly. Every stanza has an inner contradiction and its resolution.

Here is the song:. The first one talks of jeher peena while the second talks of living with gay abandon. Continuing their respective stances in the second antara Nargis presents woman as pativrata with laaj ka dharam and Helen portrays herself as albeli Chingari inviting everybody to take lessons from her. A song of internal contrasts. It repeatedly emphasises the nature of life that… you shall have some sad situations and some happy situations.

In this song you hear internal contrast all through. The song repeats … dark times shall always end which means good times are sure to follow. Mr Muli , This is superb. Khullam khulla pyar karenge hum dono. Contrast this with Pyaas kuchh aur bhI bhadaka di jhalak dikhala ke, tujhko parda rukh-e-roshan se hatana hoga. If this passes muster then new-age love songs and old soft, romantic songs would present a perfect contrast. The contrasting messages … though there may be hundreds of problems in life but we must face life with a smile.

AKji Thanks for appreciation Actually I had khullam khulla in my list pitted against Main tujhse milne aayi mandir jane ke bahane from Heera but your choice is far better. But here is a contrast to that contrast a where old age love is yearning for physical presence in the form of a wailing lament Laut ke aa — Rani Roopmati — — Bharat Vyas b new age hero philosophically accepting the absence may be he is a businessman therefore converts problem into opportunity Tera na hona hi — Jab We Met — Iqbal Kamil Mr Joseph has mentioned laut ke aa earlier but with other song.

Muli ji I mentioned the songs in a lighter vein only, though I agree with AK that there not much contrast in the two song situations. You also study lyrics very closely. Since you are on duniya, l would also like to post a few songs though with a different turn. In most of the golden era films the leading pair were faced with the wrath of general public. I have two different counters to this. Both the songs are very high my favorite list. Though a die hard SD fan I believe that lyrics are equally important at least for the song to remain relevant even after 60 years.

AK, Rahulji, Hans, Getting very interesting. I had thought about but it but got lazy to post. Back to fiddling. Contra ghunghat songs Hata de ghunghat from Fareb. Mumbaikar8, Ghunghat offers many possibilities. It is a barrier to achieving the reality, but on the way the lady can be playful: Ghunghat nahin kholun re sainya tore aage. One who has understood the truth is matter of fact: Ghunghat ke pat khol re tohe piya milenge.

The songs presented here or the write-up may not be exactly related to the theme of the post, contra songs. But linking it to the comments of Mumbaikarji , I am taking the liberty to give a touch of contradiction. I hope you would excuse me for this transgression. Serious thought and reflections do occur during trifling times. And there will be lighter moments during darker times, too. That reminds me of a saying by a German playwright and poet.

Yes, there will also be singing About the dark times. Hindi cinema has songs expressing every possible human impulse, fun, romantic and sad songs. Sahir Ludhianvi presents some bitter home truths about the lives of the poor and the homeless with an intense satire. Most of will know the background of the lyrics and the satire aimed at. I am not going into those details. Chin-o-arab hamara, hindostan hamara Rahane ko ghar nahi hai, sara jahan hamara Hindostan hamara.

Patala hai hal-e-apana, lekin lahu hai gadha Phaulad se bana hai, har naujavan hamara Mil-julake is vatan ko, aisa sajayege ham Hairat se munh takega sara jahan hamara. But it is not despondency alone; there are songs of optimism, hope and positive vibes, reminding us not to slip into despair as we battle our own dark times.

Borrowing a few lines from poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz. Almost 60 years later producers of Begum Jaan found the song still relevant. AK ji Parada is a variant of ghungat. I am shifting focus back to god. Here again there is internal countering. Kishore Kumar is confident but Nargis says in matters of the heart nothing can be said. In previous post please read Madhubala for Nargis. It is a big mistake though unintentional error.

Sorry for the mistake. AK This Amul oldie was telecast alongwith Ramayan etc in the beginning, when there were less ads. Felt nice with nostalgia. Actually you have covered examples from many fields of life in your write up. The themes presented and others mentioned by friends are bringing a storm of songs to my mind. I am trying to limit them by connecting them with words and phrases and looking for contrasts.

