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Naruto shippuden season 8 english dub torrent

naruto shippuden season 8 english dub torrent

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Naruto shippuden season 8 english dub torrent the mentalist s05e17 tpb torrent

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I do have one request though. It'll be very kind of you. And also, episode is missing. Can you please look into it. Thanks again. Your welcome. Well I am reuploading all the season into mega and season 19th will be uploaded today. All the seasons are in p. Please give us some time I'll make sure that all things will be fine soon enough. Hello, first of all thanks for your job. The lasts seasons are uploaded in degoo server,I understood that you'll reupload them in mega, is it true?

Because I can't download by degoo, they tell me that I've passed the limit day, when I haven't download anything. Don't worry and take your time. Yeah I am re-uploading it in mega 7 to 18 seasons are already uploaded and 19 is uploading right now, and I ll make sure to re upload 1 to 6 ASAP. Please give me the episodes no. I'll Check them all. Please ASAP. Season 2 ep 47 Season 3 ep 58, 63, 68, Don't know after that. Thanks for that. I'll make sure that these episodes are available on my re-upload file.

When I tried to download an episode from degoo, the following message was displayed : Daily limit reached, upgrade to increase this limit or wait until tomorrow. Why is it so? I haven't even downloaded a single episode. I request you to please fix it.

Well I am working on it right now. Re uploading all seasons. Season 6 to 21 are uploaded and it time for 1 to 5. So, Please give me just one or two days. Downloading the two last season by mega, you've been so fast.

Thank you for your hard work. It helps me a lot to practice english while I watch a great anime. Hey I have a doubt. What is the resolution of all seasons plzz reply fast. Why some of the seasons are in p? When I checked a few months before, all episodes were in p on Degoo. And now when they are uploaded in mega, they are in p. I just checked till first five seasons and found that the episodes are in p. Is it with all the seasons or just the first five?

I request you to please give us the p episodes with mega link. I want to watch this amazing anime on the big screen, which is only possible when the episodes will be in p or p. Please reply. Well they are the same file that I have uploaded in degoo. Yeah some files are in p because I haven't get its high resolution. They are really old episodes so they are had to find its high resolution. Well If i get its p it can be converted in but you cannot convert into Well not all the seasons are in 48op, only few seasons are.

Sorry for the Inconvenience. You said it's hard to find. What if I provide you with the HD link of this anime, only problem is, it's in japanese and not english. Will you be able to do something about the audio? Do reply. One more problem, recently whenever I open your site, I get redirected to some other site and from there to some other and so on.

I remember that I haven't clicked on any ads and still it happens. It's really really annoying. And I dont know why mega is taking down by few uploads. Now About the redirect to other site. Well, are you sure you are not clicking any ad. But, I'll check it and It will be easy if you take a screenshort or make a screen recording and mail us. Well there is an ad which appears on main screen are you sure you are not clicking it. Thanks a lot for this! I have been looking everywhere for this version and the video quality is great as well.

Much appreciated :D. Why is this,in season 10 episode and are same and real episode is missing the title of the episode is "Danzo's right arm". I am really sorry for that. May be I miss Match that episode. But, Now I changed it. You can download know. Thank you for telling us that.

Other episodes are getting downloaded just fine. Please see to this issue. I check that episode and it was working perfectly fine but, still I re-uploaded that Episode. May be this problem was by mega server or something else. Hope you can able to download this time Thank you. Can you please give me those episodes no. Hello bro thnx for uploading All naruto seasons i appreciate ur work but i have an issue related to audio, audio is not syncing with video, the audio is too forward, it seems in delay in video.

Well I recently upload season 3. I don't think that it has some problem but Still I'll check and re-upload it. Just tell me the ep no. Season 3 ep 64 and 65 has been re uploaded but they are in p right know. I will reupload it in p As soon as I the audio will be in sync Guys i am working on it. Actually I have deleted all the files. So I need to re download it. Well it would be much easy if you guys Tell me the ep no.

I'll re upload them all ASAP. Hlo in season 20 episode and are same and episode is missing the episode name is "The Tumultuous Journey". Well in some episodes the subtitles are not automatically enable so, you need to select them manually.

