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Stream full episodes of the new Saved By The Bell, watch trailers, full moon o sagashite episode 52 english dubbed; toriko episode vostfr;. watch Aishiteru Game wo Owarasetai - 1/1. Miku Sakura. AJIN - 1/9. Ikuya Ogura Full Moon wo Sagashite - 1/8. Masami Ooshige.

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Full moon wo sagashite episode 52 vostfr torrent

full moon wo sagashite episode 52 vostfr torrent

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Ah, Full Moon wo Sagashite. It's been a long while since I finished it It was teary for me, heh. I love how it's very conclusive and done beautifully. Love it when ending song is played in full version with a scene of little step ahead of time. Glad that the Shinigami boss decided to give Takuto a second chance after he changed fate. It made me cry. That rarely happeneds. Thoughm I just shed a few tears, I'm not an avid cryer. Smile, you look way better that way!!

I'm so happy this thread exists!! I loved this last episode. The most memorable scene was Takuto lying on the "beach", after losing all his memories, and begging that «Goddess» to please spare Mitsuki Some of them are just unforgettable. During Full Moon's last concert, in the moment when Takuto loses his memories and then turns to Meroko wondering who he is I could spend hours just talking about this episode not to mention all the previous ones. It's just Signature removed. I actually didn't like parts of the ending.

I mean yeah Meroko was an angel, but she was alone and that made me sad. I cried so much at this ending. I really liked it. I need to reread the manga, since I can't remember a lot of it, but I know that the endings were kinda different. I love how Meroko was an angel, but I'm not really a Mitsuki x Takuto fan soooo it didn't go the way I like, but I don't mind. It was still sweet.

Check out SunnyCon! The North-East of England's newest and biggest convention of anime, manga and Japanese culture! Now a club on MAL too! The ending was great, but It would have been much better if it was like the ending in the manga, and I was really hoping that it would just like the manga since it went past the anime timeframe, but still really good concidering that the anime didn't follow the manga at all, but 2 storylines makes it fun I guess, I have always hated the anime version of Eichi-kun and still do lol thought I'd share that with everyone.

I had put this on hold for more than a year at episode 10 then I retook it a few days ago. Eps were awesome and made me recover hope in this Anime. From 42 onwards it was really sad but also very well done, those scenes in America were incredibly deep.. She was longing for him for so long, even wanted to die on his tomb, and a few eps later she's kissing the stupid shinigami? The ending was the best i was so moved by it.

It even had a happy ending. Chiibi said I couldn't help but notice there weren't any screenshots of Takuto in his human form from episode 52 in your gallery? Kotori said: Chiibi said It doesn't matter how much you love someone more than someone else does, her feelings are what matters, not yours. She was always longing for Eichi-kun, it doesn't matter whatever Takuto did for her if she really loved someone else. It's not like I disliked Takuto at first, but I really wished for Mitsuki to be re-united with Eichi.

But she fell in love with another person in the end. It's only natural. And he DID care about her feelings-that's why he spent 40 episodes trying to make her happy. He did try to get them together. But it was impossible. And you could totally tell Mitsuki and Takuto were gonna wind up together anyway. XD The signs were all there. If you think she just randomly fell for him after Eichi died, you'd be wrong Personally I found Mitsuki's obsession with Eichi to be highly annoying and Eichi himself to be a very flat and weakly developed character He's only a memory in actuality.

An extremely Gary-Stuish memory who lacks a personality. If you add Mitsuki's sweet and naive personality to this barely developed, one-dimensional character, they make a reeeeally boring couple, which is why I never liked them. She didn't fall in love with Takuko, she'll always be longing for Ecchi in her heart. YES, she did fall in love with him! Why else would she think about him so much? Why else would she go to Izumi and agree to die early to save him?

Why else would she write a love song just for him? Why else would she tell him she always wants him to stay at her side, confess to him and then KISS him!? Did we watch the same episode? She has moved on from Eichi. She likes the thought that he is watching over her and as a first love she will always remember him but she is NOT longing for him anymore. She certainly wasn't when she was chasing after Takuto, blushing and crying.

The dream she had when she was chasing after Eichi and tripped but the shinigami both picked her up after Eichi had vanished, symbolizes that they are the ones who are most important to her now. Eichi is gone and Mitsuki has accepted this. Yeah right, she was dying for Eichi and a few eps later she likes Takuto? It makes no sense at all, that was bs. Maybe the manga has better ending? It's not BS! It was not a few episodes! I told you, she has liked Takuto since episode 15, there is evidence that she likes him again in episodes ,31,40, and 41!