The contra song is from Nartaki. Was he writing it as a counter to the gharana song, because the song is a mujra song. Bachchan was always curious how she looked. Once she appeared without parda and he was shocked to find her very ugly. Dil ka diya jala ke gaya from Akashdeep. Another Chitragupta gem for Lata Mangeshkar.

Bujha diye hain khud apne hathon muhabbaton ke diye jalake by Lata sing alike Suman Kalyanpur in Shagoon. Muli ji I am posting contra songs on addressed to Ram. Normally we find more songs addressed to Krishan. Hey rom rom men basne wale Ram main tujhse kya mangu. Here Waheeda is reluctant in asking for favours though she herself is in big trouble.

Duniya men tera hai bada naam from Loafer. In the above song Shammi Kapoor seeks a meeting of the eyes. But OP Ralhan wishes to avoid the nazar which is haunting him. Hans, AK, The Uljhan created by you led me to qarar. Ki daulat in hum pyar me. Now you have created so much uljhan that I have lost all my qaraar. I really envy the guy who has no such dilemma. Get rid of all the illusions, follow one path and that will take you to the Supreme Being.

I am willing to try even that though I am a teetotaller, but the police lathis deter me. I salute the deshbhakts who braved all that to contribute to the empty state coffers. But this filled me with shame at myself, and I asked friends for guidance, is there a way for the non- sharabis to become deshbhakt? Their advice brought me to square one — buy liquor, you may not drink but we would.

But we know the perils of pyar. Is that so simple? I have to sometimes tell my wife, it is no use crying over spilt milk — after all the loss is so trivial. And every time she blows her top, hits the ceiling and flies off the handle — all at once. Yet, there are times when you have to lock the stable after the horses have bolted. At least keep those remaining inside. But in spite of promises of food, shelter and monthly cash doles in their accounts, the shramiks forced open some gates and escaped helter-skelter.

There was a period of confusion whether to lock or open, until Shramik Specials were organised. Now the Racecourses have to open to keep the wheels of economy running. But where are the horses? Would they come back? There is a talk of taking Racecourses local, at Bareilly, Balia, Buxar?

Oh, no! I am getting sucked into the same circularity. Mr Muli, Thanks a lot but I know you perfectly understand my plight. I am waiting to hear from the other suspects. First of all let me compliment you for an excellent rhetoric. I do not have the techniques or the skill to express my views in a subtle manner. I will leave the task to the other accomplished members to whom you have also addressed your comments. There are diverse hues of Swamis and Swamys around and abound. But I have only one Paramahamsa to guide me through.

AK ji, Arre! Aap aur unresolved uljhane! Here is another teetotaler in the group, but not singing Apne jeevan ke uljhan ko kaise main suljhaaoon….. Instead, he sings…. Jeevan hai ek sapna Madhur suhana sapna…. Let us be forewarned…. So, I shall better ride an ass than a horse that will throw me down! In reality, he is the Swami Master of everything he surveys! Dr Shetty, Any medical professional is also a psychiatrist. I am Ek and the brains trying to break free of the Lockdown are Anek.

Therefore, you would appreciate my plight. Fortunately, we are so minuscule that the world is in safe hands with the socially useful people. Belated congratulations on a very topical and interesting post. Ashwin, Thanks a lot for your appreciation. Nice pair of contra-songs.

Another very befitting song for part A of the pair is: Marana teri gali mein, jeena teri gali mein — Lata Mangeshkar, Shabab. AK First let me relate a story. In the early 90s during a Departmental training we went on a study tour to Udaipur. One of our colleagues who was from Orissa slipped into that unknown to us despite warning on the placard and also by his friend from the same Ministry. We had to wait for around one hour before the attendant brought him.