Hey not sure if you are aware but, episodes are missing. Between season 8 and 9, not sure if I'm just wrong. Well Mega allowed you to download upto 3GB per ip for 5 hrs. If it is quota exceed then Change the ip address or wait for 5 hr. If you have wifi and able to download large files then go for the zip file they are in google drive.

I am really sorry buddy actually mega take down all of the seasons. Well I temporary uploaded eng sub until I manage to re-upload all. It will take 1 or 2 days. If you can download large files then please download zip files they are exactly same as previous one.

All the zip files from gdrive have been restricted now and not available to download.. I will try my best to re-upload all of them by Sunday for sure so until then please have some patience and keep visit our site to check. Bro gdrive and mega. When will it come. Season 20 Google drive file has been removed Says Violation of policy after opening the link. Yeah I am working on it. It will be uploaded soon by Sunday, Until then please go for mega links.

All zip files are not opening saying We're sorry. You can't access this item because it is in violation of our Terms of Service. What if I give the link of Naruto Shippuden in p, but in Japanese. Will you be able to merge it with English audio? All seasons has been removed again from MEGA.

Better upload Season 20 and 21 first. The google links are blocked brother. Can you please see if you can get the issue resolved? Mega files is not been there anymore I'm middle of the season 20 please check. Season 3 link is broken didn't check the other's.. Excuse me sir In zip files after season 13 that is season , links are broken I am not able to download season 14 and onwards. Do something! I'll do my best to re-upload them ASAP still it gonna take 2 to 3 days. It is saying that This is a violation of Google drive's terms and conditions.

Do something ASAP!! Bro season 17 is not working in both mega and google drive. In both link it is redirecting to mega and says the link has been removed. Please fix it. Watching it online is such a Draaaag :D. Bro How to download the complete season at once from mega because zip file links are not working.

It says it is in some violation, can you please help with it. Bro mega files is not working from 3days im waiting so much please do something. Bro pls add mega files im waiting from 2 weeks. Season 13 is going on pls bro do something fast. Bro mega is keep taking down the files so I am uploading it to another storage so it gonna take some more time. Bro have you added season 13 mega files?

Bro season 13 has been uploaded just now for you. And rest of the season will be upload by sunday. Anyways what happened to mega files why you are using one drive? Season 14 One drive link is not working please check it out and upload again. Season 12 one drive link are not working.. It directly goes to outlook link something Not to one drive Plz check it out asap.

I tried it with mega but the problem is mega is continuously taking down those post. So, it is Really hard to upload whole series daily. I just checked few links and they are working perfectly fine. So, Can you please tell me which link is not working and what the problem you are facing?

Both the seasons are updated. Now both are working properly. Well to be honest I don't want to remove that but mega was keep suspending my accounts for that. I just lost my 20 account and 13 google drive accounts. So I don't have any option except that. Well one drive is also good. Home Sitemap. Anime hana. Latest Update. Telegram Please subscribe our Telegram channel and stay connected to get latest post and News.

Naruto Shippuden. Rating: PG — Teens 13 or older. Action Adventure. You may like these posts. Unknown April 1, at PM. Unknown May 21, at PM. Unknown April 2, at AM. Random User June 29, at AM. Anime Hana April 2, at AM. Unknown May 6, at PM. Unknown April 2, at PM. Anime Hana April 9, at AM. Unknown April 17, at AM. Anime Hana April 17, at AM.

Unknown April 17, at PM. Anime Hana April 18, at AM. Unknown April 20, at AM. Anime Hana April 20, at PM. Unknown April 22, at AM. Translate English Show all. Reply to JaisGk. It works bro. You should check if you can access this site: mega. Reply to guest Reply to flexinflynt. Reply to Aman.

Reply to ta aya. Reply to raaaaand. Latest Articles SketchUp Pro v Subscribe to this site RSS Subscribe. The copyright belongs to the original author. Please consciously delete within 24 hours after downloading. If you use it for commercial purposes, please purchase the original version.

If the content posted on this site violates your rights, please contact us to delete it, and we will deal with it in time! Would love your thoughts, please comment. Translate into. There are episodes with p resolution, which are , , , in Naruto Shippuden.

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