It was a couple just waiting to happen and Eichi was merely just an obstacle in the way. Once he was out of the way, and Takuto confessed, Mitsuki has all those flasbacks from the beginning of her moments with him and realizes that yes, she has loved him too, all along.

How do you resolve it? Kill off one of the boys. XD As for the above scene, it's most likely that she thought she was having a nightmare. At any rate, she was not thinking straight. She did not want to die to be with him When Izumi was tricking her in episode 45 and her grandma cried out "Don't you dare go die! I was just going to see Dad and Mom and Eichi-kun. Where did they go?

And when you lose someone, that's pretty much the only thing you can focus on Also, "a couple eps" doesn't necessarily mean a short time in the series itself. I'm quite sure it was a few months later. Besides, she did question her feelings in episode 50 but Meroko explained to her that she was going through the same situation and thought she'd never fall in love again "but before she knew it, she did".

And if we're going to talk about BS, if you ask me, a sixteen-year-old falling in "love" with a TEN-year-old who, up until then thought he was like a big brother to her, confesses and the ten-year-old suddenly "loves him too forever and ever" is total BS to me. I love it! This end Mitsuky deserves to be whit takuto Meroko became an angel They fit it perfect, i will watch they anime Chiibi said: And if we're going to talk about BS, if you ask me, a sixteen-year-old falling in "love" with a TEN-year-old who, up until then thought he was like a big brother to her, confesses and the ten-year-old suddenly "loves him too forever and ever" is total BS to me.

If you guys think that Eichi never did anything for Mitsuki, read the manga ;. Aarana said: If you guys think that Eichi never did anything for Mitsuki, read the manga ;. Kotori said: Aarana said: If you guys think that Eichi never did anything for Mitsuki, read the manga ;. And a 12 year old with a 16 year old is very rare so that means takuto really loves mitsuki even if she is still 12 years old.

No no, you misunderstood. I was talking about Eichi 16 being in love with Mitsuki It's my number one favorite couple of all animanga It's a very pure and deep-rooted love that'll last forever Chiibi said: Aarana said: If you guys think that Eichi never did anything for Mitsuki, read the manga ;. I mean sticking by her even when he was dead so that she could see the shinigami. If he didn't use himself has a "cloak" she wouldn't have been able too see them.

It shows that he was in full support of her moving on. Seriously, out of all the things they could have left out of the Anime, that shouldn't have been one of them. Ithink that brings alot of closure to the Eichi fans, knowing that he was behind it the whole time. Yeah, totally miss that in the anime. It couldn't have been avoided though the anime was finished waaaaay before the manga did so the directors had no clue about the Eichi thing. They didn't leave it out on purpose or anything. And since I'm not an Eichi fan, I really couldn't care less.

XD I love the anime the way it is. In fact not having Eichi there was definitely better so all the focus went on Takuto and Negi Ramen getting so close with Mitsuki It was a very nice conclusion. I can't think of any better way to end it. The first half of the series covers her daily life as a pop idol. The second half is concentrated more on dramatic events. I do believe that I haven't wasted watching the first half because it is essential for me.

The filler episodes were there just to build up interest for the characters. I learned a lot from this show. It's all about how you live your life to the fullest. It's has something to do within yourself to see how life is important.

Life is only given to us once so it would make sense not to waste it. In A Minute Lil Baby. Un Ratito Bad Bunny. Doja Cat] Post Malone. Sleazy Flow Remix [feat. Lil Baby] SleazyWorld Go. What Happened To Virgil feat. Gunna Lil Durk. Super Gremlin Kodak Black. Neverita Bad Bunny. About Damn Time Lizzo. Right On Lil Baby. Late Night Talking Harry Styles. Aguacero Bad Bunny. Free Mind Tems. Knife Talk feat. Full Moon Wo Sagashite mp3. Full Moon Wo Sagashite Myself 6. Full Moon Wo Sagashite Opening 2.

Full Moon Wo Sagashite Myself 3. Mitsuki S Audition New Future 5. Smile Fullmoon Wo Sagashite Lyrics 5. Myself Fullmoon Wo Sagashite Lyrics 6. Full Moon Wo Sagashite 52 Final

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FullMoon Wo Sagashite Episode 52 english Fandub


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full moon wo sagashite episode 52 fandub

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