It was early January and he was sweating. This was just a story. Although you do not have the bottle but the intoxication of SOY and old songs is enough. In fact you have slipped into this state on your own because suggestions were made to get out of the uljhan. It came into mind that Buxar Ballia etc you suggested for local racecourses might as well seek a local PM. What would happen then. Hans, Thanks a lot for your very inspiring words. You have proved that the Most Useless People also get useful ideas.

I have asked my friends to keep all the invoices of the liquor they buy during the Lockdown period, and I would reimburse them for the taxes. Mumbaikar8 Very nice songs and perfect contra songs. Here are some shaadi songs. AK ji From Ashwin ji seems like second wave in the offing. Hans ji Here is another perfect pair of shadi contrast A : Shaadi ke liye Rajamand kar li — Devi — Anand Bakshi During those days we use to think that Sanjeev Kumar had got his leave sanctioned for shaadi B wo pari kaha se lau — Pehchan -Varma mallik.

Many of us here are nearing or already crossed In this song Raj Kapoor is very agitated. That was a film, but even if somebody calls us Buddha we may feel it. I may tell here that in Haryana rural areas, old husband wife call each other budha and budhia in lighter vein.

It may seem impossible but it is not. Even raam is there. Lyrics Majrooh and music RDB. I am not posting link to the Sangam song. Another pair of contra songs with a complaint of exactly opposite colour made to the lover. High teetotaler is a gone case. Nain ladana aur nain milana. Main to tum sang nain mila ke.. Hansji Everybody likes a good story and if there is moral to the story. Chale The Saath Milke, Md. Benevolent Feudalism! But why do you want to deprive them of some redemption by way of paying taxes.

Let them also earn some Punnya. Please lend an ear to their prayer. Manzil apni hai, aatma apni hai matwale hai hum, nikal lenge, dhoond lenge aur uljhan ko suljha bhi lenge Aakhir uljhan hi to hai sulajh jayegi. While on the subject of Shaddi, here are my pair of tuppence!

Ramchandra, Lyricist — Rajinder Krishan. Would this pair qualify? Kaun kambakht hai jo bardasht karne ke liye peeta hai? Main toh peeta hoon ke bas sans le sakoon! Another similar gentleman, this time in colour, said the same thing. But, with his handsome friend, also energetically sang… Sheeshe se sheesha takraye..

Thodi si jo pee lee hai Chori toh nahin kee hai..! A lady surprised me with her.. Haan ji haan maine sharab pee hai that too Thodi si nahin, behisaab pee hai.. Her friend went farther.. Kaise rahoon chup ke maine pee hi kya hai Hosh abhi bhi hai baaki Aur zara si dede saqi …. Abhi toh haath mein jaam hai Toba kitne kaam hai Kabhi mile fursat toh dekha jaayega Duniya ke baare mein phir socha jaayega…. Met this till then Sharif, honhaar, charitravan , punyatma Kumar who, to drown his dukh , learnt to down a few sips..

Maine peena seekh liya.. Paap kaho ya punya kaho Maine jeena seekh liya.. Gam uthane ke liye main toh piye jaoonga.. Inspite of a lady, perhaps not the one who had broken his heart , insisting.. Gam ki dawa toh pyaar hai Gam ki dawa sharab nahin. But, contrastingly, yet to meet someone who sang… Jab se sarkar ne razamandi tod dee, Mano ya na mano humne peeni chod di..

They have taken the discussions to a different level. Hans , , Perfect contra pair. Venkataramanji , , If I have got rid of my uljhans I have to immensely thank you for all the gyan. And you would not believe, now they say I should not insist on invoices but accept their self-declaration. You are an accounts man, you can guide me whether this is permissible in the present case. It is not a very old transaction, and to my knowledge it is always with a bill.

Dr Shetty , Amazing you are so spirited without the spirit. Nice sharabi songs. They have been objects of ridicule, only now we realise their importance in the national economy. Government would never dissuade them. Some states which mistakenly imposed prohibition are now the most miserable for having deprived themselves of this generous section of selfless donors. Maybe I have earlier told this story in one of our meetings, but there is no harm in repeating it for our other friends here.

We picked him up and brought in our house and by common manoeuvres like sprinkling lot of water and making him drink chhaachh brought him to his senses. At that time we got enraged and pushed him out of our house. So moral of the story, our economy is in safe hands. You can derive your own lessons from the story.

Many songs we may find women deprecating themselves very few examples of their assertion. Presenting one such sher of assertion that I love and have mentioned before. Raja Mehndi Ali Khan doing both. Hans, Venkataramanji, Bollywood has engaged itself with serious discussions on paap-punya too. Something like Shareef Badmash. With so much gyan with Bollywood now no one needs to go to any Guru or the caves of Himalayas for enlightenment. The examples of self-deprecating women are many as you have rightly observed.

This has to do with long conditioning across cultures. Let me give you a good example of an assertive woman: Main hun gori nagin dekhungi rasiya, kaise aaj nahin baaje teri been re. This one may also be an assertive woman who is commanding the snake-charmer to play his been: Sapera been baja, been baja, naachungi. The aforesaid songs may not aim to cleanse that stereotype, but they make a statement by giving agency to the woman.

However whether happy or sad , raat always has been described in positive term like Suhani Raat Dhal chuki, itni Hassen itni jawa raat, rangbirangi. And in the golden era it is very difficult to find a movie not having a song mentioning chand.

Roj akeli aaye — Mere apne -Gulzar We know how akeli raat can be tantalising as in Jewel thief. But here it is bhikharan with chand as begging bowl. The contrast song for this can be any with bheegi bheegi raat I choose Taaro ki juba par hai mohobbat ki kahani — Nausherwan-e-adil — Parvez Shamsi. These sound as sad songs:. Assertion would be you play the been if it enchants me I will dance.

Yesterday I thought about Raat songs but got lazy and Mr Muli posted it. Contra Raat songs from same movie. Same Raat ko 9. Mumbaikar8, You mean.. With Smileys I think the punctuation mark should not be adjacent to it, but after a space.

You agree that the other sapera song — Main hun gori nagin — is of an assertive woman? Venkataraman ji mostly takes advantage of your Punya. Mumbaikar8 and AK I dont know what self deprication or assertion you are talking about. Have you heard this. There are so many songs of this type. Another example. This is a funny song. AK Thanks for the clarification about the smiley. Dhh me did not know notice it. I find a very subtle assertion in the otherwise very submissive song, Majhi mere qismat ke jee chahen jahan le chal.

Would like to know opinion. The subtle assertion starts here. Hans I was expecting this reaction after my comment Chalo der aye durust aaye. Mumbaikar8, Manjhi meri qismat ke assertive woman? Hans , Nice songs. If not, and it has started behaving erratically recently, I have no clue. Perhaps your Operating SystemUpdates have done some changes.

Mr Google might help. Mumbaikar8 I also learned the smiley through trial and error. I think you have to put a full stop at the end of the sentence, then give a space and then colon or semi colon followed by the small closed bracket. Which one is assertive. She is teasing the hero and then plays her usual role of a vamp. So what you derive from songs. They are just in accordance with the situation. In the song posted by Ashwin there is nothing submissive.

This is a simple song in which both characters are showing modesty by praising the other and being simple for the self. It is just that the first line is sung by the female so it becomes submissive song in your eye. But Manna Dey is also using words in the same vein. In Anpadh, Dharmendra is highly educated and Mala Sinha is married to him posing as educated. So when she is found anpadh, they naturally feel cheated and she is subjected to bad treatment.

Later Dharmendra realises her goodness through her actions, so he starts loving her. Similarly in Wo Kaun Thi, Manoj has some justifiable misunderstanding about Sadhna and when he wants her to go from his house, she sings the song knowing that he will repent and she may even lose her life.

Both of them remained far from the propaganda, but their work speaks for them. In fact there are a lot of extremely submissive male songs, but men dont feel bad about them. There are tons of songs where females are praised by men and a horde of songs where females call men anadi, beimaan and other such things just as a routine matter.

These are also enjoyed by people. Then Suni Dutt gets happy on mulaqat with Meena Kumari. But he gets sad on meeting Mala Sinha. On the other hand Dharmendra discovers he has a heart, when he meets Rajshri. But then she gets shy and wants to shoo him away offering some sona chandi. But the jogi is hell bent. Hans, Smileys get erratic which cannot be true I can import it with my document to my comment window but at times gets dropped in uploading.

I completely agree with you the songs are written for the characters and the situation. I do not blame lyric writer for writing such lyrics I gave the examples of Raja Mehndi Ali Khan writing brilliantly for both occasions. Very few female characters then things are changing now would assert. Tons of songs praising women are about their beauty, women are much more beyond their beauty or for that matter ugliness. Bairagi may not be significantly different from jogi. In Ehsaas we have raanjha or ranjhe becoming bairagi after just seeing her.

Muli ji Yes in common language both words have almost the same meaning. But otherwise both are separate castes in India. Jogi is a caste which is included in backward castes in Haryana and some states. None of them is serious as bairagi or bairagan. AK, How about this. Can this termed as contra truth? Mushkurahut me gham aur khoosin ke aansoo? Kaifi Azmi is superb. Perfect auto-contra song. AK, Kaifi Azmi is indeed superb in this song. I like this antara the best. I am glad that the theme is still unfolding with superlative additions by Hans ji , Mumbaikar 8 and obviously AKji AKji can this be considered as an auto contrast song kashti ka khamosh safar The hero starts with a firm resolve of saying what he wants to say but ends with the conclusion chhodo ab kya kahana hai In between also there are several flip flops , if not outright contrasts ; like when he says kahate huye darsa lagata hai Kahkar baat na kho baithu And at the end Aaj nahi to kal hi kahenge Ab to sath hi rahana hai So all in the span of 2 antaras the doubt evaporates, what a journey?

You have made some very perceptive analysis of Kashti ka khamosh safar ho. This may perhaps go as auto-contrast. But I am not convinced that the two lovers show contrasting feelings for each other. Hamrahi — had two songs one each sung by hero and heroine.

There is another very touching song by Lata Mangeshkar and lipsynced by Mumtaz when Pran playing her father asks her to sing a song when he was about to die. The film Jheel Ke Us Paar was based on a Gulshan Nanda novel and was one of the rare films of Dharmendra in those days which did not do well. Mukesh has always a mastery over such songs one of which was mentioned by AK.

AK, Hans, Sawal We ask a question to get an answer. But a Sawali to the almighty or an authority is a pleader. How does that make sense? Mumbaikar8 Really good topics. There are a number of question answer songs. But here she asks a question and her soul or inner self answers it. A unique thing.

Sawali means fariyadi or one who prays. In bekas, bebas, majboor situations there have been a lot of songs of various hues both positive and negative. This song talks about everything, current situation, past happiness and future hope. In other words a complete dose of practical philosophy. And what a choice of words.

Must listen. I am in a slow mode but enjoying comments and observations of inputs from your side …. All seems to be in pro active mode…. Yes many singular songs are contra too. First sasural song then dhool ka phool song …. OPN this movie was a great come back for him. Its a unique production.

Producer just went on listening to already composed with romantic lyrics …. But I am still far away from getting engaged in the discussion. Enjoying the discussion and songs from the side lines. Venkataraman ji We know you are a multi-lingual expert and we also know that you at times are very busy.

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My sweetheart… Kya hua jo dil kho gaya What if your heart is lost Mahiya My love… Ishq mein khuda mil gaya Love brings you closer to God Zara aakh se pila de, Quench my thirst with my own eyes oh tera sajda karoon I will worship you Zara khwaab sajaa de, Decorate my dreams oh din rain karoon Day and night Zara aakh se pila de, zara khwaab sajaa de Quench my thirst with my own eyes, decorate my dreams Mere honton se man tera bole My lips say what your heart says Ab jaan loot jaaye Now it doesn't matter if my life ends Yeh jahan choot jaaye Or will this world disappear.

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